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  1. Richard Dobson died in a Motor Cycle Accident. I'm sure it was 1999
  2. RD10

    Richard Dobson

    Great Photo mate. Thank you very much.
  3. RD10

    Richard Dobson

    REALLY SORRY. Richard did finish about 1990.
  4. RD10

    Richard Dobson

    Thanks Mate great photo. I think Richard finished in 1994/95
  5. RD10

    Richard Dobson

    Thanks guys for the photo's and comments...Much appreciated.
  6. A great photo. Well done. You captured it well.
  7. RD10


    Brilliant Video.....
  8. RD10

    Richard Dobson

    Hi to all and thank you in advance. I was a fan as a boy in the 90's. I was a big fan and a follower of the late Richard Dobson (car 10) As time has passed I've lost most of my Collection of programs photo's and Video's i had. If any one has any photo's or Video's of Richard or his car i would be more than grateful if you could please Email or post them on this site. Many thanks, Shaun. sd.howell@hotmail.co.uk
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