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  1. I'd just like to say thanks to Billy-Tom for starting this topic. The National MiniStox Club has been an excellent starting point for young drivers to start their racing careers, it has been fantastic to watch a multitude of drivers progress into senior formulas of all types. Even the ones who retired after Ministox walked away with a multitude of racing memories. From my background of F1's (mechanic, bus driver, starter, scrutineer, track inspector etc) I obviously have a bias towards them I would often stand behind Bev Greenhalf as he was announcing F1 race postitions and prompt him that the top 3 were all ex NMSC drivers, I seem to remember one race at Coventry 8 of the top 10 were from the NMSC school. As to the drivers I helped along their way it's still good to track their progress, despite the Gears & Tears rivalry I always shouted for both Frankie & Andy, still like to watch Mick, and keep an eye on Jamie's progress in DTM. I'm always on Stoxnet but rarely make a post. The NMSC continues to thrive and produce many excellent drivers in senior formulas I hope my years as secretary helped to push both the organisation and drivers in the right direction. As I said earlier I'm still around, just go to Coventry (mainly). As mentioned in another post my youngest son now 16 would go to every meeting if I'd let him, he is desperate to be involved with a team as I was in my youth.
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    RIP Jim. A great character and a good bloke to work for, I had many dealings with Jim both as secretary to the NMSC and as a track official at both Aycliffe and Crewe, my Sincere condolences to the family. Martin O'Neill
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    29 National Ministox are booked in for this meeting, see the NMSC website for details. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/martin.oneill3/bookings.htm
  4. I have just spoken to the Hertzog Family and am happy to report that Oliver (No 7) was checked over at hospital and found to have just cuts and bruises and is at home relaxing. The family have asked me to pass on their thanks for the support and kind wishes they have recieved. Neither Oliver or twin brother Tom (No 77) will be racing at Skegness on Thursday but are booked in for Buxton.
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