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  1. Edman

    Sam Lund

    Condolences to the Lund family and friends. RIP Sam Lund Edwin Clout and Family.
  2. Edman

    Rob Speak

    The Elite originally build for Rob Speak is over in dutchland in the hands of H33 Sebastiaan Vowinkel. Both he and his brother Martijn are doing just fine with the cars, ecspecially at Venray. Edman.
  3. I was thinking about the gold stripes, but isn't that reserved for the World of Shale champion. That's why I was thinkin about something else. I agree that the World Cup winner should stand out and maybe they should have a look into it, have something unique so the fans know instantly that the particular driver has won the World Cup. Cheers, Edman.
  4. Venray is not racing according to BriSCA rules as they state that GOLD is the World Champion, not the winner of the World Cup. There is no roof colour for the World Cup winner, but they might have a look at the Bangers. The winner of the continental World Cup in them wears a gold/white chequered roof colour. Personally I think it's downgrading the World Championship when the World Cup winner gets to race with the same roof colour. Cheers, Edman.
  5. Edman

    Posterholt Reslts.

    Here are the official full results of todays racing. F2 heat 1: H24- 732- H48- 259- 702- B228- H19- 782- H72- H52 F2 heat 2: 732- 469- 702- B96- H40- 903- 782- H72- 259- 599 If BB thought heat 1 was mental, heat 2 was even better. 25 cars were racing from which H48 never made it out for the second heat. Simon Farrington put H19 away after the first restart causing another stoppage. It promisses to be even better tomorrow. Edman.
  6. Edman

    world cup venray

    2 years ago the Hotrods were good, these days they have diverted into dirty tricks and more contact than in the average stox race. Never thought of the police trying to stop the racing, but seeing as the venue is in the paper every other week, it might get even worse this year. Those green party fanatics will use every oppertunity to get themselves some media coverage. Lets hope they stay away, they will have plenty of time to go down the legal road when the weekend is over. Edman.
  7. Edman

    world cup venray

    That's one way of saying it Stec, but if my memory serves me correct, last year there were no Toyota's nor Stockrods at the Venray weekend. Stockrods are no longer racing at Venray, for the simple reason that the promoter doesn't want certain drivers racing at his track. That's not the point however, I don't see any reason to let both the Toyota's and the Hotrods race at the speedweekend. It would be better to make an all contact formulas weekend out of it. Both formulas don't add anything extra to the racing at Venray, as last months 15 car Hotrod Super Cup proved. On a good note: an impressive line up of visiting drivers so prospects of a great weekend lay ahead, the only thing we need now is something we can't control and that's good weather. Rant over, Edman.
  8. The reason I'm writing in dutch is because mr. terp doen's understand english that well. It's about the contents of a forum he moderates. I will not go into the contents of that forum, as they are totally respectless and I'm not going to repeat them. Edje.
  9. Kijk mr. terp, ik ben niet Engels. Laat ik het zo stellen, als je Engels niet goed is dan moet je hier ook geen reclame maken. Er heeft op deze thread maar 1 Engelsman gereageerd, namelijk de beheerder van Stoxnet. Hij vergelijkt jullie WF grid foto met die van hem en constateerd dat het dezelfde is. Dat hij hiermee een boodschap wil afgeven in wel duidelijk. De posts in jullie forum zijn gewoonweg grof. Ik zou wel eens willen weten hoe de betrokkene personen reageren als ze dat lezen. Mijn advies, haal dat hele forum weg, want het respectloos neerhalen van een overleden persoon is buiten alle proporties. Edman.
  10. Hopefully someone will come to their senses and pull this forum of the web ASAP. It's disgusting what's in there. Í have a suggestion for all of you. Try to pay attention in school, as none of you is able to write proper dutch. When you're finished with that, go out and learn some respect. I think you've got a lot of nerves to even compare that pool of filthyness with Stoxnet. Cheers, Edman, for the record, you know me under the name Edje.
  11. Edman

    News from Venray

    Little correction. Andrew Palmer came third in heat 3. First time since the start of 2005 that someone else then Toon Schut won the final, it was Willie Peeters. They were then left with a unique situation where Toon Schut, Danny Smidt and Willie Peeters scored equal points. I guess this is the time to get rid of the first three in totalpoints get the trophies and give the trophies to the first three in the final, like it should be. As for the racing, it was a bit roundy round, could have been more bumperwork. There was more contact in the Hotrods actually. Shame about the rain in the early afternoon. On a track that big the racing in the wet is just not good. It was much better when the track had dried out and it was then that the bumpers were used a bit more. Edman.
  12. Edman

    old tracks

    Mmmmmmm, mothersday, don't think so. usually you end up visiting your mother in law and I certainly prefer stockcars instead of watching her flying around on her broomstick. I'll be at Venray for the next meeting, but my guess is that it will be very crowded then. Cheers, Edman.
  13. Edman

    old tracks

    I remember that Steve, there was a lot of discussion going on. It ended up with the Brits and the Continentals racing in seperate races. On the tracks subject, Holland also lost Dongen, Germany lost Honsdorf and Belgium lost Engis. ASCNGermany, will you be at Posterholt this Sunday. I know you took a lot of pictures at the first Posterholt meeting. Would be nice to have a chat with you. Cheers, Edman.
  14. I've spoken to Pacco today and I can understand why he was upset. At the first Lelystad meeting he got the ok from the scrutineer and now his car was not according to the ruels, although they didn't change anything to it. Cheers, Edman.
  15. Care to explain a bit more Misterbreg. I remember talking to H47 last week and he said there wouldn't be any problems for him to race at Lelystad. Well, you've heard out conversation as you were standing with us. Am I right assuming that the chairman of the NOV Lelystad has stepped down, because that will surely be the end of the track. He was the only one who tried to keep things going, despite being hindered by the owner of the track. Glad I spent my weekend elsewhere. Cheers, Edman.
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