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  1. Congrats Nigel I read your posts week after week.. Wish I could make it to more meetings... Keep it up mate here's hoping you make it to red
  2. Des it is so great to hear that you are on the road to a full recovery.. I have loads of memorys of you. When ever we walked around the pits me and my friend would always come and see you first. You had a lot of time for us and always said hi and took the time to chat to us. I remember when we was at the Hednesford world final the one that Keith Chambers won and the race was stopped and you stopped in front of us... We was shouting to you and cheering you on. You asked us where you was and how many cars that was in front of you... We kept telling you could do it and you almost did as you came second. Des you are a top bloke and I will keep my eye out for you when i go coventry again... Keep smiling mate Karl
  3. Does anyone know how much it will be to get in????
  4. Chris rang me today and said the same thing about it being a bit of banter. Lets just put this to bed now im sure enough is enough giving chris a hard time. Im sure it will be someone else you will be talking about next week and slagging them off..
  5. You have hit the nail on the head its stock car racing at the end of the day its what keeps the paying public coming back for more if you dont like the drivers using there front bumper then go watch hot rods .... The slogans and the rivalries is what adds to the excitment and we all like to see a good crash its part of stock car racing.. Sometimes crashes happen and someone is taken to hospital..
  6. I totally agree thats stock car racing for ya.. Stock cars would be so dull if there wasn't any rivalries on track. It also keeps us all hooked to see what will happen next look at when wainman and speak rivalrie..
  7. Im sure we will all find out what thats all about when we see the tv program next year..
  8. Dave Beresford Kev Smith Johnny Goodhall Bobby Burns Glyn Pursey Dave Hodgson John Hillam Paul Harrison Just a few to mention. All characters of our great sport. Approachable and friendley drivers to talk to.
  9. karl515


    Im a firm believer of what happens on the track stays on the track. What ever fuel was added to this fire that has sparked this to happen. Maybe drivers should keep it on the track and not off it. People like to brag and say things but it always gets back to the person they've been talking about so may be the drivers should be more causious about what they "brag" about off the track.
  10. karl515


    As they say what goes around comes around and that is what has happened although i feel Chris got it totally wrong and im sure he didnt mean that to happen. Tony gave Chris the big one at buxton which left him very winded and complaining of chest pains.. I do hope Tony is ok because i dont want to see any driver hurt.
  11. My DOTD is 391 Andy Smith he looked fast and clearly wanted to win in his heat and in the final.. But there are other drivers that stood out on the night like 54 Hayley Parkinson, 215 Geof Nickolls and of course 73 Rob Cowley a great drive to get 2nd in the final. There was some great looking cars like 73 Rob Cowleys and 37 Chris Cowley. The answer to why 37 Chris Cowley took out 4 Dan Johnson is after last year did anyone see Dan take out Chris big time last year?? Dan damaged Chris's car bad it was bent in a bad way the front end was trashed and the chassi was bent badly in a big way.. What goes around comes around as the saying goes and Chris repayed Dan back for last year and it was a good one too. It looks like Chris has the bit between his teeth and is hungry for some silver ware in 2009..
  12. karl515

    Young Guns - Titles

    I feel 37 Chris Cowley may be up there hes got a brand new car and new engine.. I just hope the lucks with him this year after all the damage hes had..
  13. Has Chris Cowely raced yet does anyone know????
  14. Thanks pizzastud for the results
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