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Sam J

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Stoxnet Page: SAMUEL NEIL MICHEAL JAKINGS http://forum.stoxnet...R#/thumbsup.gif


Age: 16




Football For Eastcotts FC U17 (Goalkeeper) http://forum.stoxnet..._DIR#/yahoo.gif
American Football (Blue Raiders Fan!)(New Englands Patriots)http://forum.stoxnet...ile-thumbup.gif
Going Stock Car Racing With My Dad & Follows 507 Neil Smith http://forum.stoxnet...le-thumbsup.gifAmbitions:http://forum.stoxnet...O_DIR#/clap.gif
Become Pro In Football
Live A Happy Life


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  • Age 25 years old
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    Bedford, Bedfordshire
  • Interests
    Media, Films, Television, Stock Cars, Formula 1,:D
  • Association with F1
    Fan, Mechanic,
  • Association with F1 (longer)
    Associated with Neil 'Wiggy' Smith 507

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