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In Topic: King's Lynn - Saturday 28th April 2018 - 5:30pm

Yesterday, 10:37 PM

Good to see Sarge and Daz Kitson booked in, they'll be racing in the Netherlands on Thursday and Friday won't they? Hopefully Kitson's running mate Bobby G will be racing too always good to watch, likewise young Mr.Booth in 446. Should be a cracker. Ones, loons and minis. That'll do for me.

In Topic: John Lund - 53

18 April 2018 - 05:23 PM

If he has retired, what was his last meeting and how did he do? Guessing maybe Gala Night 2016?

His last* meeting was at Coventry in November 2016. He placed 7th in heat two, and 5th in the GN.

*this means the last meeting he raced at, not last ever, as I refuse to believe he has retired. :D

In Topic: Driver of the Day - Hednesford -15/04/2018

15 April 2018 - 11:33 PM

I always enjoy my annual visit to Hednesford and today was no exception, despite the weather's best efforts again.

Say it every year, but if Buxton is worth more than one F1 meeting a season this place definitely is. Would love to see a shootout round here, or even a WF. Remember them? Anyway...

Michael Scriven took his predictable heat win, but come the final was scuppered by the wet conditions somewhat. Fairhurst made it look easy in the second heat and young Kyle Gray drove well to win the consi, bit of a change in fortune for the young man as he ended the final in the wall on the west bend.


Sarge was going well in the final and had a good tussle with Ashley England and 464. Threw the car at LD on the last bend but missed. 249 & 14 had an exchange of bumpers for a few laps too.


England impressed again taking his second final of the weekend and ECL jnr had a great run in the GN.


Minis were ok, tooz all in looked to be more action than usual. Bit of a disciplinary coming up for one driver though. Oh dear.




Car of the day. Well it was between the Sir Robert of the Speak Elite car driven by Adam Bamford or Ian Bond's new motor. And just for sheer originality it's gotta be 431. Loving the retro 80s appearance.


Dotd 346

RR 7 (one point extra cos they played The Smiths!!) :D

In Topic: New car

15 April 2018 - 10:32 PM

John sums up my thoughts on it quite well, although I also like the colour. Again, for the reason that no-one else has that on their car!

Love the retro 1980s look to the car and the minimalist info on the car - number and name. I'm sure Ian would love a bunch of sponsors names on the car, but a lot of them look very 'busy' - this looks great I reckon. As mentioned above, when you first see it you're not sure what to make of it, but the little details like the side panels that remove from the cab, the inboard suspension, make for an interesting car and full marks to Ian for bringing out something different. Thought it was going well, and a shame he couldn't make it out for the GN. Hopefully he'll be back soon for another go.


08 April 2018 - 11:31 AM

Have to agree with the comments so far. A brilliant night's action, and hopefully a space can be found for at least one F1 fixture in the list per season. I knew the F2's would be good around there, but was unsure whether it would suit the F1's. Thankfully after a few laps of the first heat, any doubts were removed. What a track! I know the grandstand bend cut up and the back straight got a little uneven, but that just added to the spectacle for me.
Congratulations to Chris Burgoyne taking the British, although my F2 dotd would be Ollie Skeels 124!

As already commented, a real shame that the winners weren't given a lap of honour, they head time whilst Deane was showing off his new roller!

As for the Ones, I thought they were entertaining, some great drives from the likes of Graeme Robson, Colin Nairn, good to see a few Dutch drivers over and Rick Wobbes managed places in all his races. Such is the nature of the track, grids of 18-23 cars and the track looks full! The top drivers were really attacking the track, and to see the likes of Smith, Wainman, Johnson, Newson, Hunter etc all absolutely on it was brilliant.
The final was mental! Kitson on fire, Morris through the fence, a last bend lunge and a Smithy win.

Proper enjoyed it, and would love to see more F1 meetings here if possible.

Dotd 390
RR 10

Would normally only give a 10 if Lundy won/was racing etc etc but it was flipping good!!