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    wife of Dave Nickolls 242
  1. Just a few words to say that David is doing well. He is now out of his bed at long last and is able to walk aroung the house on his crutches. He has been down the garage several times and checked out how Geoff is getting on with his Tarmac Car. To sit or stand for any length of time is really painful for him so he is restricted to what he can do and how far he can go. He has a consultant appointment on Friday and we are going to that in the car which will be an achievement, hopefully his consultant will be pleased with his progress. Although he is getting around on his crutches and making remarkable progress it will still be some time before we know the full extent of the injurys he has received and what he will be able to do in the long term in respect of full mobility. He is keeping in touch with the race results through the forum and also the numerous texts from Lisa Willis, so although he is not there he is keeping up with events. David would like to thank you all for your cards and letters during his long stay in hospital they kept him going. He hopes to be around the tracks as soon as he is able so he can thank you in person.
  2. Mel

    Team Nicholls

    Hi Have sent you a message Mel.
  3. Hi all, just a quick progress update on Dave. We are currently three weeks into bed rest, the pneumonia has gone and there is a small amount of movement in his toes. As to whether everything is healing we will not know for another three weeks, when they will MRI scan him again. Dave has been overwhelmed with cards, get well wishes, dirty text messages, dirty jokes and the comments made by you all on stoxnet/allstox, and would like to thank everyone for their help and support at this time. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people through the collections at Bellvue and Birmingham. This money will go towards the parking costs at the hospital and keeping him in TV cards. It is going to be a long road to recovery for Dave and I myself would like to say how much I appreciate everyones support and help. As you can imagine there are too many people to mention, but I would like to say a big thankyou to Rob Harrod for his afternoon chats and visits to see Dave, 337 Midland Division and Adam Slater for kissing him good night and tucking him in bed to give me a night off!! The rest of you know who you are and again a huge thankyou to you all. Mel Nickolls
  4. Thanks all for your responses Engine found but we are still looking for an exhaust manifold and gasket set for a 360 turbo engine. If any one can help with this please ring Dave on 07752151071 thanks.
  5. In response to how the drivers are i just wanted to let you all know that Dave 242 is ok he is very sore and is complaining of pain down his left side. we will see how it goes over night and if he is still complaining tomorrow he is going to the doctor whether he likes it or not. He is very embarrassed about the crash and has been beating himself up over his stupidity at trying to get across to the center field. I guess he learned a valuable and expensive lesson their some where. The car is looking in a very sorry state of repair the chassis has gone in and they are in the process of jacking it up to see what damage has been done underneath. We were all set to go to Scotland as well next weekend but there is too much damage to repair in time. He will now spend a very busy month getting the car sorted for Coventry in July. Mel Nickolls.
  6. Mel

    Brian Evans Signs

    Thanks for that i'll give it to David when he drags himself away from the stock car.
  7. Mel

    Brian Evans Signs

    Hi does Brian Evans still do sign writing if so could some one PM me his phone number many thanks Mel.
  8. Hi we are still around. Dave is building a new car and robbing bits of the old one to complete it. The car is coming along he is putting the roll cage on at the moment. Due to money restraints we have had to dismantle the old car to build the new one so as soon as it is complete he will back out and racing hopefully before the end of the season. Geoff’s new car is nearly complete. The car is painted and waiting for stickers and Geoff is putting in the wiring etc. It seems to be the last few jobs that take the longest time. All being well it will be out soon.
  9. Mel

    KL News and Views

    In relation to formula two driver 956 Len Perkins. We returned his car home to his wife this morning. Len is recovering in Kingslyn hospital with a broken knee cap they are going to operate and put several pins in to it. Get well soon Len, From all of us at Nickolls Racing.
  10. On behalf of Dave Nickolls. We would just like to say thank you for your support in the internet challenge trophy. With the added money for that evening he was able to treat himself to a new tyre for the final. Thank you again when we run on a very tight budget races like this one are enjoyable to the spectator and also help out some of us poorer drivers. Thanks again
  11. Mel


    The reason there was not enough tractors to take off the cars for the F2 GN was two of them were stuck in the pits. The tractor drivers did not have any space to place the F1 cars from the final down at there buses. The Pits were very conjested with the F1s lined up to go out for the national and the F1s trying to get back to their buses after there final. Why has the barrier not been replaced after the world final? To use the same off and on gate is going to cause conjestion and the fact the cars could not get off to be cooled down is making the turn around for the races a lot slower.
  12. A very enjoyable weekends racing. Can anyone explain how the UK open works. We raced on Saturday night and a heat on sunday to score points to obtain a place in the the big race (Final). The race was run as a normal final but closed grid with the people who qualified from the consulation starting at the back. Would it not have been better placing the cars with the drivers with the most points starting at the front of the grid so at least you felt you had achieved something by scoring points in the earlier heat and the saturday nights racing. Would it not have been better to call it the UK open Weekend and run two normal meetings. (three heats, Cons, Final and Grand National).
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