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Coventry stadium planning,

05 February 2018 - 09:47 PM



THE Campaign Group now calls on ALL speedway and stock car supporters to submit their reaction to the planning application recently submitted by Brandon Estates.

Below we present some of the points which could form the basis of a response, but we must stress each letter/e-mail must be a personal one, and not seeming to form part of a petition.

We will be contacting around 1,000 local residents later this week with a hand-delivered four-page document containing information specific to them as home-owners, and the ways in which they may look to object.

From the point of view of the continuation of sporting use, the planning documentation is available online and there are numerous areas of controversy and contradiction – not to mention those which are downright insulting to all who have spent their time at the stadium.

We would particularly draw your attention to the information contained within “9189 Planning Statement,” “Statement of Community Involvement,” and “Coventry Stadium – Viability NTS Document For Public Record” (the latter originally having been withheld but subsequently released on request of several parties).

Other sections will be of interest to those with specific expertise in various areas, and are open to question in a number of ways.

Particular focus should given to sections 6.35 – 6.45 of the Planning Statement, which incredibly include an implied assertion that a Coventry Bees team racing at Leicester Stadium is somehow a better solution than Brandon, and also make sweeping generalisations as to the current state of speedway, stock car and greyhound racing (even though the latter was never a primary usage of Brandon and is really irrelevant to the whole debate).

The nature of the Planning Application as a whole has been designed to provide the false impression that the owners took possession of a stadium which had already failed/ceased, and are now seeking to change the use of the land as if they are providing some kind of public service.

What even they cannot dispute is that their initial consultation of October 2014 resulted in over 90% of responses being negative, whilst three years later that number had only slightly reduced to 85%. Quite simply, an overwhelming majority do not want this redevelopment.

We will be making our own significant representations as a Campaign Group, addressing many issues contained within the documentation, and will be registering to speak when the Planning Committee consider the application.

Responses from supporters of speedway and stock cars should include some personal content, for example your own memories of major events or happy times spent there.

You may also want to mention two major factors which the developers have yet to get around: firstly, the stadium lies in the green belt – and that only a small portion of the site is brown field, not all of it as is repeatedly stated.

Secondly, the history and heritage of the stadium, and the need to protect sporting venues of this type – plus the ongoing need for a speedway and stock car facility in the area. 

Make no mistake, the rhetoric concerning the ‘unviability’ of the stadium is not only an attempt to justify knocking it down; it is also a bid to disclaim any responsibility for making significant provision for a replacement, which legislation confirms should be provided for in the case of ongoing need.

We would urge you to avoid being critical of Rugby Council in your submissions, as there is nothing more they could have done at this stage – with a reminder that the stadium has not been included in the Local Plan for development.

Your submissions must include your name, address and a reference to the planning application number R18/0186, and should be submitted before March 1, 2018.

There are three ways to submit:

*Online at planningportal.rugby.gov.uk (search for Coventry Stadium and follow the Comment link at the bottom of the page).

*To the Case Officer via e-mail at Erica.Buchanan@rugby.gov.uk

*By post to Erica Buchanan, Rugby Borough Council, Town Hall, Evreux Way, Rugby CV21 2RR

Your submissions do not need to be too lengthy – try to avoid going in excess of one page if possible – but every one, from wherever in the country/world it is received, is relevant.

If you have ever visited Brandon, or have any knowledge of the history of the stadium and what it means to so many thousands of people – PLEASE make that submission this month. It could be vital to the campaign to bring the sports back.

Coventry Stadium on Central news tonight

19 January 2018 - 09:14 PM

5 min on Central news tonight about the stadium for those not in the midlands and may be interested. rec on my phone so its not perfect but its OK.


Winter refurbs

17 January 2018 - 08:13 PM

Well, i nearly did a video blog, but i like doing it this way, so i'll do as normal.

Going back a year first off all, i spoke to Frankie about his shale car, and asked if he would be selling it once its 2 years old as he often does (its 2 now) and he said no.

So i thought what would i really like to do with my cars, i don't really want a  new car, i like my cars, and have put a lot of effort in, and they both have good pedigree, the shale car was Stuarts that he won the WF in in 2008, and the Tar car was Andy's, which actually had a gold roof on when i bought it.

So i thought (this was a year a go still) what would i do, i'll like to give the shale car to FWJ for a refurb if he won't sell me his, and I would like to give the Tar car to Lee Fairhurst, and get him to drive it and set it like he does for Danny Spyker.

I spent all winter thinking about it, but we were in the middle of refurbing the house, the roof had to come off, and we had a bigger one put on, so a major job, so i just painted the Shale car and that was that.

I spent the season thinking i would perhaps do it different next winter, so towards the end of the season i spoke to both Frankie and Lee about what i would like to do.

One meeting to go, and we were at Stoke, i trashed the car, it was in a bit of a state by now anyway, but the nerf was bent right up, and front end trashed. I drove it straight to FWJ, and asked if he could take it, but he couldn't. We had already arranged for him to take it from the last BV, so i ended up taking it home, and doing a lot of repairs just for one meeting, knowing it was all going to be cut off right after for a refurb. Anyhow, i only went out and won the first race, so it was fate that was on my side, and well worth the work.

The car went with him at the end of the meeting, and was soon in his workshop having all the nerfs and bumpers cut off.

He is changing the car to the same as his own, floating 4 link rear end, and fitting me a new axle, with a ford 9 inch diff. All nerfs, bumpers, crumples, and any other damage, oh, and under the seat needed doing, as well as a new silencer, and a wing. Disks, callipers, and prop, and its about done.

The axle came back to the Gala meeting the following week, and we have fitted it in Jake's car, we needed to get his seat lower, and we could by taking his LD axle out and putting mine in, as i am having a new axle it all makes sense.

As it happens, I do a diff every year in one of the cars, and i haven't done one all year. I decide to do the Gla meeting at late notice, and blow me, first race the diff goes! I spoke to Danny Wainman next door, and his had gone too, he said he would have his done for the next race, and i said ill be winching mine up, and heading to the bar, which i did!


I asked FWJ to drop it off at Steve Reedmans for painting, and as i am doing the NEC this year, the car will be immaculate, worth spending the extra money on if its going on display, but then he had an accident at work, and had 3 weeks off to recover.

I was texting him each week, and it was just a week short of being done, so anyway, he ended up bringing it down the M1 to Steve's on the NEC last saturday, before he finished work and headed to New Zealand.

I spoke to Steve first thing this Monday morning,and he had had a look round it, and said it would be even better if i stripped it, and had it shot blasted.

I had hoped it would come back to me ready to race, but i agreed with him, so after work, drove over and picked it up. The engine is coming out anyway, as its done 2 full season now, and it's never been rebuilt from new. So if the engines coming out anyway, i may as well strip the rest and then take it back to Steve.

The car is now stripped, and i have a small job to do tomorrow night, so i'll take it back Friday now.


The tar car was going to Stoke for the xmas meeting, to meet Lee halfway. Of course that ended up being cancelled, only about 10 cars were booked in, and the forecast was bad, so it didn't run, so i ended up driving to Bolton to deliver it to him, of course he's gone to New Zealand now too, so won't be getting worked on till he gets back.

I have the shale car to work on now anyway, the trucks had some work done while the cars were away, but now ill get the shale car finished. I do wonder if i should have bought a new car the money i have spent.

The engines gone already, and will be back in 2 weeks, the cars going Friday and will also be back in 2 weeks, so i'll get some parts zink plated while there away, and get the rest painted and refurbed ready to refit when it comes back.


The car the week it arrived at Frankies.







This weeks blog.

13 January 2018 - 03:13 PM

Well, after weeks of getting ready for the xmas meeting, Jake has finally got his car out on track, not the one we expected, A rather dryer indoor track at the NEC live action arena.

The car has my axle in it now so we could lower the seat a couple of inches, and we have also raised the roof a couple, just to be able to get him in it. He has enough room now, but it's been a lot of work.

I was doing the NEC this year for the first time, but due to Frankie's accident, its 3 weeks late, and isn't quite ready, its just a week away from being done.




ORCI rules

30 December 2017 - 10:06 PM

I was in a grass track meeting in 1990, and at the time i was one of the top riders, and a couple of riders asked me about the poor conditions, it was very dusty, and we couldn't see, the clerk of the course was unapproachable, and we said nothing, we were young, he was older, and we felt we would be wasting our breath moaning, and wanting the track moved onto fresh grass for the final.

My dad told me to pull off if i wasn't leading the final, and i did, i pulled onto the center as my Dad had told me to do, and a young lad called Vincent Clarricoates hit a post, and died from head injuries. A day i will never forget. I had been talking to him on the start line before the race.

I regret not asking the clerk of the course to move the track, and i regret not having the bottle at the time to say so.


My Dad had a tractor and bought a water bowser at the time, and we lent it to our local grass track club there after for all our local meetings.


I cant watch crashes during the season on you tube, but come winter time i do.

I find it fascinating the improvements over the years, esp the head restraints, the best thing since sliced bread.

Of course this doesn't help on a bike, and wouldn't have helped Vincent, as its the seat belts that hold your shoulders back, and the head restraint is held on the shoulders under the belts. 


2015 we lost 11 year old Keir Millar, after he hit the fence after a puncture, and the rules still haven't changed regarding making head restraints compulsory in all formulas. If its changing this year then great, i am wasting my time typing this, but i have said it before, and i don't mind saying it again, it should be in all formulas.

But i didn't say something all those years ago, and wish i had!


My Jake had one the same time we bought his first Mini, and has worn it ever since, they were £500 then, but are less than half that now.

I have just took this off the ORCI website:


903 Head/Neck Restraint 903.1 All Junior Formulas (Competitors under the age of 16) 903.1.1 An FHR or neck-brace MUST be worn. 903.1.2 If a neck-brace is used, it MUST be of the complete-circle type, i.e. it must form a complete circle around the competitor’s neck with no gaps. 903.1.3 The use of “U” shaped, or “horseshoe” neck-braces is NOT permitted. 903.2 ORCi Saloon Stock Cars, Lightning Rods and Stock Rods 903.2.1 The use of an FHR or neck-brace is recommended. 903.3 Other Formulas 903.3.1 The use of an FHR or neck-brace MUST be in accordance with the rules laid down by the governing body for each formula, e.g. BriSCA F1, NHRPA, Stoxkarts Ltd., Spedeworth, etc. 903.3.2 Where no specific FHR/neck-brace rules exist for each formula, the use of an FHR or neck-brace is recommended.


FHR stands for front head restraint by the way, and as you see its recommended where not compulsory.


If you haven't seen the HANS in use, look at the you tube dummy.