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22 March 2018 - 09:59 PM

New bar

New toilets

New shop


If the Skeggy team keep on at this rate people will have nothing to moan about.


Actually forget that.


But hey, take a look at the work the Skeggy team have recently completed.


Something to be positive about, sorry to buck the trend.


Ian B


http://www.skegway.i...22nd March 2018

F1 Fight Night Tickets (Table)

22 February 2018 - 09:46 PM

Hello all.


F1 Fight Night this Saturday.


2 x Table Tickets for sale.


£45 each.


Dinner provided as part of the package.


Dress code applies.


Message me for more details.


Northern Beaks

29 December 2017 - 10:22 PM

Hello all,


I wrote a column for the now cancelled meeting at Stoke this weekend. I've chucked it here for anyone interested.




Ian B




‘Northern Beaks’


Hello Stock Car fans and welcome to this Boxing Day meeting at Belle Vue. Actually sorry it’s the day after Boxing day meeting. Well, that was of course until it became the New Year’s Eve meeting! Oh, and of course if you’re reading this you’ll know the venue has changed to Stoke as well! Despite having more changes than a 2018 spec F1 shale tyre, one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that this is, of course, the very last meeting of 2017!


Although it’s fair to say that the meeting today is ‘just for fun’ I’m sure there will be a reasonable number of drivers turning up to put on a show for you. It has always been the way that a ‘Christmas’ meeting has been put on for as long as I can remember – I think it’s done purely as everyone starts going a bit crazy after the whirlwind that is the festive season and of course it’s a nice stop gap before the season starts again next year.


Looking forward to 2018, I actually think that there’s a lot to look forward to and get excited about. Although it’s only one date (for now), the BriSCA F1’s make their return to Mildenhall on the 7th of April. I’ve long been a fan of this little track and I’m old enough to remember when the F1’s originally used to race there! I do feel that this meeting is a ‘toe in the water’ for (the new owners) Spedeworth and they should be commended for trying something different. Racing at this track has always been good – it’s a lovely place with quite possibly the best chip shop in the country, oh and they serve Stella in the bar. Of course, this doesn’t make for good racing but you will also find it’s a tidy place with plenty of places to view the racing.


I know for some of you ‘Northern based’ fans it’ll be a huge journey to make but trust me it’ll be one worth doing. Next year is going to be pivotal to the sports future and supporting meetings like this are important. Staying with the Spedeworth bunch, they have let slip one of the biggest shocks since we found out Steve (Gangsta) Rees once bought a round of drinks, that being they plan to turn Brafield (aka Northampton!) into a shale track for some meetings next year, one of which will be the European Championship in July. For those of you without an internet connection, there has been a lot of ‘bleating’ about the continued use of Brafield as the venue for that meeting and the lack of Dutch racing over the last few years has further fuelled the emotions from the internet experts.


There is no doubt that the meeting has suffered from the lack of Dutch – they bring with them a real party mood and also several hundred litres of beer! What perhaps isn’t that well known is that Brafield legally ‘has’ to run the European Championship every year so moving it to another venue simply isn’t an option. With a lack of Dutch competitors who race on tarmac and a recent upsurge on shale racing in the Netherlands it makes total sense for Deane Wood and his Spedeworth team to make this change. I’d imagine financially it’s a huge gamble and of course getting it put in won’t be easy. I feel that Deane is doing this to basically say – “right you lot, you said it was boring and you said it needs more Dutch so here you go, here’s some shale – let’s see how it turns out!”. If the Dutch support it and also the fans turn up en masse then I’m sure he’ll do it again, but it doesn’t prove a success who knows. Stock Car Racing is a business and if he can’t make money on this event who knows what will happen!


Before we all get chance to moan about dust and loud music at the Euro’s we are also getting another chance to head North of the border for the Scottish Championship weekend at Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly. Now for those that know me you’ll know that I don’t need much of an excuse to head up to the legendary ‘Racewall’ for some Stock Car action. In terms of atmosphere, there’s nowhere in the United Kingdom that beats that place and given it’s rough and tumble nature there’s few tracks that can offer the racing it provides as well. The Sunday meeting at Lochgelly is worth looking at as well – it’s a great stadium with some awesome facilities and can often throw up some surprise winners! It’s certainly not cheap getting up there, especially if you’re based in ‘the South’ like me – however with a bit of planning it can be made less painful (thanks EasyJet!) and if you have to miss a few meetings to raise the funds to go up then so be it!


Hit the fast forward button a bit and you’ll find yourself at the World Final in September which is being held at Skegness Stadium for the first time since Rob Speak took over control. For those of you who went there this year it’s obvious that work has already started in earnest to improve the facilities and make it ready to hold the big meeting. There will be a (temporary) grandstand along the home straight and hopefully a new bar facility to replace the old one that we saw getting expertly ‘smashed up’ on Facebook earlier this year! Also the old toilet block at the back of turn 1 has now also met the same fate as the old bar much to everybody’s (and the internet’s) relief. Word is that the remains have had to be buried 3 miles below the earth to stop them becoming a biohazard to the inhabitants of Lincolnshire!


On a serious note, it’s clear that the Skegness team are putting a lot of effort in to improve things – not just with regards to the facilities but also how they conduct and promote themselves. With so much apathy around the sport this year the team may well have wondered why they were bothering – but with well supported meetings and cracking races they must be quietly confident that 2018 will be very special indeed.


As many will know there’s a few changes coming to the 2018 rule book. It’s highly likely that rear axle width is going to be changed which will affect very few drivers – however one of them is our current World Champion Nigel Green. He has gone on record stating that if this does happen he’ll not race next year which is a real shame. You can totally understand his reasoning as to an extent it does appear like he’s being victimised for his success but on the flip side you must appreciate that the sport is worried about the direction it is heading. Personally, I’d like to see Nigel make his car(s) legal and come back and kick everyone’s AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD even harder than he did in 2017 – and for him to stick two fingers up at the rule makers. I’m not sure if this will happen but again, for us not to see the World Champion next year is a shame and it’s (more importantly) not good for the sport.


There is also a ruling that engines will be electronically limited to 7,500rpm next year. There’s a few reasons to why it’s felt this is a good thing – a reduction in engine braking at high revs and also making expensive, high revving engines no longer needed are a few. As I’m someone involved (to some extent) in this process I’m not going to rattle on about it… but like I stated at the BSCDA AGM it really, really does need to be carefully policed or we could damage the sport more than we can fix it!


For one reason or another we have been lacking some of the bigger star names in 2017, but hopefully next year we’ll see the return of Tom Harris, Mick Sworder and Dan Johnson. All of them are hugely, hugely talented drivers and getting them back into the mix will make 2018 a much nicer place to be. As already mentioned we may lose Nigel and there’s also a chance Craig Finnikin will sit out 2018 as well so we can’t get complacent, but I feel with the right level of passion, forward thinking and patience we can put the social media demons to bed next year and get back to what Stock Car Racing is, and should always be known for – and that’s entertainment!


I wish you all the very best for the coming New Year – and I hope that you enjoy yourselves this evening. Whether you’re drinking Stella, Newcastle Brown, John Smith’s or Earl Grey it doesn’t matter. We’re all Stock Car fans so let’s raise a glass and toast the season we’ve just had – and the season we’re going to have!


Ian Bennett



Belle Vue / CovStox Programme

09 October 2017 - 03:34 PM

Sunday's programme in pdf format for you to download and read at your leisure.




Each download will earn me 0.0000000000000001p from JH's piggy bank so please fill your boots.




Ian B

2016 WF Snag List

01 September 2016 - 06:58 PM

Hello Stock Car Fans,


So, to avoid the inevitable soul destroying and spirit crushing wave of misery on the Sunday after the World Final, I thought it'd be good to publish pretty much all of the likely / standard complaints about the World Final weekend and get them out in the open prior to the event.


Please feel free to add to the list - and then perhaps, for once, we can go on and post about what an awesome WF we've been to instead of having to put up with the normal tosh.


So here goes, hang in there y'all.


1. It started too early
2. It ended too late
3. The scoreboard didn’t work
4. It was dusty
5. Toilets on back straight were overflowing
6. There was a lake of ‘liquid’ behind the back straight grandstand
7. There were too many people
8. The Dutch were loud
9. The Dutch were too tall
10. The Dutch smoked some weird cigarettes
11. The Dutch in general
12. There wasn’t a full booking list
13. The programme wasn’t free
14. The merchandise was too expensive
15. The PA didn’t work everywhere
16. The food outlets had big queues
17. The food outlets were too expensive
18. The quality of the food from the food outlets was poor
19. The drinks outlets had big queues
20. The hot drinks were too expensive
21. The quality of the hot drinks was poor
22. The car parking was a long walk away
23. There was a queue at the booking office
24. There was a queue at the entry turnstiles
25. The track shop had run out of programmes
26. The GP midgets were rubbish
27. The entertainment was rubbish
28. The track didn’t have enough shale on it
29. There were vehicles on the infield obstructing the view
30. The grid walk for the privileged 500 blocked the view of the less privileged
31. Stock Car Magazine weren’t showing the race live
32. You couldn’t get any mobile signal
33. Peter York was too loud
34. Richard Kaleta was too controversial
35. There wasn’t enough driver interviews
36. There were too many driver interviews
37. Nothing was given away free
38. Phoebe and Jacklyn weren’t in lycra
39. It took too long leaving the car park after the meeting
40. It was too dark in the car park
41. People drove aggressively when leaving the car park
42. You couldn’t get into the stadium early enough on the Saturday
43. The security staff wouldn’t let people in with 3,321 cans of Stella / Amstel
44. The security staff wouldn’t let people in with enough food to feed the starving millions
45. The security staff wouldn’t let me park my disabled car on the infield for a better view
46. There wasn’t enough space for chairs
47. There were too many chairs in the way
48. The sun was too bright when stood on the back straight
49. My favourite driver didn’t make the final due to too many qualifying races
50. John Lund wasn’t allowed into the World Final by default
51. PeterFalding turned up without a lucky loaf of bread
52. Ryan Harrison hit somebody
53. Mick Sworder turned right (even though this was only in the pit area)
54. Nigel Hard-Hard-Hard-Harhy didn’t give any sweets or stickers out
55. Bryan Makinson didn’t have a carshare going
56. Nobody showed the meeting on periscope
57. You couldn’t get access to the upstairs bar
58. The PowerMaxed trailer was too massive and got in the way
59. There weren’t any heritage cars racing
60. There wasn’t a dash for cash
61. Speed Square was too crowded creating a bottleneck
62. Kids didn’t get in for free
63. There wasn’t enough for the kids to do
64. There were too many kids
65. The build up to the World Final race took too long
66. The caution period for drivers to fix their cars after turn 1 in the World Final race was too long
67. The K Foundation weren’t there giving away £50 notes
68. The World Final race wasn’t run in the dark
69. The meeting timetable wasn’t adhered too
70. There weren’t enough yellow flags
71. There were too many yellow flags
72. The chippy in Wolston was closed by the time the meeting finished
73. There was roadworks on the M1 / M6 on the way to and from the stadium
74. Nobody was shouting into the stands “who wants some pants”?
75. Jeremy Heaver was seen to be smiling
76. Simon Bennion wasn’t parking transporters very well
77. Sophie wasn’t cloned into 1,000 Sophie’s to keep everyone happy and under control
78. Steve Rees didn’t have his special mushrooms on sale
79. The recent “the K foundation 2016 WF special” video wasn’t shown on giant screens outside the stadium
80. Billy Tom didn’t debut his new car
81. There wasn’t a comprehensive ‘how to put one foot in front of the other and move forwards’ guide issued by the stadium for internet forum users
82. The T-Shirts were too expensive
83. Spedeworth weren’t there selling discounted tickets for the World Masters
84. The water truck wasn’t painted nicely for the event
85. The tractor drivers were aggressive
86. Andre Zang didn’t come out of retirement in a brand new Lintern ‘Red Arrow’ Special
87. Tom Harris won a race
88. The beer wasn’t at the right temperature
89. WKD blue wasn’t available to the under 12’s
90. There was no translation in the programme for the Scottish visitors
91. There wasn’t a booking list for the October meeting
92. There wasn’t any tripe for sale
93. The campsite didn’t have Kate Moss prancing around in her smalls
94. The campsite did not have USB charging stations
95. There was no wifi in the campsite
96. It was too noisy in the campsite
97. The Dutch urinated on my tent in the campsite
98. TGIF run out of chicken wings on Saturday
99. Black pudding wasn’t on the menu at the Premier Inn


On a half serious note, let's enjoy this weekend folks. It may well be the last ever WF at Cov.


Over to you.


Ian Bennett