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  1. Great start to the season, #94 impressed me the most over the meeting hence gets my DOTD vote. RR = 8
  2. I know what you are saying on the engine front Chunder and I do agree with you. (I race Autograss Class One so I know full well!) I still stand by the fact that running gear aside, there is very little mini left in a ministox other than the mandatory bulkhead hence why I just can't see the clamour for a new model. I also think that the style of racing in BriSCA compared to the Orci minis requires the car to be of a substantial spaceframe construction more akin to a National Saloon as they are now. I can't think of anything on a Ministox that you can't buy new that is outrageously expensive, the expensive stuff being the necessary safety and motorsport parts... (Shockers, Hi-Los, whatever brakes they run etc, wheel and tyres, seat etc etc) and you could level that at any formula. Controlling costs on engines is impossible though. Other than a control camshaft and some restriction on the induction, I'm not sure what else you can do and that would go for any engine... 1200 Corsa etc. You are totally correct on the uniform formula across the UK, that is another discussion entirely I think!
  3. I have to go the other way on this one. I see no reason why the BriSCA ministox can't continue using Mini's as a base for some considerable time. Unlike the Orci formula, the BriSCA mini is nearly entirely spaceframe with very little original mini panelwork other than the mandatory original front bulkhead. From the chassis rails upwards, many of the Mini's from what I have seen are now using fibreglass roofs. I would imagine this is actually cheaper to do than using a steel one from an original mini shell. All of the running gear underneath (Suspension, brakes, gearbox, engine parts) is all readily available as well as the Mini has one of the best aftermarket parts network of any car ever made!
  4. Very rarely post on these but last night was a superb meeting, liking the AR tyres so far with the racing they are producing and it would certainly be interesting to hear a drivers view on them on shale at least. Frankie is going to win this one and deservedly so as he was on it all night (And has been so far this season but had no luck) but my vote is going to Finnikin and the Flying Armchair who was a class act in the Final and GN once again on shale. R/R: 9 DOTD: #55
  5. UKDirt are proud to announce our winter schedule over the coming months. These leagues will be FREE TO ALL (excluding those banned). New members who participate in any of the series over the winter will then be eligible for a year’s membership at UKDirt at the reduced price of £10 before the 28th Feb 2014 Existing members of UKDirt participating will also be eligible for a discounted renewal price of £8 before the 28th Feb 2014 Schedule : Monday, We have the recently updated Superstox series, this will give you a taste of what’s in store for the F2 mod for the coming 2014 season and will have all the regular series championships. : Tuesday, We have a new series for non contact fans which is the all new Dwarf Cars mod. This is a series based on an American formula using cars very similar to the short oval Legends cars raced in the UK and will run on US paved and dirt short ovals. : Wednesday, We see the welcome return of BriSCA Legends to UKDirt in conjunction with our friends at UK Stockcars. This will be using the recently updated Nascar Heat based mod and features all your stock car heroes from yesteryear. : Thursday, We see the return of the increasingly popular New Zealand Superstock Series. This features all the major NZ events including team events and the prestigious World 240 Invitational and the racing is not for the faint hearted! Superstox League Info Here Dwarf Cars Info Here BriSCA Legends Info Here NZ League Info Here For further info, check out the links below http://www.ukdirt.co.uk/ http://www.ukstockcars.co.uk/forum/index.php http://www.ukdirtforum.com See you all on the track! Cheers Grasser
  6. Neil Shenton had the ex Lund/Lloyd car, Mick Harris had the tarmac car that Chris Lloyd had after the Lund car as I recall.
  7. Hi, UKSOM now have a new website with all our rFactor Stockcar based mods and tracks featured along with news and updates of any future projects. If you are interested in checking out any of our mods, check out the website here: UKSOM Website Cheers Andy
  8. I'm fairly sure you're our new club commentator at North Shropshire Autograss so you're getting about a bit if you're doing BV and Coventry as well! I thought you did a great job at our last NS meeting anyway (and went nuts during one of my heats I was told lol), and it's good to have someone so keen on the mic. Cheers Andy
  9. Grasser

    r factor help

    Hi, If you are having problems this is the forum for our mod team that made the F1 Stockcar mod. You are always welcome to post any problems you are having there. Click HERE to be directed there. Cheers Andy
  10. Grasser

    help on r factor

    You have a PM regarding this. Cheers Grasser233
  11. If you have any questions about the mod itself, you're quite welcome to have a look at our website http://www.uksom.co.uk It's still under construction, but we do have a forum on there and any questions you have about any of our current mods or upcoming mods in progress we will try to answer on there. Cheers Andy
  12. Cheers Beaks, from my own stand point and I'm sure I speak for the rest of the mod team as well...it is apprieciated :-)
  13. It's a mod of a racing sim called rFactor, (www.rFactor.net) which is available to buy from download from their site, or from most decent PC shops on disc. I would imagine amazon etc also have the disc available to buy. I dont know the price of it these days but as Beaks has said above, you'd probably be able to find one on ebay relatively cheap. Once you have the game, you install the mod into it and away you go..where you go with it is up to you. If you do fancy having a go of the mod, I strongly advise you download the demo version of rFactor from the main site and try it first on your PC too see if your PC is up to running the game. You won't be able to run any mod on it as it is a cut down version with the demo but it will save you money if you end buying it and your PC setup isn't up to running the game. Theres various guides on www.ukdirt.co.uk, www.simstox.co.uk (the 2 main leagues) and and on www.rfactorcentral.com itself which has all sorts of mods there if your interested (rallycross being a good one etc) Cheers Grasser
  14. UKSOM proudly presents the F1 Stockcars V1.2 Update Patch, now available Here at rFactor Central This is a major update which includes many fixes and new cars and skins. Further details are listed below and are also in the Read Me supplied, It is highly recommended that you read and follow this. V1.0 and V1.1 is required before installation which is also available at rFactor Central. If installing from fresh, please install V1.0 first, then V1.1. V1.2 will update from this. You will also find in your rFactor\UserData\"Your Player Name"\ folder a file called F1Stockcars.cch and F1Stockcars_league.cch. It is highly recommended that you delete these files!!!! Double click the installer and point it at your rFactor directory (It is defaulted to C:/Program Files/rFactor , if you have rFactor installed to an alternative location please redirect to the right location) : ADDED CONTENT : There's a lot, it is highly recommended that you read this.... *Default Setups* Every car now has a much improved setup for shale and tarmac. To use this if you have already assigned your current setup, just click the Defaults Button in your load/save page. This will reset the setup. These setups are a much better base to start from and are very competitive. They aren't perfect but you should get close to the pace right from the the start using this. *Garage Options* We have only made one change to the car adjustments, we have now added more steering lock to the car in total. The amount of max steering lock is now 43.5, This give the car more lock and should help give more control especially on shale. *Garage UI* We have completely changed the Garage UI now to a much simpler display. There are 3 pages only now, Load/Save, fuel and gearing and the main suspension page. We've got rid of all the blank suspension settings which didn't apply and put it all on one page making it much easier to make changes and hopefully much simpler to understand. *Cars* There are 5 added cars to this update. Falding shale and tarmac type car, Lund shale and tarmac type car and a Wainman Shale chassis based Tarmac car. The existing cars have also had alterations, all cars now have a more realistically sized driver. The wainmanS, wainmanT, smithS and flcs/flcsT/flt all have new upgrade parts as well...check out the novice cars in the League mod to have a look. *Drivers* There are many new drivers to the mod now including John Lund, Peter Falding, Mark Gilbank etc etc. This brings the total number of drivers to a whopping 81, the majority of which have shale and tarmac cars!! There are also updated skins for the popular superstar grade drivers, Frankie Wainman Junior, Andy and Stuart Smith etc. *Sounds* There is now a starter sound for each car. *Mirrors* There was an error in the original mirror position which showed the cars as being nearer then then really were, this has now been corrected. You will have to readjust some of the mirrors manually if you use cockpit view, this is quite simple. Just define some keys for the mirror adjustment in your controller setting and adjust it to how you like it. *Offline Content* New offline championships, which include all the new tracks. The Tarmac Masters and World of Shale is now a 29 race event for each across all tracks. Tracks needed are: Belle Vue Birmingham Bradford Buxton Kings Lynn Sheffield Baarlo Northampton (NIR) Ter Apel Skegness Sexbierum Cowdenbeath Ipswich Hednesford There are AI setups and paths for all of the recently released tracks. Many thanks to all the track makers, all the above are available on www.rFactorcentral.com *And finally....* Have fun and happy racing....... On behalf of UKSOM, thanks to everyone that was involved in the creation of the mod, full details are in the mod credits in game.
  15. Grasser

    R Factor

    There is no difference and the F1 Stockcar mod will work with either as far as I know. The only difference from what I have read on the forums is one of the BMW FIA F1 cars which have a 2008 livery on it as part of an Intel promotion with some laptops they were selling. This is a very minor change and doesn't effect any mod used with it as far as I'm aware
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