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  1. haha mike just need 1 of dave now
  3. im goin to kill you mike!!!!!!! first of all the W is silent in beswick n second im goin kill you for bringin up the harold thing but im goin kill lee first coz he started it
  4. wayyyyy paul harrison to win
  5. me and my dad both agree that DEREK FAIRHURST 218 should get driver of the day coz he race really well in the semi!!!!!!
  6. yay well done lee robinson
  7. Well done Mike Ashcroft (Gary on Hayleys login but well done from Hayley as well)
  8. hayley parkinson 54, not only as she got the best name in the world (same as mine) she was leading for the whole race even with 2 yellow flags!!!
  9. how old are you technologys caught up a bit in school since the olden day hehe
  10. i sometimes us names or numbers of racers for passwords at school but it mainly affect my mates everyday lifes because im always talkin about it hehe :D:D
  11. its FWJ hel have it fixed and if its not fixed hel find a way to race
  12. ww 261 for his consolation if he had just 1 more lap he could have won it!!!!!!! GO WAYNE!!!!!!!
  13. hayleybezz

    Are you up?

    i didnt get up but my dad taped it on sky plus:) its much better when your there! alot louder!!!! :D
  14. paul harrison needs to get a riggle on hel be blue next
  15. iv never really been your biggest fan but awwww thats so sweet!!!
  16. go on lee robinson!!!! whoop whoop!!!!! and come on paul harrison!!!!!!
  17. hayleybezz

    Mindless fans

    i admit im not a fan of fwj. but wishing anybody dead is just sick. and i hope that who ever it was shouting this stuff is ashamed!!!!!!
  18. i say ipswich its not as far a wimbledon
  19. love him or hate him youv got to wist him all the best!!!! hope your better soon ya meetings not a meeting with out you there!!
  20. hayleybezz


    your right it is ridiculous!!!! and whys he banned from ipswich????????
  21. well done lee (107) get better soon fwj
  22. hayleybezz


    thats ridiculous!!!!!! if he was hurt n they didnt wave yellows then they should be saying sorry to him!!! and im not just saying this because i like him!!!!
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