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    Mainly F2 today (wish I could go more often!) Like to keep in touch with F1, hoping it will just be like the old days again!
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    Former SCM writer & track commentator
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    Stockcar Fan since 1973. Regular F1/F2 follower 1981-98. SCM Correspondant '89 -'96. Race Commentator '92 - '98 (Highlight being the F2 WF @ Swindon in '98.)
  1. Hi guys, I'm still around and I still do videos and commentary for fun. I follow Classic Hot Rods these days but I did go to the Buxton Qualifier at the beginning of July. My commentary has calmed down just a little bit in the past twenty years but I still like to inject the excitement and try in put the spectator into the middle of the race - so to speak! Check out my Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/HUGHESONTWOS for Classic Hot Rod racing from this season and F2 from years ago. My F2 meeting at Buxton had me videoing the heats and the final. You can find the Final that Speaky won here: best regards Rob
  2. I did enjoy. thankyou. Have been unable to go racing for over a month. Ran out of racing pennies........
  3. An absolute terriic post. So positive. reminds me of back in the day........ this was New Brighton back in 1974 ..... and the little lad in the push chair is me!! Rob
  4. Absolutely wonderful.....shame it stopped after 10 minutes, Could have listened all night.
  5. Total enjoyment. Absolutely loved the night from start to finish. Sworder for his usual totally over the top style of driving. (I think if he was allowed to Mick would just fit a set of castors to his out side nerf bar, put his foot to the floor and let the metal plating round the track to the rest!). Thought his recovery in the consolation race was brilliant. That white top 308 Steve Malkin was brilliant too mixing it with the star men and giving as good as he gave. That other white top 405 Steve Charles impressed me too. Had not seen him before before but clearly has raced before. Of the top men Gilbanks performance in the final stands out. He drove the track well in spite of his somewhat negertive feelings towards the undulating surface. Felt he couldn't 'attack' the racing like you would at Kings Lynn or Cov.......but at the end of the day it was the same for everyone out there and Mark still drove the track 'the right way' to win. One driver who certainly knew how to drive the track was Lundy. Ol' John does make me smile. I imagine him turning up half asleep at the track after a hard day at the farm and John turns to his mechanics and says "So where are we?" "Rochdale" is the reply!! "We've set the car up for you as usual, putting an extra shocker on the offside rear - you'll be reet!" So John sets off at Stoke and in his tired mind he thinks it's 1984 again, and he's only in his 30's! He certainly drove at Stoke last night as if that was the case! He was a delight wo watch in the final. He was on for it. Caught and passed at one point by both Tom Harris and Dan Johnson, Lundy dug in, depatched Harris with a' Lund Lunge' reminiscent of the '88 World Final (!!) and then got passed Johnson. Every race was top class. Stoke is old skool, and I loved it - and indeed those fans around me loved it too. Stoke is undulating, but it's not rough. Jeez, ask Lundy about rough, He'll tell you about Rochdale or Nelson. Even Frankie Wainman Junior, Ian Higgins and Paul Harrison can compare it favourably to my all time favourite track of Crewe! Blimey, Nigel Whorton said to me once of Crewe "It's only once you hit 80mph that you can really get airbourne! Nigel even went down a hole once at Crewe and never came out. (it's on Youtube as testimony.) It's only in comparason to our 'modern' shale tracks of Cov and KL that Stoke is now compared, and for the fact that cars now have their suspension so finely tuned that every divet is noticed. Pahh, Stoke is a great leveller. It's brilliant to watch Tim Warwick in his 'Heritage' car get out their and mix it on level terms. Seriously, if Warwick got the break at the front of the whites round Stoke in that old car he would take some catching. This is what makes Stoke brilliant. I say now that the majority of F fans love the place and must feel a little disappointed that it's only got two F1 dates next year. DOTD : 53 John Lund R/R TEN Rob. PS. Missed having Jake doing the commentary coz he his brilliant, but he does have to put family first and his ever expanding commentary career in wider fields. Should I have a go again? LOL.
  6. First chance I've had since monday to get on the pc...been busy! Loved the meeting despite the monsoon conditions. Thought all the racing was exciting and fast.....which is a compliment to the incredible abilities of the drivers to race literally blind! Everone of them deserved the DOTD. Took my mum....who aint so good on her legs these days. So we got there early. The Belle Vue staff were excellent in ensuring my mum used the grandstand lift and advised her about the disabled toilets to use. We had a prime spot at the front of the grandstand. She thoroughly enjoyed the night. Loved Jakes commentary, his excitment just adds to the racing especially at Belle Vue when you CAN hear every word. Some of the things he says are very funny, like the "take that sunshine....ta ta!" His choice of music was good too. In conclusion DOTD 337 Dave Willis RR 8/10 Rob
  7. Absolutely loved it. Thanks for uploading. Crewe the Astrodome was my all time favourite track.
  8. As I said to Sam on facebook, the Wainman family are a credit to each other and to the sport.
  9. Utterly awesome meeting. Total enjoyment. Can only agree with a grea many comments. OLD SKOOL! Good old fashioned stockcar racing. Every race in my opinion was fantastic. I loved the undulating surface. The old fashioned drivers who remembered the old days of Nelson, Crewe and Rochdale knew what to expect and how to handle it. I can only give a fan's opinion, but, although the surface was not billiard table, it's certainly wasn't rough! I've seen far worse down the years. The drivers set up theit cars to suit clearly by winding back the shocker setting to max. The dutch field racers with their 3 foot shockers would fly round stoke - they'd certainly have no problem! Love watching 307 Tim Warwick in his heritage car!!! Now that's a car perfect for Stoke with its leaf springs!! I so wanted him to win. I loved the way he fought tooth and nail to keep the lead in both heat and consolation even though it came to nothing. What a PROPER stockcar driver. Utterly superb! The drivers with the modern cars were brilliant too. Davids, Harris, Wainman, Finnikin to mention a few but my driver of the day is : DOTD : 53 JOHN LUND He was so up for it all night!! The battle he had in the GN totally fantastic. So Woodhull beat him....what the heck! R/R 10/10. Couldn't fault it. Uttlerly brilliant. Well done to Steve and all the Startrax crewe. Loved Jake's comentary as always. His enthusiasm reminds me of someone else on the mike 20 years ago......ME!! (LOL). I appeciated the music he chose too. Shows the thought he goes into making the meeting presentation happen. The only track I thought that didn't suit was Micky Bubble's Cry Me a River with it's deep sinister intro...too ploddy! Sounded like elephants with bad wind! Hope the drivers will return to Stoke in greater numbers knowing what to expect. Just need Sworder there to give the next meeting on 22/9/12 Eleven out of ten! So ok, the place could do with a lick of paint and a grass cut.....but when you were brought up on northern tracks in the seventies and eighties, Stoke tooks perfectly acceptable to me and I would and HAVE taken first time fans there. Rob
  10. yes.....that is interesting......wonder if there are more sporting political ramifications with this - getting even closer ties between the countries. surely can only be a good thing.
  11. It was a great bit of publicity for the F1's at Skeg in advance of the world final I thought - sending the message to holiday crowd punters.
  12. My first formula one meeting since Coventry's June session and I really enjoyed the day out. Arrived at the stadium early so I had no problems parking. Its great to meet up with so many people and catch up. Some folk in the crowd that I hadn't seen for 10 years or so and you just start chatting away again. The crowd was good and turn 3 and 4 where I stood was packed and there was a good atmosphere. Could have done without a great dane sitting on my foot all the time though!! LOL. The semi itself settled once the pecking order had been established. Sworder hunted down Harris through the back markers, saw the oppotunity on turn three to apply the pressure and was through. Danny Wainman was very impressive I thought but felt really sorry for Lee Fairhurst and Matt Newson - who never seems to get any good luck at all in championship events. The driver who stood out for me was Rob Speak. I admit to cheering loudly for Rob all night. I thought the way he adapted his natural ability to Pickering's machine was excellent. He made excellent early lap progress in every race he was in, but raced within himself with a smoothness and level headedness that contrasted to 20 years ago! I was sometimes expected Speaky to 'have a go' when the faster drivers of Harris and Sworder made their way through but Rob seems to accept the order of things. The mind now boggles.... Rob starts on Row one for the F2 semis at Buxton next Sunday......there is every possibility that he will be one to watch on BOTH formula's World Finals! Speaky to win BOTH Gold Roof in one part time saeson??!! OMG!........ Well done to Mark Gilbank on winning the final. His tarmac appearances are that spasmodic that his form and that car's set up were an unknown factor! I think he almost suprised himself that he won! Anyway........ DOTD 318 RR 8
  13. For a picture of Craig's fav car of the nineties....see here Rob http://www.facebook.com/rob.hughes.961556#!/photo.php?fbid=3865552769001&set=a.3865527888379.248862.1583991493&type=1&theater
  14. put it into perspective Craig, just think how long the threads would be if it were you still putting yourself about a bit on the track. Sworder would be scared!! lol.
  15. Well the football's on here too - in damp cool Liverpool ......... would have preferred to have been at Brum tonight, but work and mindful of the spends I've incurred so far on going racing, I'm having to miss tonight's meeting. So like the others I will offer my congratuations here too. Well done Corporal Chaos! (can't say Captain - that 'd steel your mate Higgy's moniker!) Rob
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