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Gears and gears

21 October 2018 - 11:32 AM

Well there driving me mad!


Big meeting tonight, and it's warm! 10 of us here tonight, me and Jake are racing, and we have a truck full. We overpaid by 1 by mistake, only 8 were in the truck, and Bry was already in, setting up his camera on the big screen for the live blog he does, I am surprised KL didn't give him a ticket after he was doing it for them, andyroad I paid for him, and the other person we paid for wasn't on the truck, but we forgot to leave his name on the gate, luckily Maggie was in a good mood and sorted it for us.


I spoke to lots of drivers about gears, ill tell you mine, but not theirs, or they won't speak to me again if i tell everyone's gear ratios. :)


Running 2 cars, we now need 2 sets of gears, I have 8 sets, but only one set of each. Jake ran a low gear last time here, 6.3, as the 5.9 set are in my car, we cant run 6.1 because there missing, looks like they've been lent out, and they haven't come back!

I will lend anything out, always do, as do others, that's how it works in this sport, all i ask is that i get it back at the end of the meeting, or certainly before the next meeting, as its MY spare. I actually got my spare starter back last night, after i lent it out world final night, and that was weeks and weeks ago now. I haven't seen the driver since, but he did pass it on to Matt to give it me back.

Sorry,  get of my soap box, so, someone has borrowed the 6.1 set it appears, and i lost a tooth of the 5.9 set, Murry sent me a new set last week, and Jake decided he wanted a higher set, so we put them in his car, i said ill try 5.7, as i felt i could pull a higher gear, so that's what we did.

Jake went out in the W/Y and his calliper fell off, so lost his brakes, hit the wall, then pulled off.

Heat 1 for me, heat 2 for Jake. I get out, and its fast down the straight, but dogging coming out of the bend, as the track dried, it got worse, I just couldn't pull the higher gear, I managed to get 11th, so qualified.

I actually broke my pull cord on my goggles first lap, so was pleased when the waved yellows came out so i could put my spare set on, and can you belive i broke the pull cord on them too!

I pull off to water down after the race, and 30 Chris Brown is on his side, i get out and run over to help, i've been on my side and it scary, i reach in and take off his steering wheel, you cant get in and out with the wheel on, and you don't think about it while your panicking, so glad i could help him get out. I told him it was the rule to stand on top of the car now and wave to the crowd, which he did to a big cheer.

And he came over after the race to thank me.


Back to the pits, i ran back to watch jake, and he had a great race, and came in 4th, did brilliant again. I ran round the pits asking everyone if they had a 5.9 or 6.1 set i could borrow, half the lads were on track, so couldn't ask everyone, then managed to borrow a set of 6.1 of Colin Goodswen,

Gets back to the car, had a discussion with Ed, I asked his opinion, and we decided to to use my own set of 6.3 that Jake did well with last time out, so that was a waste of 1/2 and hour tying to find a set, mind it was 5.9 i was trying to borrow. Anyroad, we spend another 1/2 hour changing gears, then take the bonnet off, and i plug lead is off, so it was the plug lead giving me low power coming out of the bend, not the gears after all, so that was a waste of time after all that. I would like to try 5.7 again now with all 8 plug leads on!


Anyway, i aint changing back, but at least i can give Colin his set back straight away. My car had been smoking a bit, that's why i was looking under the bonnet., but cant find owt.

Final, we are both out now, and i get away well, lined up behind sir John, and passed him, but had to pull off half way though as the smoking was getting worse, i am now revving it harder with lower gears, but still only to my set limit of 7200.

My car has the new 2019 legal MSD box in already, but Beaks was checking all the cars at scrutineering,  that they are not set to rev higher that the set limit of 7.500.

The kit he was using worked perfect, so i don't see we need the new boxes for next year now there is a way of testing the cars, it will save us all buying boxes for no reason.

Anyway, the smoking was worrying me, so I pulled off. Jake had a brilliant race again, and was leading after 16 laps, what i shame he has 4 more to do, FWJ passes him, and Jake made a mistake and lost a load of places with just 2 to go, and came home 9th, a rostrum was just so so close.

Bonnet off again, and Kim finds a power steering pipe is touching the exhaust, so that's why i had so much smoke, so that was an easy zip tie fix.


GN, were both lined up early, as only 32 cars allowed out, and there is 54 odd cars here, but i think everyone that wanted to get out did so.

I had a tangle first lap, and had a front right puncture, i slow down, and try and get off to the inside, when the leader catches me, and gives me a whack as i try and pull off, and low and behold, it was my own lad.

He was flying, and came in 3rd, so 24 points for him, that puts him on 40 world qualifying points now, i am on one!  :doh:


Murray charged me 97 quid for set of gears, (inc Vat and post) so i sold a set i don't use last night for £45 to Karl, i thought that was fair, lol, mind, he did say i wish you were number 35 lol.


Get well soon to Katie Smith's Dad Bill Fenwick, who cut his knee open in the Whites and Yellows, i spoke to Katie before i left, and she said there keeping him in Hospital, and he needs surgery on it, and will go to theatre today or tomorrow.


I love a pint after the meeting, its the best bit of stock car racing, the bars a bit quite at KL, not like the atmosphere we had in the Cov bar, we do miss it. But them Tom come in and orders 10 pints of lager, lol, i've seen him do that a couple of times before, just go to the bar and order 10 pints, the pass them out, what a star. :lol:  Mind, not sure he had any money on him, i had to leave, so i didn't pay for them either,  :g:


So Birmingham Saturday, and Northampton Sunday, not sure what we are doing yet, we need to chat about it.


Right, blog done, fishing matches done at 8am (after getting in at 3am) breakfast and ill go and clean it, see ya next time.


Oh, and i had the pleasure of sir John parked next to me for the night.









#345 V8 Hotstox for sale

12 October 2018 - 04:59 PM

FOR SALE, V8 HOTSTOX #345 ready to race, less seat & transponder

£7,000 ONO
4.2 V8 rover rebuilt last winter, I've done 6 meeting this year 
J.E oil pump that is driven off the crank, will never loose oil pressure. Omega pistons, new anti pump hydraulic lifters just put in. 
Z.F 1.68 box
3.75 diff
New transit rear axle put in over winter
Transit front axle
Throttle linkage
New brake lines over winter
Carbs have been stripped with new float bowls put in
New coil, dizzy, module box.
Tall cab, low floor. Suits taller driver
Spare 3.5 engine, needs rebuilding (no carbs on it)
Loads of wheels & tyres
Half shafts, hubs
Spare box, diff & prop 
Less seat & transponder
Car is up to 2019 race spec
Ex Karl Hawkins car
The last race he done it this car he won, so its a competitive car
Will come with a wing if needed, just not the one in the pictures
Any questions message Jake for his number
Viewing welcome

Shall i do a blog?

07 October 2018 - 11:58 PM

Well i didn't race, so i wasn't going to do one, but i am overwhelmed by the reaction that i wont (one bloke and his dog).

Do you want me to blog? (i didn't race)


Ill do this one anyway.


This was all planned out 2 weeks ago after Jake did well at Kings lynn winning W/Y and his heat, he wanted to do Sheffield next, forget Buxton, its shale we like. I wasn't bothered myself, esp due to the fact we were going to Courtney Witts 18th birthday last night nr Preston, then going from there to Sheffield today, so just one car is easier than taking the truck and a trailer.

Jake is DJ, so he went in his own car to get there early, i have truck at home all loaded and ready, i get showered and changed, ready to leave as soon as Jeny gets home from work, but she didn't get home till 9am, so with a 2 hour drive, it was too late, i was enjoying the speedway too, and just one other minor factor was, the 2 hotel rooms i had booked, were for tonight, not last night! what a plonker,

Jake had to pay again for another room, so there was no point in us leaving that late, esp with no Hotel!


I really enjoyed watching Jake last time, but missed his heat win, as i was in the same race, so didn't see it. 

So, off we go at 9am this morning after i had been to work for a couple of hours, and as we pull into the back lane behind the track, Jake pulls up too, e getthere at exacly the same time, amazing. In fact i missed my junction and followed my sat nav to j34, and went the long way round too.


So, Whites and yellows again, Hes never raced here before, so he needs this race for some laps, i tell him how to drive it, and he completely ignored me and won! He drove lovely, smooth, kept to the line, and actually came home 2nd behind 348 who was flying, but he forgot to go to the scales, unfortunately for him, he was parked next to me, and all his lads shouted for him to go to the scales. I didn't object to be honest, The steward said to let him keep the win, but i did speak to a committee member, who did object on Jakes behalf, and he said it needs to be the same for all races, it could happen to a shootout driver and the rule needs to be the same, weather its a W/Y or  a final, and low and behold, it happens to FWJ when his mechanic drove it back to the truck and he got DQ. If 348 had been allowed to keep the win, FWJ would have had a strong case to be able to do the same, so common sense prevailed, and they both got DQ, i don't actually agree with it myself, but that's the rule.


So, heat one, hes buzzing after winning, even by default, and gets TV interview too. Heat 1 and 3 for Jake, and hes in front again, great race, waved yellows cost him, and he ended 5th, brilliant.

Heat 3, gets to the front, but him and Karl 313 go in sideways, and take each other out, Jake gets himself to the center and retires. 

Final, great again, but gets caught after waved yellows when he was 1/2 a lap ahead, i really think SSJ would have struggled to catch him, alright, he started at the back, and had to pass every other car on the track first, but still.  :chortle:

Anyroad, once the race stopped, for what looked like a brake pad from where i was (close) he was back in the pack, leading them off he did well, but Neil 152 flys round there, and soon had him, once he was getting caught by the pack, he moved over, then found you cant move over too far or your in the sloppy stuff, and in the fence, hard, race over with a broken rear shock.


So, one last race, and hes the only white on track, and gets away by miles, there's no way anyone will cvath him this time, SSJ is a lap down, and the rest are battling with themselves, but 152 did catch him, but Jakes got a safe 2nd here, 4 to go Matt is catching, 3 to go, not enough i think Jake can hold him off, 2 to go, waved yellows, i cant believe it, 2nd was in his grasp, 3rd at the worst, and its stopped for a car thats been in the fence for 5 laps, i am sure they do it to make it more exciting to watch, but not good for my heart! So 2 to go, and he has a restart, and he moves over for Matt, then the others barrg by with a lap to go, he holds on, and Danny gets him on the last bend, but he holds of Chris and Lee for 7th, Brilliant.


So The meeting was brilliant for us, i enjoyed watching Jake more than racing myself, and told everyone that when i kept getting asked why i wasn't racing, and everyone's idea was that i should give up and let him have a go, let him have my cars and give him y support. I and really shocked that so many people said the same thing. Maybe i should.


The down side was getting spoken to like idiots when we tried to watch the race from the gap by the pitt gate, they actually stopped the race and moved us, we were furious, i spent all week preparing for this, and £100s of pounds to be here, and without people like us Dads, families and mechanics, who are the backbone of the sport, there would be no sport.

The paying fans have the best seats, the best views, fine, they pay for that, but i paid too.

I have 50 grand tied up in the sport, so where my decent view to watch, why was i spoke to to like i was from a jumped up kid on minimum wage, then his suit came round and backed him up, telling me we couldn't watch because there no 6 foot safety fence there, but where the pit gate is, there no 6 foot fence either!

I told him i would fence the bit, but i couldn't find any spare panels, so i had to go to the top bend every race to watch.

Why we cant stand on the back straight amazes me, a few dodgy stepps apparently, well its about time they fixed them or at least fenced them off, because we were all pretty cheesed off today the way we were spoken too, not just my family either. I know we need tracks and promotores, but we all need to get along in a friendly manner so we enjoy the sport, that's what it's supposed to be about after all.


Please fix the back straight steps so all the pit crews can watch. Ive been going here 8 years now, and its still broken, get it fixed Sheffield.

(or roped off) To make matters worse, the marshals were sitting on the wall spread out, just waiting to shout at someone for daring to try and watch the racing!  :rtfm:

(ive posted a picture on the rating thread)

I wont go there again i am afraid to be spoken to like that, i am a well respected businessman Monday to Friday, Weekend we go racing for FUN!


PS, get well soon jacalyn,  :bigthumb:



Three trophies between us.

23 September 2018 - 09:50 AM

Well that was a typical stock car meeting for me, rubbish!


Firstly, following on from last weeks blog, i spoke to a few people about helmets, one driver i spoke to had a polycarbonate helmet he has been using for years also refused at Skeggy.

I also actually managed to speak to the guy who actually wrote the the ORCI rules on helmets, and he told me the rule from 2007 where it introduced the E2205 rule, allowed any helmet that was up to that standard. Then he told me why polycarbonate helmets were not allowed, and it was because the banger drivers were throwing there helmets at each other, and the helmet showed no sign of damage, so they continue using them, as there actually was no damage because of the the way there built.

A fiberglass helmet world crack if its thrown or damaged, so you can see its been damaged, and you can't re use it, so on that count, a polycarbonate helmet is actually better! (there as good as each other if they have passed E2205)


Anyroad, Jake had a new helmet last night, and it was a fast one too.

So, He beat me last week at Northampton, he was 20th fastest, i was 23rd, and he made the final, from the back to, so i said he could choose this week, and he chose Mildenhall in the V8. The car is at the Mini center on the rolling road, trying to find the misfire we have, and come Friday, Colin said he had changed everything, and it was now down to an engine problem, carbs, and all electrics were perfect, so engine is all it can be, Jake spoke to Andy Maynard, Luke Maw, Andy Barnard and John Eales, and came to the conclusion it was the lifters, everyone's help has been fantastic, but we didn't have time to do it before the weekend to race Millennial, so asked Sophie if we could both get into Kings Lynn as a late booking. 


So a bit of work to finish the cars Saturday morning and were off.

Jakes has a whites and yellows, heat and a consolation, so good start for him as this is the first time from the front, so great way to get started and get some confidence.

First race, i get to watch of course, i tell him to go steady first lap as it will be watered, and dont spin, he did just that, nice lap, and he was in front, next lap he is pulling away, and he had a nice steady few laps till Rich Wood catches him and passes him, just sit there for a nice second and a trophy i think, but last bend he lunges at Rich, and both of them as well as Russ all race to the line, and Jake takes it by a wheel, fantastic.


Heat 1, were both out now, i had a normal hectic start being in the middle of the Blues, were all hitting each other every lap till we settle down, i had a goggle malfunction, and my roll offs came out, very annoyed, and all of a sudden i lose drive, i roll round to the pit gate and stop. I look for Jake and he's still going, i look at the starter and he's in the lead, so i sit and cheer him on and he wins again, BRILLIANT, good lad.


I get my car back, and the gear box shaft has broken off in the clutch, massive damage, i have a spare gearbox, but the schinco ring is broken, so we make a good one out off the two. BUT, the clutch release bearing is also broken, i ask everyone in the pits, and no one has the type i use, Matt and Stu are the only others on this type, and dont have a spare, eventually find Conrad has one, if only i had started there, it would have saved hme half an hour. We get it back in, but it wont work, i ask Andy Maynard for his help, and he tells me the fingers are not rotating the bearing, so bellhousing back off, grind down the fingers, and it works.

Jake is out, but his brake pipe is split, so change that with Bri and Kim, and hes out again, go and watch, and he went in too fast first lap, breaking his panard rod first lap, drove fantastic with a broken car, and slowly dropped back, but drove brilliant, and i recon he would have won again had the car not been broken. Bell housing back on my car, and all back together, and it wont work, all back out again, and grind a bit more off the fingers, and its final time. I go and watch Jake, but he pulls off on as the race starts, lost drive. I run back to do more work on my car, and when he hes back, found he lost drive, changed half shaft, but still wont work, so must be the diff, end of meeting for him.

I have my bellhousing back in again, gearbox in as there calling for the GN, there had been to consi, so GN was my last hope, its in, it works, just putting prop bolts on and ill make it, i had two bolts in when i hear the rolling lap start, i was 4 minutes away from finishing, and missed it. I had spent all night on it, first race was 5pm, now its 10pm, so ive spent what 4 hours on it, and i am 4 minutes away, i cant believe it, if only i had started with Conrad when i needed that bearing i would have made it out. I've spent over £400 and done half a race, typical meeting.

So we both go and watch the last race, i get back to my car, jump in and drive it round the car park, and its fine, i cant believe my luck.


Anyway we came back with 3 trophies between us, :chortle: as he got grade award too.

At least having 2 cars, we had some success, and watching him is a good as racing myself.

He was 25h fastest, and i was 29th, so he beat me again, so he can choose again next week, and he said he doesn't fancy Buxton, and is now thinking about Shefield the following week.

My Car is ready, but its all over, how frustrating can this sport be, the one thing i don't like is working on cars, but working on cars and missing your races is the worst.



Busy weekend.

16 September 2018 - 10:33 PM

Well i've had a bit of a break. Going up the grades was exciting, getting to Red has been my ambition since achieving my other one of making a world final witch i managed at Coventry in 2014, so sights set on getting to Red was my abiton.

Spending 10 grand on each car was my plan of attack last winter, sent one to Lee, and one to Frankie, and my plan worked, i made it, and spent 1/2 the season at Red.

Then it all came crashing down, i could have done one meeting a month and kept my grade, but decided that would mean i didn't actually get to race, so tried to compete and keep it, it didn't go to plan, as the top 16 are Red now, and i slowly dropped to 18th and lost it. I also didn't qualify from my semi after starting 8th, and drove like a right wally.

Then i won a race at Northampton in the Mud, and didn't get given it even after the transponder said i did, and after all 3 things at once, i felt at my lowest, getting high was great, but getting low was depressing, and i had had enough, i needed a break. So i missed Belle Vue, then missed Birmingham, we still went racing, i took Jake to Brayfield in his V8, and Brum we were in the bar.

Winning a race is so important, that result is massive, and keeps you going for another year.


So, sulk over, its world final time, and i am front Blue in the consi, whats my chances? well i've the same chance as everyone else to be honest, the cars good in the dry (its me thats rubbish in the wet) and i haven't had a dry tarmac all year, but dry practise has been good, so i am looking forward to it. 

We sort some grandstand tickets out during the week, thanks to Richard at Skeggy, then also thanks to Billy (Speak) for sorting OAP parking for me Mum. Also thanks to a king gentleman who sent me two tickets as he couldn't make it, and asked me to donate to the Ben fund, witch i have donated my £80 start money from the weekend for him. Thanks all.


 Jake had booked in weeks ago, and assumed he was in, so set his car up for tar, painted it, tyres, the lot, only for him to get told he wasn't in on Tuesday. Wednesday spent the evening setting it for Shale for today, only to then find he had got a booking after all, so spent thursday swapping it back again. Personally i don't agree with having different set ups for tar and sdhale, it should be the same, same ride heights, same rear weights (left is the same) and same wheels and tres, so a car can be raced on either surface. Neil Sciven races last night, then spent all night swapping engines in  his shale car for today, that's how mad it is. And the rest of us, well those lucky enough to have 2 cars, have had to bring 2 cars, or go home as i did to swap.

We had actually gone with Jake's car in Eds truck, and my car in my truck, the after the meeting we loaded mine into Eds, and ill fetch that back tomorrow, and when we got up this morning, went and loaded my shale car onto the trailer. I had 3 hours work to do first, so after getting in at 2am, was at work for 7, to run the biggest fishing match ion ther country today, then got away at 10am.


Sorry, i digress, i haven't done last night yet, don't worry, it won't last long!

When we get scrutineered, Jake come back and said his helmet had failed, its a monster decor helmet, made by Oneil, who is one of the famous moto cross suppliers, and is made of Polycarbonate, its not cheap, its a £150 helmet, and there are £60 helmets out there you can use, but even though hes had this since last xmas, and has used it all year, hes now told he cant race, what a joke. Now i have raced bikes for 10 years, and raced cars for 8 now, so i feel i am well qualified to tell the difference between the two, and on a bike your head is going to bounce down the road, and you need the best helmet you can buy, ive been KO with a ground impact, scrapping my helmet after crushing the polystyrene, but after a night in hospital, the was no damage to my head. And in a car, you don't need a n expansive helmet, you have pegs on the side of it attached to your head restraint, that protects your neck in a forward impact, and side head restraints on the side of your seat. So your helmet isn't even going to hit the roll cage that completely covers you, let alone bounce off the ground, so the scutenner was wrong. Many many helmets in motor cycling, sport and road are made of Polycarbonate, and they are perfectly safe.

I was furious, last thing we needed, after going round the pits to ask those we know if they had a spare helmet that would fit Jake, Mark Gray came to our rescue. Jake had been and bought a £250 Bell helmet off Tom, But then the scutennerrs wouldnt give us his helmet back do we could take the Hans posts off to fit to the new helmet. After much persuasion, they eventually did, but only after covering the helmet with do not use stickers. They were going to cut the straps off, but i said i wanted to know who was going to give me £150, so they didn't cut them, and gave it back. By this time we didn't have time or enthusiasm to fit hans to the new one, so he used Marks.


Me first, consi was first F1 race, and i didnt last long, front Blue, and going over the start line i could see crashed yellows in turn 1, i was getting pushed by the Blue pack, and went straight in, my axle was bent back, brackets broken, panards bent, trye split, wheel buckled, rather a mess. Getting it back to the truck, i had a choice, spend the next hour trying to fix it, or go and watch the world final, so easy choice, go and watch the final. 

Jake did well in his races, heat and consi he did well, didn't make the meeting final, so we loaded up, watch the race, then left, knowing we have a 2.5 hour drive home, and an early start.

Well done SSj, worthy winner, very fast.


So today, might as finish before i go to bed now. after Jake loaded my shale car this morning, and we had finished work, were just about to leave and Jeny said she cant leave without table clothing all the tables in the restaurant, so another 1/2 hour doing that, then she finds she has to stay and work in the kitchen, as someone had let us down, grats, 1/2 and hour late, and she still cant get away from work, she wasn't happy.

So we get there, last again, Euro is my fist race, and the track was horrible, i hit the fence so hard i was winded, and had to pull off as i couldn't breath, after 2 laps, yellws came out, so joined at the back, and kept going. I hated it, i was all for packing up and loading up it was that bad. The car wont go into 1st gear, and now it wont start, the front shock is bent in half, and the brake pipe is leaking. We go and watch Jakes race, he did OK, but pulled off with a puncture, so went back, re wired mt start button to the starter, new shock, and its ready. I get in for me next race, and we thought we had fixed the leaky brake, but had to get out, fir a new caliper, and just got onto track as the last car before the gate shut. Brakes were rubbish, we had not bled the front left properly, and its the most important one, so rubbish, but i got a puncture anyway, so was off. 

Borrowed some Brake fluid off Polly, and also some off Sam, and got it working properly. Thankyou. 

Consi, going good, best race for me, but had a spin, and lost a lap, Jake did well from the back, and actually qualified in last spot, so he made the final and i didnt. good lad. He wasn't too keen, but i persuaded him to do a few laps, and pull off when the pack caught him if he felt challenged and uncomfortable, which he did. Laps are important, esp on shale where you can't get to practise.

So there go, that was our weekend, well done to all the winners, and condolences to Rebecca Smith, who was leading the Mini world final by half a straight when waved yellows came out, and she had that race won, she had done the hard work, and the yellow were to cost her, well done Jack who did what he had to do, its stock car racing!