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F1 for sale !

20 August 2008 - 11:28 PM

Been asked to place this on here for the owner.


Click the link :thumbsup:

Brisca Heat

26 September 2006 - 09:42 PM

I take it that most of us on here have Brisca Heat. I just wondered which are your favourite tracks and who's car do you think handles the best. My favourite track is cowdy and i think the best car on the game is 380's. Just out of interest thats all ???

:thumbsup: #DID#

stuff for sale

18 June 2006 - 07:08 PM

Simpson stainless exhaust. 5 meetings old. 200

Ally Rad also done 5 meetings. Mint Condition 120

Rolling Chassis as raced by Dave polley, Martyn Coles and Jo polley 400

Pm me for details


No finishers

10 April 2006 - 10:31 PM

Just wondered if anybody can recall a race with no finishers i.e there was a big pile up on the last bend with all cars picking up damage that they couldnt continue with. I think it must be pretty rare if it has happened. What would they do if it did happen. I assume they would re run it somehow ??????

91 world final

22 January 2006 - 08:30 PM

Does any body have a vid of the last few laps of the 91 world at hednesford that they could post on here. Heard its a cracker but ive never seen it.

If it wasnt the 91 world then i stand corrected in advance :whistling: