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About Me

Hello, I'm Niels, I'm 16 years old and I live in Musselkanaal, the north of the Netherlands. I'm a fan of stockcar racing.


I started watching stockcar racing when I was 6 years old or so. The first ever meeting for me was at Lelystad. I liked the chaos of stockcar racing. It was nice. Since that day I was infected with the Stockcar virus :rolleyes:


I've been at the following tracks: Lelystad, Sint Maarten, old raceway Venray, new raceway Venray, Emmen, Blijham, Northampton and Coventry.
Personally I think Coventry, venray and northampton are the best stockcar tracks. There allways is lots of action and the lengths of the tracks are perfect.


I have been 3 times to England.
First time: 2005 I was 9 years old. I travelled with a touring car of team Zwerver (Gerrit Zwerver) to the world final at Northampton. It was a really nice experience to me.
Frankie Wainman Junior won the world final and since then I'm a big fan in the world of him.


The second time I went to England was in 2010. This time I went to Coventry (the World Final). What a nice track! A lot of action, and what a superb race was that world final.
Since then I was even more attracted to the sport. So attracted that I'm going this year (with my dad) to the world final at Northampton, again.


Update: Also gone to NIR (by plane, just like in 2010). Hired car at airport and went to hotel. After that went to track. Good race - shame a 'yellow-red' car took frankie out! Posted Image :doh:


I hope to go to world final at Skegness this year.




So, now you know a bit about me.


See you at the track :thumbsup:



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    Musselkanaal, Holland
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    Going with my dad to stockcar racing in Holland, but we also go to England! I also like to race with my crossmotor.
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    Fan of Brisca F1, UKDirt driver #184