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  1. Nellie The Elephant by The Toy Dolls. Joined Russ in doing that at a Coventry weekend around 2009 I think it could have been when I was a member of team 415. Good times with Russ, plenty of fum memories of being a 415 spanner man.
  2. I remember the speed weekend there in 2002. The Koopmans (pre Wendy) coming over for it and having fun and reasonable success on the very bumpy track. It was at the hight of the FWJ v Rob Speak 'wars' Frank slammed Speaky hard into the turn 3/4 armco on the Saturday night. On the Sunday morning Speaky had a complete brand new outside nerf rail welded on unpainted. During the Sunday afternoon meeting Robert slammed Frank into the same bit of armco return from the night before. A great weekender that was. And the Rebels were the best I've ever seen them that weekend. Butt Lane
  3. As far as I know Mark is not as fit as would like to be and the car has roll cage damage. So an educated guess that Mark is leaving repairing the car for when he's back to full fitness and the closed season refurbishments.
  4. Eeh bah gum. It reminds me of Christmas Long Eaton meetings. Track like porridge and Frankie Wainman's 'letter box'
  5. It doesn't matter to me now (my haters will be pleased) it's just too much for me as an unemployed person. All things considered with fuel to travel a minimum of £85 + refreshments. Good luck to Team Gilbank, Mark and Liam.
  6. I know but it is unfair. I know that the usual excuse of 'it's what the land owner charges' comes out. Tell him a much fairer £10 PER PERSON regardless of colour, creed or religion or how many in one camping unit would be better. Five in a camper £50, two in a tent £20 easy.
  7. Camping gone up a fiver then. I still say that is unfair to single people wishing to camp over. A camper van with five people staying over for example is £25 for all five not each! 🤔
  8. To date I still have from when Daniel ran Stoxnet my Stoxnet beanie hat, some unused Stoxnet car window stickers, a Stoxnet pen. A few years ago Daniel sent me the original manufacturer's sample Stoxnet pen which has a spelling mistake that was printed on it 'stocnet'. I also have still in the plastic bag Allstox mug No1 (Pedro a.k.a Pete Redford) has no0 I recall? I did run for a short time my own stock car racing website which I called Rollcage
  9. Gawd so much of that I can relate to. I was a user of Michael's bulletin board. I logged on usung an early digital tv subscription called On Didgital which offered very limited Internet on your tv. Then I joined Opposite Lock and became a regular in the chatrioom. One user name I still remember was 'Owl' a.k.a Mandy of the Paul Harrison team. I was one of the first to join Stoxnet just before it became on line and have had a few usernames during my time, Steve C, Whitevanman & Redvanman. 'Whitevanman' became quite 'famous' around the tracks and with that moniker I met lots of people. The
  10. 20 Liam Gilbank Rotherham South Yorkshire not Solihull West Midlands. Rotherham Rocket Jnr
  11. Like the orange Dutch t-shirts for a fiver advertising Leystad in October.
  12. Thanks for the service you've provided over the season Hary
  13. Not racing, dunno if he's here watching not seen him as yet.
  14. Book 54 Sierd De Vries in, he's here currently at Nigel's place. 😊
  15. He's on his way according to the road photo posted to me over on Twitter from the transporter windscreen. So it looks like Sierd will be shiftin' some Brafield shale as only he does in his own inimitable way.
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