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  1. ziz

    stockcar game

    That's a real blast from the past. Was only telling my mrs about this the other day.
  2. Was a great day up there last time. Hope i can make this one but got my wedding do that night. Must try harder with my timing,miss f2 wf because of my stag do,miss f1 world final as i'm in the states getting wed,potentialy miss team wainman open day ,wedding reception that night. Will NOT be missing belle vue,regardless of hangover!!!
  3. Dod 515Rr 9 Not much to add to what's already been said. Fwj would have had the final in the bag but for Ryan's multiple interventions...and what has he got against mal brown??Not usually a cov fan but that was a great meeting,hard fast and mostly fair racing.Sure most will agree with a massive thank you to 496 for lending fwj a car and giving us all a superb meeting..a lot to live up to when he gets a go in it himself!
  4. ziz


    Should be a good weekend!
  5. isn't danny in the shootout??? surely in potting #1 he got himself more points? well....that excuse worked well for #4 at skeg after lap downing 515.
  6. depends if one of your main sponsors "flexes" to supplying them too you.?? thanks for the replys,i understand how and why andy built the chassis this way.i was looking more for clarifiction on if it was still in the book that the chassis can be stepped...think it's cleared up via mike,cheers.
  7. and is it true that the said mods are "now illegal" but mr smith can still race it,but no more of the same design are to be built? be nice to put this topic to bed once and for all.
  8. DOD; 515 did what was needed in the semi,good clean fair race with the starter starting the race!(hope for the same next weekend).was back on the pace today,battling and awesome car controll with the 360 going into turn 1 in the gn after getting a fair old twang from the car bouncing out of the fence.thought danny drove a great final too his patience payed off! RR; 7 from me.a little bit like stock cars racing at times,but rather watch that than a wreckfest.
  9. agree with young fenny dod;217.... some good "stock cars" "racing" action rr; 7
  10. i'm sure if lee knew his track position he would have had a go...i was stood on the home straight and found it hard to tell who was where..starter also looked lost at times.sometimes it looked like he was giving the signal as lee 1 next lap andy 1..most confuzzling!(at that point lee was still in front of andy!) stuart drove like a true stockcar driver(did over do it on briggy though i thought?)..but anyone an idea why 390 was never in a heat with 515? dotd....#84 for having the bottle to mix it..big well done tom!! racing..6/10 heats just way to tame for me...
  11. already raided and alocated part of next months wage too....wonder if we are after the same things matt??lol
  12. vic's chippy..thats a blast from the past!!my gran used to live round the corner and have butties ready for us when we got the chips back...
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