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  1. F2 E-Series from the last two weeks. Birmingham 12 April 2020: Kings Lynn 19 April 2020:
  2. Thank you for the regular updates Nigel, made very interesting reading all season. Good luck with whichever direction you take next season.
  3. DotD 197 RR 7/10 I would presume (hope?) drivers had been notified it would be done, but I don't think it's right to be watering the track in the middle of races. A nice evenings racing, couldn't ask for better weather. Sworder really has mastered the art of starting to exit a corner before he enters it, fantastic to watch - what a spectacle.
  4. Dan

    world final.

    So you can do without a seat to watch F1s, but can't cope if a farm animal was wandering around in the week preceding an F2 meeting. If I lived 5 minutes from Coventry I would be at every meeting. As it is, any F1 track is hours away and so have to pick and choose 'big' meetings or 'good racing' tracks... Personally, for this reason, Coventry is a rarity - even with it's terraces paved with gold. I'm glad that the World Final rotates around promoters, and am always a little disappointed when (for whatever reason) another track is bought in as host. I'm really looking forwards to seeing the big race at Skegness and the work they've done to the track looks very sensible. That said if we could hold the World at Brough Park each year that would suit me nicely.
  5. Dan

    My 2011 race Diary.

    Very brave to post it. Thank you for the insight.
  6. Thanks to results and points folks and a big WELL DONE to Craig and his team.
  7. Pretty average meeting... I was worried beforehand that it could end up being a bit of a tactical meeting, racing for lower positions, but in the end Craig made it easy for us. Drove very well as he tends to and did all he could / needed to. Some dominance from 391 early on but 55 was impressive managing to overturn that as well. Had to laugh at Dan Johnson in the national though... a truly magnificent racing manoeuvre to... er... win the shootout? er... beat frank in the shootout? er... worked a treat! All in all - an entertaining conclusion to the season and a nice goodbye to Bezz. DODT 55 RR 8/10
  8. I have to admit i don't know either way about the bonus 5 points... but would it not be 6 points Carl after doubling it up for the final winner?
  9. Thanks for the results, looks like 55 just drove himself right back into the mix! :-)
  10. Dan

    Steve Cayzer

    Can only echo previous comments, I really hope Steve finds the means to carry on and perhaps find some of the form he had a few season ago. Always a pleasured to watch... he and the car have that element of 'something different' about them.
  11. Thanks for the results.
  12. People are allowed to have different opinions unfortunately crasher... I thought it showed conclusively one car pushing another car to, and up, the fence in the biggest race of the season. Which is exactly what I thought I saw on the day of the world final too - and why I raised the point as whilst I do trust my eyes/memory pretty well, I am a lot more convinced when I see footage from the on-board camera on my telly. Maybe it's forgiveable because it's the World Final, or maybe it should be viewed in an even more dim light because of it, I really don't know. Don't get me wrong... I'm an advocate of contact racing, and am often frustrated when some cars don't hit others - particularly when racing for position or attempting last bend moves, etc. But following people into the fence does damage to drivers and cars, and if as was suggested there are rules relating to it - they exist for good reason.
  13. Excellent coverage of the World Final - interesting insight from Paul Harrison after the race also about his pre-race preparations! On a more general note the adverts, and general quality of the graphics overlays (results / grids / etc) seems to have been tidied up very nicely.
  14. Well I think tonight's BriSCA programme on Premier Sports laid any doubt about #1's move on #515 in the World Final to rest with a conclusive view from the cab looking forwards. Our sport isn't bangers and that's not what I pay to watch personally.
  15. Dotd has to be #2, a very good drive and a year in which he really deserves any wins he walks away with. Racing Rating has to reflect the whole experience for me... The world final was average (as seems the norm), a few very entertaining moments racing wise the rest of the meeting and even some tears from Mr. Sworder after his early win (a slightly different attitude to that shown after he won the euro I think!!). I prefer the no frills approach to a world final than laser shows and singers and monster trucks and whatever else... However, to erect a grandstand from which maybe 300-400 seats could not see turn 4 is unforgivable. WHAT IS THE POINT?!?!?! RR 6/10
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