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  1. Not a classic day, but well worth the time and money. Having said that, the ridiculous situation with the back straight and the pit gate fence for mechanics needs resolving ... perhaps some common sense suggesting that people enter the back straight area at their own peril would help. The current 'crush' is clearly far more dangerous than a potential slip on dodgy concrete. Even as a die hard Smith fan you you go to feel sorry for Frank. However, rules are rules, and it is clear that the car should have been driven straight to the scales rather then via the transporter to change the flat tyre. The tyre is then changed at the scales under the eye of the scrutineer. Frank knows this, but sadly his mechanic either didn't, misheard, misunderstood or simply got it wrong which cost Frank 20 points and some place money as well! He quite rightly looked livid. How valuable will those points be in the Shootout Finale? Great drives from many including 345, but with 55 points from only 4 rather than 5 races, it has to be 390. RR: 8 DoTD: 390
  2. An excellent day especially considering the arid conditions at BV. Fantastic entertainment. Not quite sure what Matt Newson was doing at the start of the Final itself ... difficult to describe it any other way than a jump start, perhaps the race should have been a full restart? Simply stunning last bender from Stuart from what seemed a long way back. So got first place in 3/4 races and second in the other it has to be DoD to 390 and 10/10 for the promotion!
  3. 464 would only have been allowed to race if the final was 'all in' when he would have earned heat points. This wasn't an all in final as there were to many cars for this to be the case
  4. It was certainly an eventful albeit a little long meeting. All formats were good, but I'd be tempted to run the micro F2 heats before the meeting, or perhaps with an earlier start, and their final as part of the meeting. They are the future, it's just a matter of getting the right balanceon what was already a very busy night. Reasonable value at £22, but as ever I was disappointed that a number of drivers loaded up after they had secured their place in the world final. Discouraging this in some way would be even better value for the crowd, by for example by docking them some cash, but since Speaky was one of them I don't see that happening too soon. DoD 390, Meeting 7/10
  5. DOTD has to be 390 who appeared to be dramatically faster than everybody else. RR would have been a solid 8, but with the parking fiasco where you can't even park at the track in safety two hours before the meeting, it is a 6.
  6. Good drives from many today including FWJ, Bradley Harrison, Daniel van Spijker and Nigel Green, but my DoD is Todd Jones (186) for such a good run in the final. I can't say I am a fan of the revised track, if the rumble strips were removed with safety in mind, it simply didn't work particularly for the minis with some horrific pile ups in bends 1 and 2 as cars simply came in faster than before. Its about time the pitiful catering is looked at ... on a cold Buxton day waiting 30 minutes half way through the meeting for a coffee to then hear that they have run out of fresh milk so most items from the extensive menu are not available is simply not good enough! Ditto for the main food outlet ... a simply enormous queue. Sadly, and I love the track how it was, only a 4/10 today though.
  7. After a 2nd in the GN, I think we need to reassess who looks like a lemon now Juz! (null)
  8. It's not a new car, but a superb rebuild!
  9. DoD 212 ... very fast and aggressive when needed. R/R: 7 ... never a fan of bangers which take for ever to clear after each race.
  10. Yes I had heard it was a 'steering wheel attendant' issue. LOL
  11. Nige, My son John Harrington (the Stu Smith mechanic to which you refer) tells me that the problem with overheating is due to the shale shield needing to be moved further forwards ... looks at some pictures of how Stuart had it ... in essence, there is not enough air getting through around the engine. Its a simple fix. Cheers Keith
  12. The front two lockers go through from one side to the other. The back locker on each side does not go through. Don't forget there are also lockers below as well ... The back eft however is a dummy door with the water tank behind it. The number if times I opened that by accident is ridiculous!
  13. I'd be tempted to say it should be the Super Stu stand. However, since my old friend preferred to watch from bars, perhaps this is the wrong development:)
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