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  1. Hi Folks I have not used the forum for a couple of years so please forgive me if this has already been covered. I was wondering if many people are making the trip to New Zealand this this year to follow te GB guys. It will be my first trip but I am going to be travelling and heading to Oz again on the way back to catch some sprint car racing before the UK season starts. If anyone has any hints or tips on places to stay for backpackers and/or best forms of transport and ways to get to meetings it would be most appreciated. Finally, if anyone fancies a few beers whilst at the races please look me up, I am planning on doing the World 240's, NZ stocks champs and Team Champs for a start anyway. Come on Team GB!! Cheers Scott
  2. Any ideas on the parking situation? May not be there till around six. Last KL meeting was world final when we parked in the field over the road. If they get the crowd their expecting will we be able to do the same again?
  3. DOTD- Matt Newson #16 no doubt about it. R/R- 5.5/10. Not the most exciting meeting of the season, even the Semi was a bit roundy roundy.
  4. First meeting since the last Cov so it was always going to be good. Bit of a slow starter but from consi onwards was action all the way. DOTD- 53, but mention to Crasher 407, proper stock car driving, pure entertainment!! Race Rating- 8/10, nearly as good as last month but the dust got way out of hand.
  5. Thanks for all the help, much appreciated, looks like I should be able to find something to do with my time around the 500! Cheers Scott
  6. Hello everyone. Not sure about starting this topic as it's my first go but anyway! I've finally sorted my trip for the Daytona 500 and was wondering if any of you good people that may have been before have any hints or tips that will help me when i'm over there.Also if anyone knows of any sprint car meetings locally that I might be able to catch i would be really greatful. Cheers Scott
  7. As with other posts 261 & 415 again for me. Really entertaining & not giving an inch to the higher grade drivers. Got to mention the great hit by paul though, not seen him that agressive for a while.
  8. Mine is fairly easy really. My favourite speedway rider (Simon Wigg R.I.P) used to coach the youngsters at Oxford and his first peice of advice was always "If all else fails, keep turning left" (Paraphrasing a bit!!) Thats always rung true with this great sport too!!
  9. Fair play to you Carlos. Good luck for next year.Agree with Vaux, it seems you are always underestimated by us the fans, respect for the commitment you show to our sport and at least you give us a good topic to debate on this great forum!!
  10. 391 all the way. Early favourite was Bobby Burns though!
  11. Well done to 22, 84 & 152. Makes things look really interesting. Booking cov tickets on monday just on that!! Got to say fair play to Hayley 54. Took my sister to Cov for first time in two years and pointed out a lady was racing. Been taking note for a while and well impressed with the driving i've seen over the last few meetings. Also, Dan Johnson looks quality already. Respect to both.
  12. Not able to make tonight but sounds like a classic.New to the forum so don't intend to get contraversial but great to see Andy on the front row. Gold no. 2 on its way. 141 takin a hit, what a shame. Don't know Kevs situation but if poss please can someone get him in a car for a final farewell at the WF. I would pay twice the entrance fee to see it happen.
  13. The guy I was stood next to said that Nick hit Pickering but I thought he just leant in for quick chat. Is it just me or is he making a habit of landing people into parked cars? More than once this season anyway. Nick was rightly annoyed in my opinion. (Was still funny to watch his rant though!)
  14. Hello everyone, new to the forum so thought i'd pick a nice safe topic to post on first. Always liked the look of Witt's 180 cars both this season and last. Also Mickey Randall 172 always looks good.
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