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  1. vicky

    Scottish weekend

    i've just booked my B&B for my first trip up north too. cant wait. Just hope w're staying in the right place and the place we're staying in is nice we're staying near Dunfirmaline (Excuse spelling!!)
  2. Hi steve, been looking at matthews site, looks like you're all having fun. I see the flags are flying well Looking good;) Say Hi to Pat & Dud for me. Vicky
  3. I think that a lot of people spent a lot of money this weekend and like myself are left feeling disapointed with what happened saturday night after such a big build up it just seemed to lack EVERYTHING it claimed to have.
  4. Just got home, and must admit i was a bit disapointed with things..... It was my first (and last) visit to Ipswich. I know most things have already been pointed out but.... * we couldnt see a thing when everyone stood up in the blue seats * The back of the stand was held together with TIE WRAPS?? * Missed the green flag, it just seemed like cars all over the place * cars being pushed out!! It took hours! * lack of atmosphere * The score board was unreadable when it dropped dark * The PA system, couldn't hear a word of anything said!! So if they wanted croud participations sorry we didnt join in because we didnt know we had to! * the starter was miles away with his hand signals/flags * pedestrian area at back of stands dark you couldnt see where you was walking * drivers walking round the track?? * and, getting out of the car park!!!! I'm trying to think of something positive to say..... but to be honest I'm struggling. (sorry) DoD - 107 RR - 5/10
  5. Driver/s of the day..... all of the drivers in the transporters that managed to park their equipment in some VERY tight places!! Seriously though : DoD has to be 37 Chris Cowley, used the bumper well on the last bend, and what a nice touch from 170 shaking chris' hand after his win. meeting 6/10, the delay overshadowd the start of things.
  6. I would recommend booking to be honest, the site gets very busy over speed weekends so its better to be safe than sorry, i've known people get turned away before because they are fully booked. Try ringing the office tonight, you might catch someone knocking around, 01754 872598
  7. There are plenty of local taxi firms based around cottage farm, all charge reasonable prices too. The only problem with booking a taxi is how do you know what time you need picking up.......? (I personally recomend Trevs taxi's, based just round the corner from the site - 01754 871855, other numbers available in the office.) Also, I wouldn't recommend walking back from the track with kids either, no paths/lights - other than headlights!! And a very fast road. There are usually plenty of people staying at Cottage farm, make yourself know to others by wearing stock cars related clothes/posters in caravans/cars etc and I'm sure someone would offer a lift. Sorry i cant presonally offer, but theres 4/5 of us in our car already.
  8. Just got back from sunny skeg!! LOL Driver of the day has to be 515, and rating is 6. Agree with a prevous post, i thought that Richard was very missed on fridy night.
  9. vicky

    Camping Skeggy

    I can confirm that the site only opens for the start of the caravaning season the weekend before, but if you try phoning before that date you might be lucky enough to catch someone knocking around.
  10. D of D : 212? or 512? I cant decide, can I give them both half a point each!!
  11. vicky

    Chuffin' thanks!

    (I hope yo dont mind me posting this on here!!??!!??) A message from my dad, chuffin Mick (who wasnt at the meeting today due to his recent op.) He says...."Thank you to all drivers and supporters who signed the card for him, think it has made his day a bit brighter.
  12. have to agree, driver of the day, PAUL HARISON. He showed so much determination to win the final, and wow was his son and dad happy?? Oh yes!! R/R 8/10 Weekend in general 10/10, as usual had a brill weekend nice to see so many familiar people for a chat.
  13. driver of the day : Dan Johnson, a big well done for keeping up with frankie and having a go, with a bit more experience I am sure Dan will be one to watch. race rating : 8/10
  14. vicky


    I have to agree with all the above posts, the DVD is BRILLIANT. It has certainly captured all aspects of the day and night really well. The build up to the two big races gives me butterflies everytime I watch it even tho I know who wins!! well done to all concerned.
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