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    NZ f1 test out

    Ello Thanks for the pics and vid's. The F1 was playing with the NZ Stock car in the 1st video no doubt. It does seem to be high revving but using a 434ci engine it might just be a short stroke screamer. But I gotta say that 2nd video reminds me of Crewe Stadium or is it just me? Great memories. Ta Reb
  2. Evening Living just off the A6 Blackrod bypass to the west of Middlebrook I would have stox racing literally in my back yard. Noise and maybe shale dust? No complaints here and it would be a dream come true for me. With all due respect to the comments so far from Startrax, it must be noted that there are other interested parties in this development. Take care Reb
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    Ello Wayne Good luck to you all and well done! Sleepless nights and all that ? ...Chill m8 Kids are kids and its well worth it. Trying for num #2 can be fun also or so I am told! Enjoy the sleep dude Reb
  4. Reb #77

    New dad!

    Ello A tandem pram will though All the best Speedy Reb
  5. Ello Good to see it still going strong. That coach has been around the Brisca tracks for a long while. Paul Lomax #69 used it in the 80's for his Hotstox and also to tow other cars. Rumours were that it was a very fast coach. Maybe someone from the Lomax family can give us the full details?
  6. Ello Well done 218! I remember sitting in your car outside the Blackburn stadium many years ago ;-) Good to see you doing well on Tar! Reb
  7. Ello Superb onboard footage. Thanks for that. And what a great place to race ... 'Sexbierum' :-) cya Reb
  8. Ello One guy stands out above them all... Bezz 260 Cya
  9. Reb #77

    25 Year Old Pics

    Ello I think the Frankie Gold pic was taken at Blackburn. Reb
  10. Ello I totally agree with Corny's comments. A superb WF meeting lies ahead for all the spectators at Cov in September '04. If you don't try something different, you will never improve. Well done to the Coventry Stock Car Promotion team. cya Reb
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