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  1. Now don't be nasty to me Speedy - I've been a long time away!! I was just doing some research elsewhere on this forum and about to retract my rash statement when you got in before me And whilst you're here - can I ask you to act with restraint and a huge amount of creativity We don't want a dogs dinner of an Aerofoil like the 515 one of yesteryear! All the best!
  2. There won't be any snazzy roof for anyone - there is no roof colour for the British SSJ's b&w Cheqered roof is for the UK Open win
  3. Baldy bouncer 218 has some pics on the Members photo gallery - but you can only see the back of it - but as Mike suggested you can see the real UK plate
  4. Frankie built a truck transporter and shipped it out to NZ with the car last winter - there were pictures available then - can't find them now. The truck is similar to his GB one - colour scheme etc but just a truck (!) - no trailer. The truck and car live with Stan Hickey I think whilst FWJ is back over here.
  5. ChrisB

    Favorite car

    Would that be the 384 John Jebson Car?? - 'The Untouchable'
  6. ChrisB

    head to head

    And what if the superstar beats the white top hands down in their own car? Not only will that not be entertaining but it won't do much for the white tops confidence - What if's are great - the speculation helps to keep the sport humming.
  7. ChrisB

    Hayley Parkinson

    5th in Heat One at Blle Vue today
  8. ChrisB

    Craig Utley

    Ah Dale -the alter ego! Agreed - it is shocking story - hope word has got to cov - sure people would respond positively to an impromptu wipround amongst the crowd And perhaps after an internet one... a la Jane's Laptop.
  9. ChrisB

    Craig Utley

    Apologies to Desie for copying this across from Allstox Craig Utley forced out of sport by alleged arson attack!! http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/Stock-car-dr...s-in.4556981.jp
  10. Methinks yours is not the careful eye JP has recently returned as 146 and the ss refers to the driver on the inside of CF as gridded
  11. ChrisB

    Nelson 1977/78

    Thanks for those Vaux - car park is a little tidier than I remember!
  12. ChrisB

    Nelson 1977/78

    A little bigger than that but not much... and Carl is right the fence was more or less laid out as a square and ... yes the pits were indeed across the road on open land shared with punters car park - there was a small holding area by the pit gate where they gathered everyone for the next race fantastic for a kid - you could weave your way through the transporters checking out the cars and buying your stickers and patches - anyone still got their jackets? Height of fashion for a true fan then - some sew-on numbers of your favourite drivers from a sports shop (No iron on in those days!!) in the middle of your back surrounded by sew on patches of your favourites which you'd bought from his missus at the transporter steps - patches of tracks you'd visited down the arms and Vaux is correct also - as a spectator you had to keep your wits about you on the back straight and turn 3 and run away if any cars came towards you - you can see from the picture how close we were allowed to get - always went home with a face full of shale - good for turning heads on the bus back to Burnley after though !!!!
  13. ChrisB

    Nelson 1977/78

    In my excitement - forgot to say thanks .... great picture, great memories - those were indeed great days - picture only lacks the 'superdodo' to really make my day!!
  14. ChrisB

    Nelson 1977/78

    From left to right 199 Mike Close, 2 Willie Harrison, 212 Smiler, 53 John Lund, 58 Colin Townson, 293 Gordon Smith. 260 Bezz and now I'm struggling!! 286 John Toulson???? Oh and me standing behind on turn three (If there was a turn three at Nelson - was more or less a complete circle!!!! :-)
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