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  1. midget

    dennis harley 386

    does anybody have any pics or recent info on ex f1 driver dennis harley,just curious
  2. midget

    Sunny Vale

    hi paul did u get my pm messages
  3. midget

    Sunny Vale

    wanted pics, info ,etc on the old banger track at hipperholme,
  4. lets be positive not negative,if people spent as much time helping move the sport forward as they do on the internet the sport would be perfect
  5. look at king john,s lap times,passed it , i think not!!!!!!!
  6. Anderson engine, very very low use, 5 meetings old since its only rebuild, totally complete, ready to drop in & race. £2000. HCD - ideal beginners car, only ever done a handful of races. Hell of a spec, Butler seat, Autometer liquid filled gauges, new caliphers, aircraft harness etc etc. Will sell on the button ready to race at £3000 or rolling less engine & box at £1700. Petrol generators (dark nights coming) - 2.8 KVA built in battery charger 110-240 volts. Brand new £230 (only 2 left!!). Ally bell housing (BRAND NEW) £130 Also inlet manifolds, wheel guards, wheels, fan blades, rad brackets, petrol tanks, roll offs, M and R 5 point nascar belts etc etc. Please call Darren Bingley on Tel 07831 808128
  7. 79 won a heat ,725 won cons, 79/82 tangled in final,647 won it, 501 on way home engine probs so wont be at crimond till next seasonsQ round
  8. midget

    Doug Cronshaw

    when is the nelson reunion
  9. midget

    Coventry updates

    no 53 either ,is he there
  10. midget


    says on brampton web site the track has shut down, and farmer is using it for other use, anybody know anything
  11. i towed craig hodgson 172 up to warton he had a top day in the ex roots hcd f2,and went home with a big silver cup and some prize money to boot!!!!!!!,
  12. some just kids rev and go,u try watching your ten year old son wheel to wheel with 20 other karts,every one deserves credit!!!!!!!,more us parents for daring to watch!!!!!!
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