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  1. is the car ready to go?? Has Si been out in it for a practice yet? Have you had to make any dramatic changes due to the rule changes since you started the build?? Really enjoyed the build write up on this car!
  2. moving on from davd l and chunder little fall out. I don't think you can use one of match races a testament to who is the best driver. the best driver is who is on top at the end of the season in any championship. Anything can happen in a one off race, take the WF anyone can win that from the front to the back but it does not make the winner the 'best' brisca f1 driver. Its impossible to compare GP F1, Touring Cars ect drivers of any era against BriSCA F1 drivers. There is no relativity Why not try a look at the list as a bit of fun and have a light hearted discussion about what other short oval racers could have made the list rather than argue and generate useless facts that dont really prove anything!
  3. Wonder how long it will be before the whole uk stock car scence goes pay to race. Entries fees for wqr and ns rounds wont be far away
  4. I understand the desire to see F1's around more tracks but unfortunetly it just won't happen. 1- Current promoters would give up dates, which is understandable. 2- the cost involved for drivers to travel, all those big buses drink the fuel 3. Many tracks just arent suited for 20 F1s going round. 4. Some current F1 venues are struggling for car numbers, no way can the current volume offer support to additional tracks. You may say you have to speculate to accumulate. From a buisness/money point of view there is no viable argument for the current F1 set up to expand. What makes more money and F1 wqr or a national banger meeting for a promoter?
  5. Really cant believe non of you started a club and raised funds to buy some new chips for the owner- shame on you!!
  6. Of course nigel is going to do things his way, its his money, his car, and his time. He is the one who will reep the reward or fail miserably…….. he may not always choose the right option, but at least he will learn from the mistakes ( hopefully). I don't think any one should feel obliged to offer thier advice nor should any one feel obliged to listed to said advice..... Each to thier own But at least we get to read about!! Trust me there are plenty others in the F1 pits who have made a few screwball errors of judgement its just they dont share it amongst the internet community. If your a mechanic or a team member in F1 you will know alot of funny stories, rumours, and gossip that never finds it ways on to here. At least nige is trying to take the average fan closer to the inside workings of F1 through his blogs.
  7. Its all well and good asking for saloons or f2's to be on the bill but promoters who have backed those formulas for years arent going to give up dates just to satisfy a brisca f1 survey. Why should the likes of Autospeed or GMP give up f2's and saloons dates for coventry. Would Jermey give up f1 dates to allow a f1 trip to scotland or the south west????
  8. bazza

    Buxton DotD

    chris were you watching the correct race, from what i remember 197 was sent to the moon by 318!!
  9. would anyone like to send a fiver my way, only take 10,000 of you to chip in and i could get the shale car, tarmac car and maybe have enought change to buy a transporter. You would even get your name on the car any takers?? Fair play to anyone who contributes to this, i am sure FWJ will appreciate it greatly!!
  10. Look at when the amount of drivers per grade rule was established, work out percentage distrubuted amongst each grade then apply it to the current years registered drivers. I dont have any exact details of how many are in each grade and how many are registered in 2013 so below is just an example. someone with better knowlege on the figures could prob help 200 drivers registered back in the day ( prob not even close to this but its a random guess as an example ) Current Rule 10 superstars (5%) 20 reds (10%) 40 Blues (20%) 60 Yellows (30%) 70 whiltes (35%) Now apply that percentage over 2013 registered drivers say there are now only 100 registered drivers (again just a guess) you are left with 5 Superstars 10 Reds 20 blues 30 yellows 35 whiltes Apply that formula each march and adjust the slots accordingly. Again i have no idea about how they decide how many blues or red there are but i think the blues and yellows should have the largest percentage of drivers. Superstars should be no more than 5% of the grading list and reds should have no more than 10%. Whites are novices and there should be no more than 10-15% of them. the rest should be blues and yelllows. I hope all that makes sense, it does in my head
  11. Raw driving talent....... Rob Speak Greatest Ever............. Very hard to judge but i think its a testament how good or hard BriSCA F1 is to compete. Sure other formula's have top class drivers moodie aldous broadly ect but i believe F1 has always had the pinicale drivers in oval racing throughout the decades. Speak and most of the drivers mention already on this thread are pure classic un-apologetic stock car drivers, too many treating stock cars like circuit racing these days and waiting for the guy in front to make a mistake then pass. Rather than the gun-ho, late lunge, riding the wall, bums off seat racing that we want to see!!! (some obvious spelling mistakes but its a friday)
  12. caffeine will improve reaction times (200mg -600mg) red bull bad = High sugar content conters the benifits of the high caffeine content Coffee ok = better than redbull as a caffeine source if you drink it without sugar green tea good = healthier source than both options above can help with weight loss too (need to drink more off it but it tastes ok) avoid red bull though the high sugar content will spike your blood sugar levels and will eventually make you feel more drowsy than you did before you drank it. i would have thought 'most' stock car drivers will not link thier performance to thier diet although diet is one of the most important aspects in most sports. stock cars and nutrition never thought i would ever say that hahahahaha
  13. stock car racing!! surely all the 'newcomers' got into F1 to be involved in a stock car race!! Hit them hard, hit them clean! Give them a big 'Welcome to F1' nudge To suggest you should go easy on anyone in a F1 race is ridicoulous, the whole notion of stock cars is hard and unforgiven racing. if the newcomers dont like that THEY ARE IN THE WRONG SPORT and for all you fans out there who dont like mr white top being shunted out the race your watching THE WRONG SPORT
  14. "but its latest move reflects the chaotically congested nature of the junior single-seater map." sums up the whole article. too much choice and if your that high up in motorsport your always going to choose biggest grids and the one with the biggest exposure. I often wonder if there was reduced stock car 'classes' would there be an increase in drivers or would it just drive people away? rather than 20odd different types of domestic formula every orci track ran the same thing.
  15. I would be intrested in reading this, Would f1stockcars.com not be intrested in this as a section on there website if its to big for stoxnet?
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