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In Topic: Chairs at the World Final

16 September 2018 - 03:55 PM

Hi Rod,


I'm absolutely sure that you know a lot more on this than most after reading your post - I think Stock Car promotions, good or bad are a lot more 'fluid' with their agreements. I'm not saying that they were right, or just to whack up their prices - my point was simply that you seemed to know what Robert had agreed.


Totally agree there was mountains of rubbish everywhere - this, again is something that I hope Robert and his team picked up on and aim to improve next time around. For sure, it's not an excuse, but it is how it is.


Of course people may have an opinion - my point, if any, was simply that this has gone of for way too long and people need to relax a little. I had this conversation with someone last night and we both agreed that yes, things should (and maybe could) be a lot better but this is Stock Car Racing, and we need to remember that sometimes.


I'd love to have my own personal hospitality pod with wifi, Stella on draught and the Monster Energy girls on hand to bounce in my lap - but that ain't going to happen. Not until I win the lottery anyway.


As for your views on the person you think I am? Come chat with me trackside one day. You and many others that have done so in the past may well be surprised.




Ian B



For your information, i know a bit about contracting 'caterers' ( i use that term loosely in Brisca land) from by Financial background with a huge National company.


The company went from in house catering, to outsourced .

The said catering company couldn't just start charging £10 for a plate of chips. There were terms and conditions.

If Rob doesn't have an agreement, he's doing something wrong. Simple as that .


My very mention on this subject was only because i'd seen it being chatted about in another thread. Nothing to do with personal experience at the track.


I do realise Ian, that Brisca customers should not have any expectations of any customer satisfaction, as we have to be thankful for what we receieve .

It's a very different world to the real one, outside of the bubble.

We have to listen to the Skegness team telling us that clearing up the rubbish we bring in would be expensive and time consuming to remove.

Meanwhile, it's much easier for them to clean up the mountain of Fanta bottles, Polystyrene burger containers, cardboard coffee mugs, etc , scattered everywhere like a dumpit site.

That's much easier , innit ?


I had no problem with the chair policy, but many did. If you think that the paying customer shouldn't have an opinion, or indeed any expectation of Service, then you are not the person i thought you were.

In Topic: Chairs at the World Final

16 September 2018 - 03:39 PM

you're welcome, and yes, how dare you.


for the record, no, I wasn't in the hospitality suite.


i actually had to slum in the grandstand with the rest of the great unwashed.


i spent most of the meeting helping to check all of the WF entrants cars and also was involved in checking the top 3 drivers cars from the WF.


i sponsored both Grand Nationals, and yes, I know the second one didn't happen.


oh, and I also wrote an epic column in the meeting programme (which was £5, way too much for most, etc).


fully appreciate some of my comments aren't welcome here and that's fine - I don't expect (or want) them to be, however you'll find that the vast majority of level headed folk agree with my comments on this matter.




ian b


Pleased you have put us right Beaks in your usual style. How could we dare to have an opinion on anything that differs from yours.

Suppose you were in the Hospitality suite anyway ?

For my partner who has been going racing for 35 years there was no option than to miss out, but then again her £40 wasn’t missed so it doesn’t matter.

In Topic: Chairs at the World Final

16 September 2018 - 02:51 PM


Well done rob glad you were proven right with your decision


Whilst i agree that it was the right decision on this occasion, More does need to be done to enable all those that wish to attend, to do so.


I hope Rob has this issue in hand, in his long term mission, rather than just focusing on getting us to spend more once we're in the stadium.

It's his (or the Company's) fault that caterers were allowed to put prices up on a whim, part way through the weekend.

And if anyone says he doesn't have control ..................... he does - in the agreement he has with them, when he takes their fees for supplying us with (erm) food & drink.



yes, of course Robert got into a conversation as to whether a hot dog should be £3.50 or £4.00 on the WF weekend as he didn't have much else to be cracking on with...


i'd be interested how you know what his agreement is with the vendors - or is this the wonderful 'stoxnet assumption committee' at work again?


forget about the epic meeting, the first ever grid walk in the sports history... let's focus on food and someone out of pocket by a pound.


chairs - if you want, or need a chair then there was a whole stand of them. you couldn't miss it. 


it seems that stock car fans are getting more and more needy and precious and that's a shame.


for some they love these events as they just flip them into a colossal pity party.


i fully, fully understand those who have medical issues or are members of the blue rinse society can't be standing up all night, but like I said above, there was an option for them...


if you want F1 GP facilities, then you have to pay F1 GP prices.


i'm sure Robert and his team have learnt a lot from this.


maybe in the future those who have to have their personal folding castles will be catered for. 


but let's just move on - can we?


ian b

In Topic: WF Preview from down under

14 September 2018 - 12:30 PM

"if you're going to give Stu a push off then end, you'd better hope that he gets DNF or Stu will be coming back for you...."


Brilliant stuff chaps, seems you guys are better informed than most over here!


Good luck to all Kiwi's racing this weekend.


Ian B

In Topic: A Midland fans Annus horribilis......

15 August 2018 - 11:24 AM



You seem to be missing the point. The CovStox team worked massively hard to find a replacement (and didn't give up hope on Brandon for a lot longer than it may have appeared) - but as I did state, getting something approved by local authorities was pretty much impossible.


Yes, CovStox do have business interests to protect. If they don't come back then it's a loss to the sport but some people seem to think they have a duty to provide a replacement stadium. Would you commit millions to a sport in decline with little / no chance of making money back on your investment? Most people run Stock Cars these days because they love the sport - this is creditable but on the flipside very dangerous. Like it or not to run a successful business you absolutely need to put emotions to one side and steer the ship carefully.


We had plenty of sites and the money waiting - but without permission to build / run them what do you suggest?


Please do let us know what tracks are available that BriSCA F1 will be prepared to race at? Bear in mind they need to have ORCi approval. Additionally, if they are to be run by a 'new' promotion then they can't just join BriSCA and open their doors for business.


Remember - all other promotions are running a business to make money (and paid to be part of BriSCA). If someone else joins the fold it will only dilute the sport of F1 and could well affect how many people / drivers race at their tracks. An unwillingness to accept new tracks / promotions must be seen as something negative but that can't be avoided.


If you paid a fortune to open a chip shop on the high street, only to find that 6 months later 2 other chip shops opened who hadn't paid a fortune to operate how would you feel? Do you think you'd still earn the same money?


If you look at this years fixture list there's only 5 empty Saturday night meetings - do you think you could run a new track and turn a profit on just these meetings?


How do you suggest F1 changes to suit the tracks?


This isn't a pointed comment at you specifically Adam, but there does seem to be a ton of questions posted here but very little suggestions on how to fix things... not realistic ones anyway...




Ian B