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  1. 175 Karl Hawkins was the 5th he meant i think
  2. I believe it was Chris Lloyd who had "700 wild horses and 1 lazy donkey" on his car.
  3. I've been to the Italian Grand Prix 2 weeks ago at Monza. Children till the age of 11 are free I believe Venray aswell has children for free till the age of 12.
  4. Even if it is possible to alter the gearing so they could be racing the big track it would be boring as hell as the can race entire lap flat out without braking in corners. Second, them lads with most money to spend so with the biggest engines would race in front.
  5. I saw on fb yesterday that Lee Robinson would be racing in the new Falding built car but didnt see him in the results or track appearences. Anybody has any news about this?
  6. Just noticed on the Smiths website that there are pictures of Stuarts new tarmac car and its looking good. http://www.teamsmithmotorsport.co.uk/?p=390
  7. Very Sad news .. My thoughts are with his family and friends in this difficult time. R.I.P Jim Potter
  8. What can i say. I was only looking at the Brits this weekend cause that was where the action was. Saw some great races but that was cause the Brits made them great. Dutch drivers found out the hard way cause there were only a few who could keep up with them a bit like H99, H217 and H148. DOTW without a doubt 318 sir Rob Speak with in shared 2nd place 150 and 84. Think i'm a Speaky fan from now on. RR 9
  9. Hope you dont mind me posting this .. couldnt resist. Somebody posted it on Facebook Cheers for the results, great job guys
  10. Brocksopp? Wasn't it Dave Johnson? Yeah it was Dave Johnson. Can remember it well. We were there that weekend. Was the last Cov meeting of the year. Couldnt believe my eyes lol. Gilbank was in the lead in the final with a couple of laps to go when Johnson started his car on the infield and drove into Gilbanks car.
  11. I heard a couple of times over the years that Andy Smith was 19 when he first won it. Could be wrong info tho.
  12. Simply amazing. From the back of the pack, thats a true racer. Huge well done Lee and nothing but respect for this lad. Bet the ruined semi final doesnt matter anymore Congratiolations Lee, Suzanne, Derek and the rest of the team.
  13. Best Gold Cup in ages! Track improved a lot and its been a long time since that many UK top drivers were there so i think that made a lot of difference. Most of the starts were horrible, a lot of yellow flags were unnecessary wich ruined a fine race. But fair is fair there was some great racing going on. I hope mr Maessen will scratch his head after all the bad comments for cancelling a couple of races this weekend for the F2, Landklasse, and F1. Hopefully next year we have seperate race days for ELMS and BRL and for F1, F2, Landklasse, Hotrods and perhaps Rebels like before. After all its a stockcar weekend. Driver of the weekend is a difficult one. UK84, UK107, UK217 they all did great. Think i will go for Lee Robinson. First meeting on tarmac in a year, coming from row 16 and ending up in 3rd place is amazing. DOTW UK107 R/R 8
  14. Just want to say one thing, You can have venray with his fancy track etc .. if we can have your racing!
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