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  1. a driver thats been overlook is Gordon smith 293, he wasn' t bothered who he burried,,
  2. yes gary does have both, but like i said he only races under dutch licence, he's not raced under brisca for a while even though he's got a one, then he doesn't have to do any qualifers, just time trails at world final..
  3. yes its arrive and drive,,dutchy's own car its new this year i think,,he just drives it for them,
  4. (so why does he enter the World Final as Holland and enter the time trials..??? ) i used to machanic for him when he was in B-Warm team ,,,, he races under a dutch licence,thats why he is H247,,and he has to do time trails like all other dutch drivers in our world final ,like we have to do when we go over there for Gold Cup,,he told me friday he needed a few points to be gauranteed on front fow for gold cup ,, he also told me friday car is fast ,, and he take some catching if he gets away,,hope that clears things up abit ,,
  5. as far as i'm aware,,,,the brisca grading points winner is the same competion as the national points ,,,,and as far as i'm aware frank never lost the points championship as he was the highest points scorer last season.... correct me if i'm wrong ....
  6. tell him yourself pizzaspud,,,i totally disagree....if simon and matt wern't pushing and they were to blame, they wouldn't have gone upto the fence with ivan and pete...the two following cars mark keeling and micky got around the corner on the normal line,,answer's on a post card.
  7. acker


    one of utleys mechanics told me that gary was gunner race that car on the sunday ,,he must of thought better of it,or read the weather report...it just had ivans wing on it for some reason????
  8. acker

    Get well soon Graham

    get well soon spike,see you at the track soon m8...
  9. micky randell was the driver that put pete falding into ivan at hednesford,ivans car was a right mess, the chassis at the back of the car was bent over about 3inch.i think that's why he gave him a big en.if your giving it out then you've got to take it back....
  10. acker

    Carl Pickering

    his car is gone up to fwj's.carl and his crew did all the steel work , now the car has gone to andrew thompson's for painting,then back to carls to build back up.
  11. where abouts,,what junc,,i think they might have been to nir,do they do a practice on weds?????
  12. acker

    O.T Caption comp

    my apologies if i was wrong,a least i will own up 2 being wrong ,,,,,,unlike other people that no there wrong and think they are right all the time,,,,never wrong some people ,,just never wrong,,
  13. acker

    O.T Caption comp

    i thought members of the bscda were not permitted to post on here flan ,,,i might be wrong though,,dont want you to get into bother m8 do we.
  14. acker

    O.T Caption comp

    FWJ : for gawd's sake andy i passed you fair and square and so you couldn't turn right on mi,wot's your problem. ANDY : nowt frank , i just want that differant Coloured roof for the national series, when they decide wot it is gunner be ,you can keep the silver for national points. sorry but couldnt resist.
  15. UK Open - #4 European Championship - #515 Gold Cup - #515 World Final - #33 World Masters - #2 British Championship - #391 National Series - #515
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