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  • Age 29 years old
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    Stevenage, Herts
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    Stock car and banger racing, Go Karting, Socialising. Making a fool of myself.
  • Association with F1
    Fan since 1988.
  • Association with F1 (longer)
    I have been a fan since i was 2 weeks old in 1988, my first meeting was Scunthorpe, 28 years of Stock Car racing. My Dad has been spectating since the late 60's and my mum raced bangers in the late 70's...Dad also run a stall at the swap meetings along with the V.S.C.A stall for a few years. I'm a fan of John Lund; the king! V8 Hotstox wannabe driver 2011 - 2013 and Chairman 2014 -

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