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    Tarmac is for getting there, Shale is for Racing :)
  1. Indeed Spike, i didn't get to see any car racing there either but i did manage to walk around what was left of the Stock Car track (with kind thanx to the 'Stow management) and some pictures i took are actually in this month's Unloaded 7.3 accompanying a article written by Dave and Chris Whiting. I did also manage a pint while i was there and also watch the dogs.. so wasn't to bad
  2. S F P

    RDC buy Mildo

    I Still stand by what i posted nearly some 3 years ago ... HERE
  3. A few more Heritage F1 photo's now added to the Coventry 25/4/08 album in the galleries section.
  4. S F P

    197 GN ANTTICS

    Brisca F2 and Brisca F1 are separate formula's .. even though they both come under the 'Brisca' banner they have in fact separate Board of Controls and rules.
  5. The Steve Fraser Photography website has now been updated with photos from the Northampton 12-4-08 meeting. And don't forget there's still photos from the Best of Brisca in 2007. All this and more can be found at Steve Fraser Photography Regards, Steve
  6. Blinkin hell Pedro.. didn't know you was a Prestwood guy.. you should know all the Barmy Army then.. aka, Spikey, Stumpy, Toggy etc. And staying on thread i had the privilege of being up the box during a Saloon Stock Car race at Mildenhall some years ago. Just seemed to be one long never ending stream of cars coming across the line. Thank god for transponders.. they will never do away with manuel lap scoring but should make a very hard job much easier
  7. S F P

    NZ stock car pics

    Or take a look at Colin Casserley's stoxphotos.com , i'm sure there's pics on there from his New Zealand visits...
  8. S F P

    New Track

    The digger wasn't there to convince people it was the last ever meeting, more like Spedeworth had heard the rumour going around at the time that the Local Banger Drivers were going to race on it the following weekend !! So Spedeworth got Duffy to come and digg it up, lol
  9. Only 84 in total !! Your slipping Spike Mind you i didn't fair much better. Remember those days of a 100+ Ovalracing meetings in a year.. and having a competition to see who could do the most, come hell or high water.
  10. Have a look on Colin Casserley's website stoxphotos.com or PM the man himself on here, his username is Colin C He is the man behind the Stoxbabes calender. I'm sure it gets more revealing every Year !
  11. Now that i have just got to see
  12. I know the feeling Sharon, But always have my trusty A-Z with me just in case
  13. If you leave Wheels.. go straight over Landor Street.. take the next left at the lights.. then you can either follow the road and come out at the roundabout on the ring road ( A4540 ) just up from the end of Landor Street OR Alternatively, turn right at Duddeston Railway station, right again at the next roundabout, left at the next.. straight over the next one, left at the following one.. follow that road until you come to a T junction. Turn right here and you come out at the roundabout underneath spaghetti junction.
  14. S F P

    where's this track?

    I'll second that spud I will even go so far and say turn 4 F1 / F2 wise
  15. S F P

    where's this track?

    As you posted supertidd there probably was a Banger race on !! Just to let everyone know there still is Brisca racing at Mildenhall Stadium. It's just the F2 variety And the F2 World Final was even held there last year
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