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  1. More smart phone (my only sorce of internet) friendly. Cheers
  2. Can I take a chair in for the wait and a few sandwiches?
  3. Nellie The Elephant by The Toy Dolls. Joined Russ in doing that at a Coventry weekend around 2009 I think it could have been when I was a member of team 415. Good times with Russ, plenty of fum memories of being a 415 spanner man.
  4. I know some number choices are family choice/passed on ones. Some are more than likely pretty much random as purely that number just catches the eye. Interesting the influences of the numbers past and present.
  5. I was a Notts and Derby Stock Car Club member A VSCA member A Lisa Harter 24 Fan Club member A Jayne Bean 309 Fan Club member A BOSS member for 1 year A BriSCA Club member A FIPS member (F1 Preservation Society
  6. How long have grade awards been fought for? Who won the first ones? Any ideas who's won the most?
  7. Still angry about the way we were shafted about the length of time left and a replacement. The lies and bull dust didn't even get a chance for a proper goodbye meeting. I'd have liked a chair from our (Gilbank Ladies) corner upstairs.
  8. Poor 419 Mick Stecko. I was willing him on as a fellow Notts & Derby Stock Car Club member. Got tge chance to chat with Mick a couple of years ago and had to ask him about that night.
  9. The 15th of September 1984 Belle Vue (Hyde Road). What a night, what an atmosphere.I'd never been to an event anything like that before.
  10. StockCarSteve

    Colin North

    I wasn't there last night but shocked to read/hear about the terrible tragedy. I didn't know Colin personally but I knew of the work he did in sponsorship for the sport and Coventry meetings in particular. Condolences to Colin's family and friends and thoughts with those involved and who witnessed this terrible end to the 2019 stock car season. R.I.P. Colin North
  11. Well done Liam, fantastic. Thanks for the proud/feel good moments at the start finish line to do the cooling and enjoy the celebrations.
  12. I remember the speed weekend there in 2002. The Koopmans (pre Wendy) coming over for it and having fun and reasonable success on the very bumpy track. It was at the hight of the FWJ v Rob Speak 'wars' Frank slammed Speaky hard into the turn 3/4 armco on the Saturday night. On the Sunday morning Speaky had a complete brand new outside nerf rail welded on unpainted. During the Sunday afternoon meeting Robert slammed Frank into the same bit of armco return from the night before. A great weekender that was. And the Rebels were the best I've ever seen them that weekend. Butt Lane
  13. As far as I know Mark is not as fit as would like to be and the car has roll cage damage. So an educated guess that Mark is leaving repairing the car for when he's back to full fitness and the closed season refurbishments.
  14. Sorry Don't share your enthusiasm Is that seriously the cover for the 2020 World Final programme - The line up for the 2007 World Final ? I'm sorry but do you really think that's the wf programme cover for 2020 ?Ahh I couldn't eork out what the post was getting at. Still unsure what it's got to do with me? I didn't design it!
  15. Kings Lynn again no complaints from me. Chances are with that is the lovely, noisy Wendy H36 will be booking in so it's a definite attendance from me.
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