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  1. Hi all, Interesting topic this one, very very interesting, and something I feel should be kept open and as many people as possible should reply and post their opinions. That is opinions to better the sport we all enjoy and love, not to knock and moan. As far as a sport/hobby, as someone has previously posted, BriSCA is stuck somewhere between the 2. Now as I see it, in terms of motorsport, F1 (Bernie Ecclestone) type, through to mini stocks, every team has different funding capabilities, different amounts of expenditure, think Ferrari/McLaren to Super Aguri, Jordan, Marussia, all these teams have different amounts to spend on their racing budget, some overspend to achieve success, and survive, and some don't. Basically, in this sport who are we to say what needs and should be spent. This is life. If my business competitor wishes to spend £1,000,000 on marketing or on their design team, that is their choice, so as it is to give my sales force Jaguar F Type rep mobiles. (not that this does happen, just hypothetical chat). In the same aspect, there are ways around everything, everyone is looking for an edge, how many loopholes has Adrian Newey found that so far no one has detected, in the same way as Andy 'stepped' Smith tried. It's all innovation and pushing the boundaries. As for the sport as a whole, pushing forward, and bringing in new blood, whether that be drivers, fans, sponsors, what I believe is needed is a single universal website, promoting all aspects of BriSCA, not single stadium sites. Look at BTCC, F1, all under a single umbrella. If you want to know anything, you go direct to their sites. These sites can include all information, fixtures, sponsor packages as well as sponsors of events, all driver and their info, Driver interviews, car specs and car information, in effect, very similar to f1stockcars.com, but there can not be a forum on this single umbrella site, I do honestly feel that as informative as a forum is, it can contain keyboard warriors and trolls who can cause damage to new folk, so it's easier to remove this part, and maintain stoxnet as a forum for the dedicated fans/followrs/drivers who like to follow and chat. Now I've grown up with brisca, but I was not aware of who brisca were (I know BSCDA) and only after typing 'brisca about' onto Google on my phone did I see that it was made up of promoters. There is no drop down menu for about brisca on homepage of mobile site. That's all good re promoters making up brisca, but how about having an independent person as chair'person'???? This is all well and good discussing, but we haven't discussed cash flow, stadium rent and rates, staffing costs, H&S checks etc etc, and last but not least wages for promoters. So this turns it on its head doesn't it....... If I remember reading correctly, I think Tom Harris mentioned about reducing the number of meetings?? (Apologies if I'm wrong Tom). N So this is my opinion, instead of doing this straight away, how about, as a previous poster mentioned, drop start money. If I remember start money is small change in the scheme of meeting costs to a team?? I'll stand corrected if I'm wrong. This money could go into a pot and be used to promote meetings??? Or could be used as a deposit for land to build a stadium in X number of years time, with this stadium being used as a new 'home' of brisca??? The stadium could be rented out for speedway etc, as well as allowing promoters to promote. It would be interesting to know off Jeremy and Steve the expenditure on start money per season, per stadium. In my mind this would provide a sound footing, both financially as well as politically. Before I get shot down, stadiums don't need to be posh and fancy, let's rewind, as everyone here likes the past tense, how good was Crewe, fantastic racing, very fast, lots of action, drivers loved it, fans loved it, but damn was that place rough, corrugated sheets to shelter under in the rain, a face full of shale, but it was great. Stoke is the same. You could even have tarmac track inside and around the outside shale with temporary fences erected prior to whatever meeting is being run?? Man, maybe I'm dreaming, but hey, it's productive chat. If I can end on this I'd appreciate it, can some forum whizz setup one of those polls where certain points can be collected and reviewed. If you don't poll, you can't moan!!! BTW, before the shots come, I'd throw my hat in the ring to be a chair person to discuss between fans and promoters, making a unified sport, to grow, to prosper, but more importantly, for everyone to have fun and enjoy, young and old, Drivers and fans.
  2. Hey Adrian, I noticed the 'ban Tom Harris Brigade' paragraph, excuse my ignorance but why ban him??? He makes cars that are basically rockets. And when you have a driver of top class driving them, they're even faster. To me this form of Motorsport doesn't rekyon windtunnels and OTT technigy that is duplicated through to road cars. RBIs is about Big Cars, Big Engines, Big Noise, Big Excitement, Big Bumpers, Big Spectator Fun, and Drivers With Big ERM Bottle!!! Tom's car passes scrurtinerring, so why ban the guy??
  3. I'm back again, the guy that doesn't post often!!! As someone has said previously, it takes big guts and to me even bigger pockets to get out there on track. So fair play on anyone, white top to superstar. I bow down before you. Without all of the drivers, their respective sponsors and support crew, none of us would have a sport to 'spectate'. In respect of the original post, which I admit I haven't read all of, one thing strike me as totally shocking and disgusting. Abuse aimed at the Harrison family, whether that be through social media or through the terraces, that is just wrong. Completely wrong and unjust. Shame on you whoever you are. Everyone and anyone can be 'hard as nails' behind a keyboard. Now, I don't support fencing or bashing the hell out of lower grade drivers, fair enough hit them to pass them, however you need to do this, this is Stockcar racing after all. But you don't fence them to deliberately let off steam!! Mike Tyson against Prince Naseem isn't a fair equal fight. You fight like with like, and I say fight as it appears that this is how Ryan is put across here looking for a fight. I don't know the Ryan, never spoke to the guy. He looks like he could do with a good night in a comedy club to see if he smiles, but we're not here for smiles or beauty pageant competitions. We are here for racing, and I'll say fair racing now before any keyboard warriors say anything or quote me!! Lol. Ryan races, he races hard and when in the mood fast. Last year the guy wiped the floor with everyone, the only guy close was Tom Harris, with a super sexy car!! All I will say is that it would be good if Ryan fired in reds and superstars. Maybe he does hit these guys just as hard, and maybe their car control doesn't make the hit look as hard, who are we spectators to know?? I don't. Ryan has done some pretty brave things like the issue over the stranded Rees car if I'm correct, and possibly some others that I'm sure I will get corrected on. Ryan also has some superb kit, stunning cars and the finer details and finishing touches are just sex on wheels in my opinion. The only car that betters any other is the 55 tilt machine, sheer class and a stunning piece of engineering excellence and something that won't be attempted again. Now, whatever Ryan does, he gets critisiscm and everything but the portaloo thrown at him. He makes bad decisions, so do we all, as the way it is spoken on here, I hope those decisions don't result in injury to anyone. No one needs that on their conscience, driver or recipients or their family. I will now go back to a mate of mine who raced, he wouldn't get involved in fencing arguments because he couldn't afford the repair bill. If a score needed to be settled, fair play, but otherwise no. This is an expensive sport, which everyone loves, from drivers to crew, to spectators to promoters to everyone else in between. Who am I to know, maybe Ryan is under a lot of stress at home, did I read newborn baby??? May be his wife/fiancee is struggling, anyone that has kids may understand. But we dont know, we are all reading between the lines. Maybe, and this is a maybe, similar to F1 with Bernie 'bribery' Ecclestone, we could have Q&A session with Ryan, or we could all invite Ryan out for a beer and ask him why he is the way he is. Maybe you all want to invite me for a beer to ask me why i am, if so if there!! Lol. I don't anyone who would be up for that, but if Ryan would like to chat PM me, I'd be interested to know more, because as a previous poster said, but not in these words, this is Chinese whispers!!! At them end of the day, Mick Sworder is called Box Office, but a meeting with my family recently, who haven't been for a while, first thing I said, was keep an eye on 197, you never know, same as I used to say about KeV Smith, and he was Blue Top. He could have been Superstar, no hassle, but he enjoyed a good stockcar tussle. The cars and wagon that the Harrison's have is stunning, they're dedicated and they work for it, however they do it. Who cares, they race, we watch, we enjoy, we and I say we as a whole collective, we want to see a fair straight scrap, bumperwork, tit for tat, and a hard fight to the finish, but this is Brisca F1, fencing and heavy bumper work is part of the course. All I askis this, and this is to Ryan, not to anyone else, have a good scrap, get stuck in, use the bumper properly to silence everyone, show them your a refined professional driver who can silence everyone and race to to the top of the standings without giving keyboard warriors ammunition. Ryan, your a hell of a driver, let that do the talking!! Like it or not, people come to watch you race!!!
  4. Thank you to all your comments, it is nice to note that the few people that have commented favourably as well as in the interests of the sport are of the younger generation. This is a massive is sign of captive audience if you like statistics!!!!! Those of child bearing age who wish to take their kids to see good old fashioned (excuse the sexism), racing, separating the men from the boys. They are here, reading, posting and interactive in the best interests of the sport as well as all the people involved to make it as much. Some people really don't get it though, even when written in plain simple English text. Chunder, fair play to opinions, points of views, subscriptions to Benevolent Fund etc. This though has nothing to do with the post, this post boils down to having manners and politeness and respect when criticising a certain point of view. Everyone likes criticism, well I do anyway, it is more the way that it is put across. This is not aimed at you Chundwr, but i feel your missing the point on the aim of the thread. Criticise all you want, fair play, that's democracy, but be polite and have repsect, that is what I am trying to say. This is not aimed at you Chunder, I am not saying your impolite, just this is the object of the thread. I respect your opinions Chunder, I'd be priveliedhed to meet you, l I'm saying is, as you put it, this is a hobby sport, it is a hobby sport for all, drivers and promoters. Put simply. We can all walk away from a hobby Have respect for the promoters, drivers, fans, mechanics, staff. I am the first person that is able to say something sarcastic or jokingly, and for it to be misconstrued, that I am being a know all idiot!! The whole point of this thread, for the benefit of BRISca is this, maybe in future, if we post a sarcastic/jokey thread, stipulate this, for non stock car folks. Instead of moaning about promotors, venues, general rubbish over minor issues, how a out a Q&A/discussion, in a civilised environment, pub/cafe/meeting room similar to what is done with a driver disciplinary get together. Fair play to all you guys, that's fans, organisers, stewards, mechanics, ambulance guys, drivers, anyone associated with putting an event on Without you I would have nothing to see on the internet re stock cars given family/work/kids situation. (Having said that, hopefully my kids and wife will be at Buxton on Sunday, and may be able to pop the kids in a car or 2 before future destinations are decided!!!). That is if I am now allowed. My little one would a sit in Keith!!!! Lol This is a great sport, enjoy it, love it and cherish it. The whole thing is great, fans, drivers, (even the ones you love to hate!!!), mechanics, everyone. Let's just think before our fingers become our tongues, we type words and sentences that could be misconstrued and become a disadvantage to us all. That's all I'm saying. Nothing more. BTW, not to invoke arguments or disagreement, I would very much appreciate driver as well as promoter response if any of you would be so kind, im now you have a mountain of other thighs hat need doing and are much more important. If anyone wishes to shoot me down, chuck a spanner at me if your a driver/mechanic, let me know, and I'll tell you what km wearing Sunday!!! Haha. Cheers guys.
  5. Hi all, Only my second ever post I think, but something that I'd like to reiterate from my original posting way back when. As a family, a stock car family, where fans and new-comers to the F1 community can mix with drivers, mechanics, cars, sponsors, promoters, I personally feel it is about time everyone stops moaning about prices, facilities, food, this and that. In my mind, as someone with reasonable financial basic knowledge, it is plain to see even as a driver, it must cost an absolute horrendous fortune to fuel a wagon to go racing, no talk here about set up costs, tyres, damage, financial rewards (if any major rewards), time in workshop fixing/setting up/changing ideas, and more importantly time away from family as well as I would imagine holding down a normal 9-5 job. I drive roughly 45,000 miles a year in car, that's a fair Morrisons bill on diesel, now these guys are fuelling wagons and cars, I wouldn't even like to foot that bill, let alone have to give up time, fix cars, spend time away from my family, miss story times, and that's just sentimental and time consuming stuff, not financial. Then these drivers/crewmay even come on here read this and think what for??? God knows what these drivers/mechanics/promoters think!!! And before anyone jumps in, maybe some drivers do design/manufacture/repair cars for a living, but hey, for people to moan and whine about the cost of food, get a grip!!! Now for the promoters and facilities that have got a battering recently with the opinions stick!!!! Plain and simple to me, this is stock car racing, this is not DTM, BTCC or F1. Even if it was, the facilities at these places are not really any better in the scheme of things. Toilets are no better really, food is still pricey, Parking is still the same, but guess what, you can't get on a forum and moan at Alan Gow, or Bernie Ecclestone (unless you go to a German court perhaps!!). Then these guys of BriSCA who promote events, Jeremy and Steve I hope it is, come on here and stand up for themselves and offering valid reasoning for whatever you choose to moan about next. Fair play guys, I'd have got a boxing match in the centre green by now because all that rubbish is uncalled for. For all the folks who 'know' about promoting, 'know' about facilities, 'know' what all the spectators want, 'know' what is needed, 'know' what is wrong, 'know' what tracks are needed and 'know' what is required to bring these places up to date let alone deal with all the other stuff, H&S, staff, rent, rates, putting up fences, making right for Greyhound racing, organising, websites etc etc. Stop going on right now. You sound like a bunch of moaning old Nana's and to me, no better than that KenE idiot, only difference is, your a 'little' more civil than that muppet!!!! So, this is my suggestion to you all folk who moan at promoters and prices, and facilities. All of you club together, sell your houses and cars, give up your weekends, (tell the family first though!!!), how ever many of you there are, this could amount to a reasonable amount of cash to buy a few acres of land. Now go and build yourselves a stock car track. (But not too far from where 'we' all live so we don't have to travel too far. But when it is built, I would very much like it to be shale, (there is a shortage of shale tracks), I'd like it to have post and wire fences that you can remove so it can watch the dogs when they're on, I'd like a nice clean pit area so my feet don't get dirty when I walk about the pits and more importantly so when Nige is changing a gearbox he doesn't or his crew, don't get a wet cold back in November. As well as all other mechanics and drivers making changes to cars. I'd like it all to be covered so I don't get wet when I bring the wife and kids, I'd like cheap food prices from the 1980's (which is where you all still live), I'd also like to see scoreboards that work, if you can get TV's too so I can see the far end of the track action. If you can also arrange for secure car parks, as well as immediate and no delays exit after the GN. No I for one, know that this is never going to happen, if it does, fantastic, I have contributed to the future of BriSCA F1 stock car racing. But it isn't, none of you will put up to do that, instead you'll moan like grannies!!! Now this is my plea; - Appreciate each and every driver, appreciate what 'they' give up to entertain you for what in essence isn't a wage paying job. - Appreciate the mechanics, without these guys & girls, these drivers wouldn't be able to race, let alone get there. - Appreciate the promoters, those guys and gals are doing a great job, and so are their staff, regardless of what they say, they have a job to do. - Appreciate all stock car staff, stewards, people on the cash desks, people that put wristbands on, they're doing their job. - Appreciate Ambulance crews who help injures drivers and rescue them in times of need when they get 'put in hard' because that's what stocks cars is. (We don't like glass bumpers, it wasn't like that in the golden era!!) - Appreciate the sponsors, these guys are giving money/goods/services whatever away for free, that's my opinion because basically what is the captive audience??? - Appreciate and Respect eachother!!!! We are a family, a BRiSCA F1 family, (read first paragraph), we all work and help eachother, I'm a fan, I've sponsored a driver, but I tell you what, I'd help a fan up the stairs, id give 259 a push to get going out of the pits and I ain't a fan, I've pushed FWJ to going. I'd help anyone, and to me that is Stockcars, a safe happy and family environment working together, don't destroy it by moaning. - Lastly, think before posting, this is a public forum, and if the non-paying newbie public read this, what the hell do they think. They think so many of you are caveman!!! If you want to make a difference, please do as I have suggested, you too can make that difference, if you can't or won't, just enjoy the racing, enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy eachother. Now I'll be left open to the criticism, that's cool with me, apart from that, enjoy the racing, enjoy the teams, enjoy the atmosphere, and enjoy life!!!
  6. Wéll, my first post in over 9 years of spectating properly since being a kid and only beig 'allowed' to attend the meetings at Crewe that were local to my parents' home. Unfortunately I was too young to properly appreciate, but do remember some serious stock car bumper action and 'offering' my sister and cousin some shale maltesers to eat. That was how close we were to the racing and how dirty we got. Those memories will never leave me, or my cousins mouth!! I was too young and irregular a visitor too appreciare the roof colour, but knew that flashing lights meant "I'm coming through, move or be moved!!". After reading for many years about the effect of the tyres,the stepped chassis, which I am considering putting on my van, (haha), the cost of participting, the personal costs, the anger fuelled rivalry as sometimes mentioned, occasionally the old faithful Smith/Wainman battle/fued! I would like to take this chance to say to each and every single driver, mechanic & family member, thankyou so so much for attending each and every meeting you do attend. Without you the driver, team and family support, we would be sat at home watching x factor or some other mind numbing gameshow!! I have, (part time), helped out/supervised and some friends would say ate burgers full time, whilst fixing, in a manner, stock cars for a former driver. I gave a driver/good friend what I could justify from my business in terms of sponsorship,and literally that was nothing, but it was what I could afford as well as could be justified for return on investment. The rest of the financing came from additional sponsors and his a**e pocket, but thankyou again for the memories. I just look forward to the day I can take my little daughter stock car racing to see the drivers who have time for the paying public, the fans who love their sport so much and also love their rival fans with respect, I look ofrward to being able to teach my daughter that sometimes the best end up in the fence, sometimes the best win, sometimes the underdog wins, sometimes the underdog buries the top dog, sometimes the top dog bits back hard, and then harder, but hey, that's BriSCA F1 ànd we love it, and next week everyone comes back for more, and I like to think they come back for more because they love it for themselves as well as for us, the spectator. So, my novel over with, thank you to everyone, the spectators, the fans, the organisers, the mechanics, the drivers, (and all your families), because without all of us, there would be no stockcars. Roll on a fantastic Shoot-Out series, and anyone who is retiring from the sport thanks for the entertainment and memories, and any new drivers entering the sport, thanks for the entertainment and the memories to come. Gentlemen............................ Start your engines!!!!!
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