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One more car wanted MWA show.

05 February 2019 - 07:35 PM

Just one more nice F1 (or V8) car for the BSCDA stand wanted for the motoor sprt with attitude show next weekend. 

There are 5 so far, and room for one more if you have repainted/refurbed/signwritten car.

Free entry if you bring a car, (£12.50 a day, entry cost)


There are 7 competing in the live action, so room for 3 more there too if you fancy having a go. (must have a 2018 or 19 licence)


Contact Sophie please.

More cars wanted for the show/live action.

23 January 2019 - 06:38 PM

There are already approximately 200 cars going to the Motorsport with attitude show, but more cars wanted for the live action racing. The event details are being finalised now, and a programme for the racing needs putting together.

The NEC is great fun, i loved doing it, now if you think its a closed shop its not, and this is an invite now. 

Its free entry for the driver, to show you car or race it, so if you have a refurbed car and you want to show i off, get booked in, or if you wish to race (refurb or not wont matter) then same, get booked in.

F1s please let Sophie know, any other forumlers please book in through the website, (except Brisca Minis, are already full)

Only 12 cars per formuler is needed, and the programme of events will be put together once we know how many formulas they will actually be. Some V8s are already booked in, some grass track cars, so will certainly be those racing as well as F2s and F1s.

Its going to be on the concrete outside, not on the speedway track, there may be some soap box racing on there if enough book in apparently. 

Its for fun, you get have fun in the car, so were not racing, were demonstrating, putting on a show. So stick some old tyres on, pump them up hard, and enjoy!  :chortle:

You must have a current licence to participate (2018 or 19)


Sophie emailed us all this today:


MOTORSPORT WITH ATTITUDE SHOW East of England Showground – 16th & 17th February We are looking for cars to either be on the static stand inside the hall or partake in the Live Action Arena throughout the weekend. Please can you let Sophie know asap if you are available.

The organisers are working hard to make this quite a Showcase event. For more info visit www.motorsportwithattitude.com

There is camping available and a party on the Saturday night with a live music. Please book in with Sophie and not via the show website so we can keep a track of numbers.

Short vlog this week.

20 January 2019 - 05:21 PM

Done a short vlog, we got invited to the veterans dinner last night, after Jake won the Maestro trophy when he won that final at the last round of the shootout at Belle Vue.

He got presented with it by Jess, Andy and Stuart, a very proud Dad. I had a beer (or two) with Stu, and he's doing really well by the way. (sorry about the dodgy cameraman) Jeny  :foldarms:


Not done any work on the cars this week, as i worked hard to get mine done for the NEC, and Jakes been to Tenerife, so i've had a week off, so well get back on his car this week, get it finished ready for the next show, Motorsport with attitude.


Seems to be as busy as the season.  :doh:


NEC live action arena

12 January 2019 - 07:08 PM

Another Vlog done, hope you enjoy, behind the scenes at the NEC.


Sign writing vlog

06 January 2019 - 06:52 PM

Sign writing is done. Looks mint!