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  1. Good news and bad. Seeing as the points championship (Silver Roof) is what it is these days. Could these meetings be part of the race for silver to add more spice and incentive to what remains of the season??..just an idea🤔
  2. http://greyhoundstar.co.uk/remember-march-3-4/ Found a photo of said stadium.
  3. The Sun as now put in an rare appearance.Clocking out 3 hours early from work to in time to make a rare apperance of my own at the Vue. Really looking forward to it
  4. I am hoping to get to the the British Championship at Coventry on saturday. Due to work(again) i resigned myself to missing it for the fourth year running.By saturday it will be my fourth 4;45 am get up and 11 hour shift,but upto now i have managed to get a workmate to do my stand by/call in and got permission to finish early. Due to the long day i am a bit concerned about driving back to Near Rochdale at god knows what time,so i was wondering if anyone was going down to the meeting with 2 spare seats?(me +daughter). Goes without saying that i will readily contribute to fuel costs. I can be re
  5. Also if you want some blasts from the past,check out Les Cottons DVDs found at... stoxdvds.co.uk
  6. I have to admit... it makes me feel uncomfortable too. I will have to wear looser fitting trousers next time i look at them
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