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    Relative of ex driver Marian Palmowski (414 / 383) - Raced in 50's, 60's & 70's.
  1. Sorry to hear that - at least I guess you enjoyed competing while it lasted! Anyone else out there have any old pictures of Marian Palmowski - 414 / 383?
  2. Alan, thanks for this information. I guess you were both directly competing with each other - same grading. What years did you race between. What happened on the last meeting then in 1974 when you ended up in hospital? I'll ask my dad if he can remember you as he was always there with my grandad.
  3. Thanks very much for this - really appreciated! Do you have any idea what year this was and at what track. I'm guessing early to mid 70's? Cheers Martin
  4. Thanks guys for all the positive comments. It's great to hear people can remember him. Alan Brooke & Big Al F1 68, any pictures you may have would be really appreciated - either scanned and posted on this thread or emailed directly to me (martin.palmowski@btinternet.com). Cheers Martin
  5. Ged, spoke to my dad earlier today and he seems to think that there were a lot of people applying for numbers to start racing around that time and there was a an element of re-organising - but he can't remember the exact reason for Marian's particular number being changed to 383? When speaking to my dad he says the engine in the 'red 414 car' in the early 60's was a Ford Thunderbird V8. This was only a small block (maybe only a 289, same or similar as fitted to early small block Cobra's) but was a very reliable engine despite not being the most powerful but did have a very good sound.
  6. Interesting as I was not aware of that. I thought he finished in 1980. Apologies for my ignorance, what is Mike Greenwoods book? Where can I find this and what is it called? Thanks for the input.
  7. Thanks for this Ged! Must admit, I'm not sure why he changed from 414 to 383 - will ask my dad, he will obviously know. I'll also see if I can find out why the 'red 414 car' was so loud, i.e. what engine etc. He was indeed a regular at 'Old Belle Vue' as this must have been one of the more local tracks for the Rotherham crew. Ironically I moved from Rotherham some years ago (work related) and now live about 12 miles from Belle Vue - strange to think I pass that area quite frequently now and I often think how he raced there before I was even born. He of course knew Willie Harrison and most / all other drivers from Rotherham - Rod Falding being another name that springs to mind. Another guy I think may have lived in or around the Rotherham / Sheffield area was Jerzy Woltowicz (not sure if this is spelt correctly), although also originally from Poland like my grandad. I'm sure my grandad may have built an engine or two for him over the years although not quite under the same budget constraints as his own. Would certainly like to hear from others and see if anyone has any old pictures!
  8. Ged, Marian Palmowski (414 / 383) was my grandfather. Unfortunately, he passed away many years ago now, in early 1987 following several strokes and was in his 60's. I have just joined this forum and posted a thread about him, maybe you would like to contribute. The thread is here http://forum.stoxnet.com/index.php?showtopic=9363 Cheers Martin
  9. This is my first post on here and I am starting this thread dedicated to the memory of my late grandfather Marian (Mario) Palmowski (414 / 383) who raced F1 Stock Cars during the 50's, 60's & 70's. Unfortunately, he passed away many years ago now, in early 1987 following several strokes and was in his 60's. THE HISTORY..... My grandad began racing at the start, in 1954 (to the best of my knowledge) and ended in 1980 (spanning 26 years). He lived in Rawmarsh, Rotherham but was originally from Poland, coming over to England mid way through WWII, serving as a parachutist and a member of the 1st Tank Division for the remainder of the War. I don't believe that he gained enormous success in terms of winning F1 races, but I know that he thoroughly enjoyed competing and got a lot out of taking part. He competed on a very limited budget and never gained any considerable supporting sponsorship. Racing was his hobby, but had to come second to running his business 'Central Garage' - originally on Beartree Road, and later Aldwarke Road in Parkgate. My dad, John Palmowski, (Marian's eldest son of 5) attended the majority of races with him and when old enough began to work on his cars with him, until, in the later years, he did most of the work preparing the cars to the very tight budget (as always). Now aged 53, I know it is one of my dad's (John's) regrets that he never got a chance to actually race the cars himself. Equally, it is my regret that I was not part of 'their racing years'. I have however been brought up around cars and motorsport and my dad continues to work in the motortrade with his own successful businesses 'John's Auto Repairs' & 'JAR Motorsport Ltd' based on Barbot Hall Industrial Estate in Rotherham. I have never personally entered any 'Competitive Racing Events' but have attended numerous track days covering several different formulas and recently had a go in an F2 Stock Car at Northampton as part of a driving experience. Whilst the cars are not in the same league as the more professionally prepared F2's cars that are entered in actual modern racing and their bigger brother's, F1's, but I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. As a result my dad and I have discussed getting back into F1 Stock Car racing, with me driving. I would have the backing and support from my dad and his facilities and believe that with the right experience I could become 'competitive' - it's just a money thing and the costs involved setting up. Who knows? PICTURE REQUEST I am particularly interested to hear from anyone who can remember my grandad and dad during their racing years. I would also like to request that anyone with any pictures of them either post them on here or email them to me at 'martin.palmowski@btinternet.com'. I only have 6 pictures which are posted below: 1. Marian and John at a Race Meeting (maybe Northampton?) in 1971. 2. Marian, aged 50, at Central Garage in 1974. Car was fitted at this time with a 7.5L Pontiac V8. 3. Same car as above and same year. Car was based around an 'Anglia' body-shell. 4. John in the Stock Car in 1969, again at Central Garage. Picture was published as part of an article in the 'South Yorkshire Times' on Saturday August 30th 1969. Car was fitted with an Oldsmobile V8. 5. Same car as above but used in another newspaper article (The Star) again in 1969 with Marian in the background. 6. Finally Marian, again in 1969, at a Race Meeting in Doncatser pictured with Roy Goodman (163). Look forward to hearing from anyone who knew them. Cheers Martin
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