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  1. I think my biggest concern for promotions is how they will cope with missing their big pay days that they probably rely on, especially if they have invested over the closed season banking on these. So speedworth the euros, British and their Hednesford speed weekend. Skeg the May and July speedweekends and possibly summer holiday trade. Etc
  2. I knew Rodger from when I ran the modstox website, a really nice guy who showed alot of interest in our formula even though it was virtually unknown at the time. Very sad news, condolences to all his family
  3. Chris Elwell Car innovation that still holds up and influences cars today Fantastic driver with a host of final wins and dominated tar for a period Podium finish in the world final and long track (I think) One of only a couple of UK drivers to win titles in New Zealand
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    To be honest apart from Swaffham and Scunthorpe other tracks being mentioned would need big investment and in some cases a total rebuild to host f1. Whether they were in the orci or not. Dropping start money and prize money wouldn't fix this either
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    Just out of interest, what non orci tracks in the North/Midlands were you thinking of?
  6. I live in Hednesford and can't see any real way of having a world final there again sadly. All the area they used for parking is now houses and locals are always moaning when there is a big meeting on. Plus they seem to struggle to get permission for a Saturday night meeting. As for Buxton I think the promoter will do a great job, my only concern is there isn't much room there off the racing line so could result in a lot of stoppages and pileups at the start. But who knows, Gota get next year out the way first anyway!
  7. Great meeting, the better of the 2 racing wise this weekend. Lots of bumper and incident and the Dutch drivers were brilliant again! Dotd - 166 Rr - 10
  8. I would lose 2 foreign entrants, not to everyone's taste I know.
  9. I still think it would make it better for fans and drivers alike if there was 4 places up for grabs
  10. How about keeping 2 semi meetings but run both races at each meeting the top 10 scorers from each grid over the 2 races go through. I'd also like to see 4 places from the consolation semi and lose 2 spots for foreign entrants (not popular I'm sure).
  11. I think you have to do a certain amount of meetings in a grading period to change grade up or down, maybe that explains it.
  12. He went home before drivers briefing anyone know why?I imagine a problem with the new car, hopefully be back today fingers crossed
  13. If you turn left at the island before the landor Street turning, you can follow that road until you get to some traffic lights. Turn right at the lights and your on the road that everyone parks on opposite the track entrance. Should be easy enough to see on Google maps, despite my poor description!
  14. What happened to the field behind the track they used for parking a few years ago? I parked in there a couple of times and it was really convenient. I presume its gets used for something else by the landowner these days?
  15. Same for us, working Saturday so looking at getting there about 4.30 so any info on the parking situation would be appreciated
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