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  1. Flags and Co


    Many congrats Our Nige on becoming a grandad! Also best wishes to Jake & Laura too. Regards Pat & Graham
  2. Flags and Co

    Colin North

    Such sad news indeed. Such a nice man. Our thoughts to out to his family at this sad time. Graham & Pat
  3. Normally don't post on these threads as we're usually at the meetings but our Stock Car season unfortunately had to be curtailed at Sheffield with Mr Flags having to go into hospital [those who know us will know why!] and he won't be able to drive again until at least December. Absolutely gutted at not being able to attend [b/V also] as we always enjoyed it there. Many thanks to Nic & Roy for keeping us abreast of the results. Regards P&G
  4. Nige - trust you to notice the table numbers! - never even crossed our minds about that. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! P&G
  5. Nigel We've got two spare seats as two of our party have cancelled and they are already paid for so it won't cost them anything. As far as I'm aware we've got tables 3, 4 or 5 [not sure which ones but will find out when we get there]. Jenny & Laura are very welcome to come and sit with us if they wish. Regards Pat & Graham
  6. Flags and Co

    Mat Newson

    Positive thoughts!!! Pat & Graham
  7. Flags and Co

    Andy Webb

    We knew that Andy was ill - such sad news. Our thoughts go out to his family Pat & Graham
  8. Happy Christmas to you & all your family Nige - It was nice to see and have a long chat with Jake in the bar next to your restaurant the day before you went across the pond!. See you at the VSCA dinner/dance on 19th January Pat & Graham Loved your blogs/vlogs!
  9. Wishing you a speedy recovery Stuart. Best wishes from Pat & Graham
  10. Flags and Co


    Get well soon Bezz. Regards Graham & Pat
  11. Flags and Co

    Many Thanks

    Could Graham & myself pass on our grateful thanks to Mark & Mickey Randall yesterday, as they were kind enough to stop and assist us when we had problems with our car whilst on route to Buxton Raceway. Also to those spectators/drivers of transporters passing and who asked us at the track if everything was OK. Pat & Graham Harper
  12. We booked our yesterday but it seems that word may have already got out before the 12.00 statement as certain hotels have already started putting their prices up!
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