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  1. RB575

    97&321 grudge

    From where I was stood it didnt look as hard or as big a hit as Murray’s at Birmingham on 434/321 (But then thats just my opinion and I am stood on the "safe side of the fence")
  2. 1 of the best meetings I have been to in a very very long time Although im not a fan of 390 he drove a brilliant WF race. And IMO is my preferd Smith as world champion & I will enjoy watching him as #1 Driver of the day for me though is between 390, 515, 291, 257, 321, 307, 332 & 16. 515 for going for the last bend hit from so far back and all round performance in the meeting (unlucky in the GN) 390 for his superb WF drive, 16 drove fantastic in the WF, 332 good all night, 307 for his bumper work , 291 always a pleasure to watch (one of the best in the sport imo) & for putting 197 into the tires , 257 for his last bend shot on 335 in consi-semi. But DOTD for me had to be 321 for his ultimate hit on 97, couldnt stop clapping and cheering, one of the best ever hits I have seen. Was surprised by the amount of stick he was given by the crowed Racing 10/10........well 10/10 from what you could see through the dust and rubbish in your eyes WF Rolling lap/build up 10/10 Nice to see it done properly for once Track prep -1,000,000/10 (A lovely dusty tarmac it was and the only shale was in dust form and then it wasnt on the track but in the crowds eyes) Meeting speed 2/10 (Gave arena a run for its money although they got on with it after the WF) Edited for re-wording my first 1 could have been worded better
  3. RB575


    Im not 100% sure but I belive back then the track was in a different location (and bigger ?), then they moved to where they are now, I could be wrong tho. I have been a few times (I didnt go this time ) and I can imagine that the F1s could only blip the throttle before letting off for the corner (Its a really small track) If you was at Bristol when Colin White drove his SCSA Car round there I think that would give you an idea of how the F1s would go round Grimley. How ever its 1 of my Favourite tracks in the country the racing is always good and the foods great too and the Bangers do go in hard
  4. Yea I noticed this 2 when looking through the pics like I say I am unsure on what the ruling is/was but he defently had the gold stripes at times when he was not gold cup champ ?
  5. I could be totally wrong here and if I am then please do correct me but didn’t FWJ get to keep the 2 gold stripes as he was the last EVER winner of the LTWF ? Only evidence I have to back this up is a Results table and a photo. Winners of the gold cup are shown on this results table http://www.stoxnet.com/championships/champ...ip-gold-cup.php And a Photo of FWJ's car with 2 gold stripes from 2001 can be seen in this photo http://photos.stoxnet.com/displayimage.php?pos=-8134 As you can see FWJ wasn’t the gold cup champ in 2000 or 2001 but still has 2 gold stripes Like I say I could be totally wrong and if there is a simple explanation then please let me know.
  6. Not a smith fan but just come from NIR and 390 won GN or has he been striped of the win ?
  7. We will have to wait and see Come on Frankie
  8. Spot on MoR If it was the other way arround the FWJ fans would probally have a little grumble and a moan but they whould not start silly threads spaming up stoxnet. And if Andy won all the smith fans would be telling us how God like Andy Smith is hehe I am gonna be popular after this
  9. Yellows didnt need to be waved small Exaust fire that went out before they even started to wave yellows, wouldnt of mattered how may times they yellow flaged the race anyway fwj would still win it Sparky you cant coment u wasnt there And why all this moaning when fwj wins you lot never complained when rob speak was winning everything added this bit... Rollcage good point no 1 else realy slowed down and marshles didnt have much of a clue as they nerly re-started the race with a car parked on exit of turn 2 and the driver was still in car with his helmit off
  10. RB575

    slot stocks

    Cheers for posting the link Radduz/Chris, The MSRA was the first ever slotstox club and still goin strong 33+ years the MSRA races in the Midlands New members are allways wellcome 2 come along, info is on the website
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