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Steve G

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  • Age 66 years old
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    Fire Service, stockcars, photography and running. In no particular order!
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    F1 fan since F1s were just Seniors, '67
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    Hooked on F1 since first visit - Ringwood, B/H Monday August 1967 - and F2 too since vthat was what we saw most. Saw birth of SCOTA but couldn't maintain interest in all-cars-in-all-races so faded away until '77 on BriSCA tracks. Every track was too far away from Eastleigh on a fireman's wages, so races were infrequently attended until my kids were persuaded to join me in '95. It was still okay then but has become more and more ordinary year on year. F2 was unrecognisable and usually boring, even saloon stox lost their way. WHY do some people want stock cars to appeal to the motor racing fraternity? We'll have to take the bumpers off for that ever to happen, and with some drivers you might as well! I long for the day the 'Powers' see the light and take it all back to an affordable rough and tumble.......but I won't hold my breath.

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