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    Ok ok ok may be I was wrong in what I said and appologise for singling out Mat, the M3 "F1 MAT" has nothing to do with stockcar racing and yes drivers of course have a life and can do as they please however to rant on about having to spend £1200 before you go racing next year and that it is ridiculous is a bit much when that is what some drivers spent to start this season on Hoosiers! So now you have all done moaning bout my negative comment I notice none of you picked up on the positive ideas I had like drivers advertising their stock tyres for others to buy but then your all English and thats what you do isn't it, MOAN! Surely the panic buying of the Big Hard Boss was to blame for the reason why after only a month their use was restricted, was the reason for the bulk buy quite selfish in that I'm allrite I have my big Boss's! Anyway another posting stated that 21 will be buying a new tyre for every final in the 10 shoutout rounds, surely that demonstrates why the BSCDA are trying a different tyre does it not when they obviously don't last very long? The shock and short notice statement, well I have witnessed tyre testing going on at meetings for over a year, at alot of meetings this year cars have started from the back of the grid and I have seen people in yellow vests checking cars on the track straight after a race. When I asked at the beging of the season what was happening I was told they were carrying on from last year and that at the AGM last November everyone was told August 2009 would see a decision made as to the way they would go for 2010. This being correct then surely drivers wouldn't have a stock pile of tyres? You have got to ask yourself when is a good time to change, the answer is never, its like telling your girlfriend you want out, never a good time to say that is there. All I am getting at is why, without having run the tyres yet is everyone negative about the change, were in England and they are going to be using a house hold name and could capitalise from it. As fans we should be giving our support to the drivers and the committee's who have spent a long time trying their best and obviously believe that what they are trying is GOOD for the sport.
  2. magnum

    drivers letter

    Please read my posting in tyres, can't see why this subject needs 2 threads
  3. magnum


    I have read this thread with interest and would like to point out that yes drivers will have to buy tyres to start next season but they did that this year, Matt Newson bought 10 big Boss's and that would have cost £1000 Also I noticed on his myspace that he has a new plate for his M3 BMW, F1 MAT, must of cost a few thousand may be he could sell that for the sport he loves and is committed to! Also regarding the run off period I also would like to note that drivers were told at the AGM last year of the likelihood tyres would change and that notification would be in August. I spoke to a driver last weekend and he said he buys a new hard Boss for shale, uses it for 1 meeting then it will do 2 or 3 races on tarmac and then its scrap. This said I can't see it will take long for the drivers to use up their alleged massive stocks. Perhaps all those with all these Hoosiers should contact the news letter and advertise them for the drivers that can only afford to buy tyres as they use them. The Goodyear tyre as far as I know is actually slower than the Hoosier at the moment and the BSCDA are going to continue testing the wide outside rear until the end of the season to see if drivers are able to pick up speed on them. If this is the case then they would opt for the narrower tyre. As regards sponsorship, Goodyear are going to continue with the driver of the month as Hoosier did. What do Goodyear get out of this you ask? Well it looks simple to me, spectators may buy goodyear tyres for their road car after seeing them on the F1's, the big question is what did Hoosier get out of it, another simple answer by the looks, lots of tyre sales cause they don't last very long.
  4. No difference to an 'overseas' driver winning it? He's got the points to race,what's the problem?
  5. magnum

    SCM Nostalgia bomb!

    It certainly isn't when you consider that the Chairman of the BSCDA at that time drove Andy Smiths transporter
  6. magnum

    SCM Nostalgia bomb!

    Totally agree with you Lofty.IMO a blatent move,at that time, to elevate Andy Smith into a position that was not his rightfully. The whole concept of the National Series was not thought out properly and was engineered by someone who was too involved with the Smiths at that time.
  7. IMO this semi is fast turning into a farce. How many of the original grid will actually be lining up.In future why don't they just let the first 24 to turn up race.
  8. magnum

    andy smith at cov?

    Cream and Hobnobs?
  9. Just to keep this REALLY interesting post going because we are only up to post #108 Don't think anyone has mentioned the fines yet?
  10. Agree with all the above,maybe we need Gary Jones back? never used to be that bad
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