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  1. #192 R/R 10/10 With that Final how can it be any less !!
  2. another excellant Coventry R/R 10/10 DotD # 150
  3. Dotd #150 Mick Sworder RR 10/10 excellent supports and a well run meeting
  4. DoD #259 Paul Hines R/R 10/10 its an F1 Forum if you dont like the Support DONT WATCH THEM.
  5. Carl on the same front as you avoid Coventry for alledged finishes. i will always go as its a 7pm Start and possible to Make it after a days work. but i rarely go to Skeggy or Kings Lynn because of the 5.30-6.00 pm starts and have had also to miss the Stokes becuse of the early starts and thats 3 Adults over many meetings per year. so there is no solution that suits everyone
  6. DotD # 4 Dan Johnson R/R 7/10. from Wreck Fest to Hot Rods with for me no happy Medium of Hard Fast Racing but thats Skeggy. thought the Stoxcarts did a perfect job for support. provided the pre meeting entertainment and provided some relief in the interminable gaps between races. as for is Skeggy the Place for a World Final well for me its a NO. went with low expectations and they were not reached. i know we go for the racing but the surroundings do make a differance and its never going to be a Venray but from the moment my ticket was thrust back into my hand with a grunt that set the tone for the experience. i hope the profit from the World Final is invested back into the Track as has been the case with Kings Lynn. a few lights for the terracing and walkways. some new steps from the home straight and turn 4 into the Pits. a lick of paint a few extra bins and general tidy up should not cost to much and will make a differance.
  7. R/R 8/10 yes a lot of the starts were Rubbish not always the starters fault. the Gold Cup Race for the 1's was a jump start and they even painted a line in turn 4 to show them when to go. enjoyed the racing on both days from the 1's, 2's and the 1's Landklasse some of whom ventured onto the Tarmac with the Goodyear Shale tyres. one tyre for both surfaces ? DotW, anybody who strapped themselves into there cars in full nomex in that heat should be drivers of the Weekend. but will have to pick #84 Tom Harris. did what he had to do and walked off with the Big Trophy also many thanks to all who help put the meeting on from Mr Maessen with the Money and the will and the Patience to Build the Place in the first place down to all his staff and officials. see you again next year.
  8. Get the Piggy Bank and Start Saving it Will be Worth IT. its still a year away plenty of time to get those pennies lined up. on they way back this year we were already planing for next year and are looking at flights. Flying into Eindhoven or Dusseldorf seem to be the Favorites at the moment. it can be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it, we normally travel by car overnight Friday after work down to Dover. from Calais its just over 200 miles to the Track. Ferry and fuel work out at about £270.00 for the round trip to Manchester. but i have seen Ferries from Dover to Dunkirk from £40.00 Return and that also saves a few miles driving on the far side. Recently we have stayed in a hotel just off the A67 near Sevenum but in the Baarlo days used to Camp and have also done the Centre Parc option as they have a Friday To Monday Weekend Offer. Thats great for the Family as they can have a break whilst you watch the racing. one ting i would mention if you do ferry/tunnel back to Dover on the Sunday night remember you have been up all day and everywhere just seems that little bit futher away than you remembered. well the older i get they seem to be !!
  9. DotD #55 Craig Finnikin drove well all night and in the right place when it mattered most. not sure why people are falling over thenselves to give Frankie Junior the DotD just because it was not his car. are people saying Frankie's customer cars are Not as Good as his own ? i thought they were all made to a standard pattern and even if this is one of his new style cars with a few meetings old it was nicely run in for him and as we were constantly told on Gears & Tears that Frankies engine was 12 years old then ! as for the other 3 cars in the mix at the end of the race. the #55 Craig Finnikin car i believe is at least 2 Years Old. the #150 Mick Sworder has had a few hard seasons unders its Wheels and the oldest is the #97 Murray Harrison car which is 3rd Hand at best and 4th hand if you include the times Ryan has driven it. Surely Frankie had the advantage in running a much newer car than his rivals ? R/R 9/10 not a bad race all night and after the weather leading up Staurday the track looked excellent.
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