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  1. Remember the steak rolls at bradford in the early 80s
  2. Remember the good old days of Hyde road on bank holiday Mondays , we used to travel from Edinburgh for 6 races and it was always brilliant . How many do you think used to be at the old vue 8000 or there about and Bradford on Friday night about the same or even bigger .
  3. There is no track outwith coventry get 4000 for an f1 meeting unless it is a major championship
  4. Dont think so , Stu Smith was winning when he got taken out by a back marker in 86 , Peter Faldings first world final win
  5. Wainmans versus the Smiths now that would be worth watching
  6. Spoke to Luke Davidson at cowdenbeath he is hoping to have a f1 and is a registered driver under his dads number 464
  7. Wait till Andy gets the engine for the new shale car im sure the bumper on that will need tested
  8. Total BULL ask Rob Speak , only Rob stood up to him and Frank didnt like it one bit
  9. Rob Speak ran the extra shockers in 2000
  10. Simple it wont Happen with Kinzie Law
  11. Smithys 81 car is already restored is it not , its the same car he had till he retired
  12. It was a track that gave great racing and really levelled the cars up , one of my all time favorites and dearly missed
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