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    neice 2 tony smith91, ex ministox driver
  1. Tony went to Leicester Royal Infirmary and had an e.c.g. and check over, after having these done he was told he would have to wait up to 4 hours to see a doctor, it was 2 in the morning already. Tony would not wait and came home to get a couple of hours sleep before taking Joshua to Buxton. Just spoke to him again and he says he is fine alittle sore but will be out at the weekend.
  2. x-kla-x-91-x

    gutted !

    hope you are fealing better, i am Liams mum was not there last night due to work commitments. We are all a nice bunch really.
  3. thanks for the results tonight. This is a life line when your family are racing and you cant go thanks again.
  4. just had a phone call he is fine
  5. liam as just got hurt waiting someone to phone
  6. i am the same i have sined in under my dauhters name (sorry). My son Liam Brown is racin tonight i could not go due to work commiitments but i am still on tender hooks constantly watching this screen and waiting for results. I also have a few more members of my family racing Tony Smith, and 397 stuart smith.
  7. yeh watched it. i think its from 2002 and its on the same time next week.
  8. Liam Brown has done too meetings at northampton and birminham so is illegiable to go yellow
  9. my brother Liam brown 90 and step dad john gould 491 have the hanz device and they both said its the best thing they have ever brought loads better then just a neckbrace and that every driver should have one
  10. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Good to hear you are ok from all the 91, 90, 491, 397, 187 teams
  11. 90 Liam Brown for me great race keep it up bruv.
  12. My Aunty Anita (Tony Smiths 91) other half says a new kitchen many times over through the season
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