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  1. linky

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    Of course we are Carrot Cruncher. Why should anyone in power give us any answers? We are just the ones expected to turn up week in week out to whatever is deemed fit to dish up for us.
  2. I suspect that will be the way for all the meetings this year. Depending on what the 'R' rate does when the kids go back there may be further restrictions?. Let's just hope that things are back to normal for April next year. I'm not sure they will be though. I hope its a great meeting for those attending. I think we will sit it out this year and hopefully be back in 2021.
  3. linky

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    That’s the problem with the current system where promoters own dates. When one promoter decides not to stage half of the dates the sport is crippled. It may work when all are getting along but now we have a fall out it doesn’t. Further more of Deane decides to not stage F1 for a few years there is not a lot the drivers can do about it as long as they are tied to race only at ORCi tracks.
  4. linky

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    I look forward to Deane's statement with interest. Hopefully the remaining BriSCA promoters and the BSCDA will follow up with a statement shedding some light on how they are planning to tackle what looks like a very very thin fixture list for 2021 for the spectators who pay their hard earned. If Deane has gone then plans going forward should be made without him and assuming that door is closed for good. F1 will need to consider running on tracks outside the current restricted ORCi list. No single promoter should be able to hold the sport back from rebuilding. Lateral thinking required from all.
  5. linky


    Looks like Covid and the rules around spectator attendance finally killed the stadium rather than the planning consent. No doubt the bulldozers will be there by Christmas.
  6. linky

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    Not for silver as it would de-value the roof colour. Best as a one-off competition with grade multipliers so they everyone has a chance of winning. Make the meetings count for something to attract the cars.
  7. linky

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    If this is the reason (I think there must be more to it personally), then surely the promoters and BSCDA can agree car limits and formats for each track, depending on the size of the track. You can't apply the same rules to Mildenhall and Ipswich, so it has to be flexible. More cars on track should be the message, provided it doesn't cause a safety issue. If you are worried about damaging your £40K car you are in the wrong sport - go look for a circuit to race on. I think the comment about waiting for F1 to grid up is something that may reflect the 'respect' Deane feels is not given, and i must say I have to agree. At times we spend 10-15 minutes looking at empty tracks waiting for a couple of drivers to line up. The promoter runs the meeting, and if drivers aren't ready the gate should be closed no matter who they are. This is surely something Deane can control, but may not be to the liking of some. We hopefully will find out what the issue is shortly, but if it is car numbers/formats I think some heads should be banged together to find common ground quickly. Do the F2 run different formats on Spedeworth tracks?. They are still allowed to race so have they agreed new race formats?
  8. linky

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    It's possible Steve, but any objections to streaming would surely come via the promoters worried about loss of gate money. Deane is still running all other BriSCA formula apart from F1 so that tells me it's a difference with the BSCDA not the promoters?? Deane said last week he would reveal his reasons. We wait with great anticipation....the silence is deafening so far.
  9. linky

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    Andrew, i will support promoters only if I feel safe to do so. Everyone spits fine spray when they talk, especially when talking loud or shouting, which everyone tends to do at stock cars. i don’t shout in Tesco, but have to wear a mask, so I think everyone at stock cars should have a mask out of consideration for their fellow supporters. I think Trackstar should issue clear guidance for everyone to wear one rather than the current ‘recommendation’. If there is no definitive guidance, the moment I feel like I am taking risks attending because people are getting to close, I will stop going to any meeting this year.
  10. linky

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    ......that’s correct, and as Deane sits on the dates the sports fan and driver base find something else to do with their weekends. Its a game of poker. Someone has to fold or the stakes get bigger.
  11. linky

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    A good question Andy. Unfortunately unlikely to get any answer from the promoters. The system has been bust for a while, that’s why we have had this slow (becoming very fast now) slide downhill. I assume Deane owns his dates and if he has an axe to grind he won’t sell them. It just adds to the pressure on others to compromise over whatever it is that’s the problem. The tie that F1 has to BriSCA/ORCi is the problem to getting new tracks. Without Deane there are not enough tracks to run a full season. If all tracks run the dates they own then we are down to about 25 meetings. Startrax have about 12 dates but you can’t run 12 meetings at Sheffield. If Odsal came on board it would not be such a problem but that’s a big if. If the BSCDA broke away from BrisSCA there are not enough independent tracks to run on, even if they were interested in F1 which I doubt they would be. In this situation F1 would need to reduce their monetary aspirations........problem. Its a real issue for 2021. The only way I can see things resolving themselves is if Bradford came on stream and F1 could use Birmingham which is not owned by Deane. A full season of dates at these tracks, plus what we have left may work, but it’s still not good. If BriSCA allow the BSCDA to hold 15 meetings at non ORCi tracks that may work, but that means a shift from the historical norms which is part of the problem we are in. The system must change. If Deane wants out that’s fair enough but he should lose all his dates and others can apply for them ‘on merit’ and without charge. If he wants to re apply in future he can. He has taken a decision and should not be able to hold the sport back if he doesn’t want to be part of it.
  12. Let’s wait until the actual restrictions and number are released. I have a feeling that no tracks will allow pit access this year. At the end of the day we all have to decide if we go to racing in full knowledge of the necessary restrictions. No restrictions no racing.....not great but we have a choice which is better than the start of the year.
  13. linky

    BriSCA F1 is Back

    Thanks for the statement Steve. It’s good to hear your side on here. I know you respond to comments regularly on other platforms so hope it’s not the last time you will be on here. Steves statement gives us more of a clue as to what’s going on, but leaves many questions and in my view a lot of uncertainty for the future. Its obvious that the other promoters have been taken aback by Deane decision to withdraw from staging F1 on his five tracks, interestingly described as the ‘nuclear’ option. It is also apparent that this particular dispute is not related to renumeration for the F1 guys, but is more to do with ‘cultural differences and respect’ in Deane’s own words. Not sure exactly what that means but it has been obvious for years that the bringing together of Spedeworth and BriSCA, brought about when Deane bought Incarace, was not entirely harmonious. It seems that there is a hope that the dust will settle over the coming months, Deane will change his mind and we will all have a big cuddle and carry on. This I think is where the sport is on a tightrope. Deane has half the tracks that F1 race on, is a very strong character, a good businessman and obviously has different opinions on the way the sport should move forward. He has every right to go his own way if he feels that his business is being compromised, and has played the nuclear option because he is not happy with the BSCDA or other promoters, a decision which has put the sports future in danger. I don’t know Deane but he doesn’t strike me as a man who will make a U turn without getting his own way, or a big compromise from the others. The BSCDA think that F1 is the ultimate formula and they hold the cards, hence the clash. There has got to be compromise as the formula can’t run on the 4 tracks it has, purely based on geography. Deane doesn’t need F1 but I think F1 needs Deane..... F1 is tied to run on ORCi tracks, but half of those tracks are out of bounds and under Deane’s control, a point which I am sure Deane is fully aware of and using in this battle of wills. This dispute needs to be settled in the next couple of months or F1 is in a real predicament. If agreement can’t be reached a total rethink needs to happen for 2021. The sport needs another 4 or 5 tracks to re establish itself geographically, and those tracks simply are not available in the ORCi without Deane. The remaining F1 promoters won’t want monthly meetings through the year as they have other priorities, so where will the drivers race? Although Steve says the dispute is not about money, he also says that if the fixture list was based on economics, there would be half the number of meetings i.e. half the meetings don’t make any money. This is not a good position to attract new promoters, which brings the cost of promoting F1 into a wider discussion as we move forward into the future. The formula is going to have to look to expand on non ORCi tracks like Swaffham, Scunthorpe, Ringwood etc to regain its position. Maybe Birmingham can be used as Phil Bond is the leaseowner not Deane. The promoters are going to have to look at the sport as a whole and allow other promotions to stage F1 without the usual club hurdles and protectionism. If they don’t, it will wither and die and their own business will suffer. You could write a book about this. A rollercoaster ride but one that has potentially serious outcomes either way for the sport we all love. When Coventry closed we were told things would change. They never did, and I remember saying at the time that we would be down to a 25 meeting season in the future. That future has come rather quicker than I expected. I truly hope that Deane reconsiders, but respect whatever he does as it’s his business. If he doesn’t get back onboard there has got to be some serious open minded discussion between the BSCDA and BriSCA. The old ways are dead, this is the new future and if things don’t change radically, the sport will hit a huge brick wall.
  14. linky

    World Final news

    I think by law they will have to give a refund if you contact them.
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