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  1. This is great news. Hopefully with the spedeworth link there can be some F1 dates. The last fixture list was short of tarmac dates. There is a strong driver base for tar and not many opportunities to race. With the central location it should have 5/6 meetings a season to boost the tar scene. The current promoters have fixed numbers of meetings for the F1. I just hope that, for the good of the sport, this artificial cap can be set aside. We need regular racing at both NIR and Wheels in the Midlands to keep the fans interested.
  2. linky

    New venues

    I think the ‘pay to race’ model is only scary to the BSCDA. It is a way for promoters to make a little money in the present climate and beyond. Barford are running behind closed doors this weekend. No spectators but lots of cars paying to attend the meeting. 80+ bangers and I suspect other formula. It isn’t going to make a lot of money but at least it is generating income for the track. For the sport to add new tracks, promoters need to see that they can make money out of F1. I can’t see the start and prize money model plus paying to get around the table attracting any new promoters. The sport will linger on with an ever decreasing track and fan base until this policy is changed. The BSCDA need to make racing more affordable so drivers don’t need start money and BriSCA need to open up more fixtures without people having to buy in. it won’t happen until someone without a self interest is in charge.
  3. linky

    New venues

    That’s the basic problem. There is no long queue of new tracks and promoters. The tracks mentioned previously are all well away from the heartland of F1, so why should they pay for the privaledge of risking their money to stage F1. Until F1 becomes a more attractive financial proposition to new tracks there won’t be any new promoters. Domestic formula paying to race with a few paying spectators is far less of a risk to most tracks.
  4. linky

    New venues

    Skegness and Boston Sundays were some of the best trips I ever had. Don't see why both tracks couldn't co-exist. Problem is we really need tracks in the North and Midlands, that's where the heart of the support for F1 is. Fans won't travel to the east every weekend and there isn't the population in the East of England to create a large fan and driver base. I hope Steve Rees get Odsal running because that's where we really need a track.
  5. linky

    New venues

    Trust Beaks to come into the topic on page 2 with a wave of positivity when we were all having such a nice conversation...... I normally disagree with many of his posts, but in this instance I can't really argue about most of the content and his appraisal of the current climate.
  6. Thank you Jonathan and Stuart. Another great interview and I am looking forward to part 2 next week. This interview series has been cracking. It’s not often we get to hear the drivers at length and the stories and their personalities come across really well. The interview style is relaxed and questions interesting. Well done. Hope that we can have some more later in the year. With E racing and interviews off air it’s going to be a long summer.
  7. linky

    Orci statement

    It would be good to get official guidance but I suspect those that write it don’t know what oval racing is. Surely the Orci can write the guidance based on what we all know is good practice and either ask government to agree it is appropriate, or at least get them to acknowledge it and use it as a template. Crowds attending circuit racing cannot be compared to oval racing and in particular F1. Last time I went to a circuit racing meeting I could have stood 20m from the nearest spectator. i hope that the Orci get some response.
  8. Totally agree with you Rob. Unless there are some changes in the ‘F1 way of doing things’,there won’t be any racing for a long time to come. I said it weeks ago, why should promoters run at a loss staging F1 meeting when they can run domestic formula pay to race with hardly any or no crowds.
  9. I thought the Barford objection was very short sighted. In the good old days Aycliffe and Hartlepool had 2 or 3 meetings a month and that meant we had around 15-20 local drivers who didn’t need to travel 100+ miles to their next closest track. They could get 15-20 meetings a year travelling no more than 30 miles each trip. Of course some used to travel further to the north west and midlands tracks but a lot stayed close to home. when Aycliffe closed and Shildon never got further than a track sub base, local driver numbers really dropped of, and Hartlepool struggled with very poor turnouts. Barford and Redcar could have easily co-existed with good planning and would have grown a bigger driver base to share. In my view travel costs and time are the biggest threat to the driver base. I hope Odsal comes off otherwise north west drivers have a long way to go to race regularly.
  10. Barford did object but that was when it was part of the Orci. They are no longer part so would have no say. Originally the application was to run on the go kart track next door to speedway, but at a late stage the track owner asked for a very large damage bond in case his track was damaged, and that was the end of prospects for F1 and other formula. I know people who have the means have looked at the speedway track but it has never progressed for whatever reason. its just a shame that the Barford promoter didn’t take up Startrax offer to bring F1 back after the trial meeting. It would have been a great success.
  11. True legend of the sport. Superb interview. I was lucky enough to see a Kev at his best....what memories.
  12. linky

    Belle Vue

    I would like to think that what we have left now is relatively safe. Saying that we desperately need a couple of new tracks as the northern fans and drivers will drift away due to lack of meetings with BV and Stoke gone.
  13. linky

    Belle Vue

    Inevitable really. Planning permission granted and a stadium that could not be used for many months. The greyhound guys run a business and with no longer term future and this current situation that is affecting all leisure industry closure was bound to come quickly. A good little track, now history like so many others.
  14. Well done to each and every one of you. It’s been great. Hope it’s not long until we have some more e racing.
  15. Thirded. To all involved in bringing this series to us a big thanks and well done. It’s been great to watch Cramp boy and ECL who front it, but there are lots in the background who are equally as important. This has been a great show to bring F1 fans together for a couple of hours on a Saturday and has provided some great entertainment in pretty strange times. If we don’t get back racing I hope to see it back later in the year, or if we do a few meetings over the winter would be good.
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