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  1. zaksdad


    thank you ,that's a great help ,lets hope for a dry day
  2. zaksdad


    i am heading to Northampton next sunday ,it will be my first visit there ,can you give me heads up regarding parking and seating areas ,thank you
  3. I think every true follower of stock cars will be gutted for you ,best wishes for the rest of the season
  4. totally delighted for you nigel ,well done
  5. thank you ,may your health improve even more ,
  6. well done wee man your family ,and fans will be delighted for you
  7. thank you very much appreciated
  8. personally ,although i dont know you but avidly read your posts i have fingers crossed for your luck to change for the better
  9. as someone who cannot get to meetings ,due to my location i and many others are grateful for results service, so from me a huge thank you
  10. zaksdad

    Stuart Smith Snr

    my heart is aching today like many others , my deepest sympathy to the smith family,
  11. zaksdad

    Sam Lund

    sad news my prayers to all familys and friends its a sad world we are in tonight
  12. dvd and interview good idea featuring meetings covered and the very last one must feature all the big names there should be no derogatory comments on forum about him he has put a lot into the sport over the years
  13. he used to make rude signs with his hand to fans when drifting round bends
  14. i live in inveraray the west coast of scotland
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