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  1. *Loz*

    Laughing Pete

    Hi All, Thank you for the overwhelming amount of phone calls and messages regarding Pete. The funeral will be held on Friday 14th February, 12.45 at: Rotherham crematorium Ridgeway East Herringthorpe Rotherham S65 3NN proceeding to the Travellers Inn, Bawtry Road, Bramley, Rotherham, S66 2TS. All are welcome - no suit attire necessary.
  2. Hiya!!!!!!!! Get well soon lv Loz (ur actual No.1 fan!!!) n Sal xXx
  3. *Loz*

    Best car of 2006

    Oh and cant forget Dan Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. *Loz*

    Best car of 2006

    We think both the Mark Gilbank cars are of a high standard!!! However these cars wil be better when the '*Little Pink Angels*' stickers are on!!!! [We also think Craig Utley cars are attractive.. ] Loz n Sal [Little Pink Angels] xXxXx
  5. *Loz*


    yeah it was the highlight of my evening! it would have been better if i was there though!
  6. *Loz*


    Grand national Championship: 1st-1 2nd-391 3rd-2
  7. *Loz*


  8. *Loz*

    ex world champion

    I also know were he is! But its a big secret!! LOL
  9. *Loz*

    Track of the year?

    Kings Lynn!! Although i do like Ipswich i think there needs to be a few more races held there next year!!!
  10. *Loz*

    its near the end

    I dont no what im guna do with myself over the winter!!!!! But i am looking forward to the last Cov next weekend!
  11. *Loz*


    Grand National: 1st - 1 2nd - 390 3rd - 321 Final: 391
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