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    Netherton, Bootle
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    Mainly F2 today (wish I could go more often!) Like to keep in touch with F1, hoping it will just be like the old days again!
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    Former SCM writer & track commentator
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    Stockcar Fan since 1973. Regular F1/F2 follower 1981-98. SCM Correspondant '89 -'96. Race Commentator '92 - '98 (Highlight being the F2 WF @ Swindon in '98.)
  1. an excellent in depth report of the night's racing. Thanks Frankie and Sam. Rob
  2. Dear Wainman team, just wanted to say how much I enjoy visiting your site. It is incredibly professional and informative. I certainly think it gives a clear insite into jusy how committed to the sport the whole Wainman family and Frankie in particular is. To be honest I do not know whow Frankie finds the time to undertake the write ups for this site (if if he provides a verbal overview (while he continues to work) and it is then written up for him! Either way round it is still terrific. One thing that does come across is just how much Frankie enjoys (and dare I say it) prefers supporting and
  3. Hello Nigel. I suggest your brother contacts Darren Bingley. Please look on the Ftooz site. His mobile number is in the classified ads section under Bingley622.
  4. You were racing at those meetings weren't you A-Zee?
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