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12 August 2018 - 09:56 AM

Oh well, i am disappointed, cant say no more.


Blog over.  -_-



So, our week started last Sunday, washed the shale car after KIngs Lynn Sunday morning, put it away, and had a look at the tar car.

By the way, i think its absolute rubbish we run 2 cars, the sooner the rules come closer together so one car will do on both surfaces the better. All we have to do is raise the ride height on tar cars, and make the rear weight the same on both cars and they would be the same, and there would be no such thing as a tarmac or a shale car!

Oh, and sort the tyres out, rallys on the front and American racers on the back, job done. (80 inch and 85)

Last time out i had split the bracket where the shock mount is on the rear axle, so we had welded it once before, so we knew we had to have the axle out this time, so Monday night we took it out, 2 hours, just to get it out, diff even had to come out before it would come though the chassis. Some cars don't have axles running through the chassis itself, but some do, and its hard getting them out. Anyway, it's out, so we make a new bracket, strengthen it, and paint it before going home. Tuesday it all goes back together.

So, not a lot else to do on it to be honest, Jake sorted out the tyres, and we decided we would go to Birmingham on Wednesday.

Come Wednesday it drizzling, and i don't really want to go if its wet (first mistake) but Jake did, as he was having his first outing on tar this week, so wanted to go for a practise, so we took Jakes car, and he did well, got better and better each time out. 

So, race day, were there early so i can get a practise now, and it was OK, but a bit loose middle of the bend, so i go and have  a chat with Lee, and he tells me what to alter, i try again, and its much better, i am happy with it now, so no more wearing my tyres out, that will do.

Jake has had about 5 practises by now, and he is getting better each time, but then he breaks the birdcage bracket, as the birdcage is seizes from the car sitting around. It had been greased, but we hadn't noticed it was seized.

(A birdcage is a tube around the axle that the shock is mounted to, so the axle can move up and down).

So, meeting over for him before it even started.

I go to the drivers meeting, where we are told we can't change tyres once were on track, so as its drizzling, i decide to go to wet tyres, i was first by miles, as the car is good on either set of tyres in the dry, but rubbish on dry tyre in the wet, so nowt to lose, its an easy decision to go onto wets. (Sarge, my neighbour tonight too agreed, so we do it now)

All it is to be honest is a shale tyre on the front right as opposed to a tarmac tyre, as were all running rally tyres on the inside anyway. It used to be  take of tarmac fronts, and fit rally tyres, but it's just the one now.

No point, we should be running rally tyres anyway on the front of both cars, would make no difference whatsoever, apart from saving money of course!

We line up, we get onto track for our parade, i chuck out sweets as i normally do, i couldn't get chocolate eclairs this time, they do thow well, but i found other sweets that did manage to get over the catch fence.  :)

The front few cars had not gone onto wets, bonus for me who made the early decision before i left the truck, and those that switched before getting onto track, we now had the advantage, BUT, then the drivers at the front kicked off because they had to get on the track frist. so they somehow got the rule changed, and then swapped tyres, oh well. Whatever.

Were now all on the same tyres, so no advantage to anyone, we may as well have been told we all had to stay on tar tyres, like Northampton 2 weeks ago, where we couldn't use grippers, so we all had to use the same tyres. It would have saved a lot of time, and a lot of arguing, and the race would have got going much sooner.


So, the main race for me, rubbish. This is the highest i've been in a semi final, row 5, and 2 cars in front are not here, so steady race and ill be OK. But i messed it up.

Oh well, i really wanted to get in that top 10, but knew i was in a vulnerable position where i was starting, those in front were going to have a steady ride, those behind had nothing to lose, so i was expecting it.

A slight sideways moment in turn 1, lost me half a dozen places, dropped me to 14th, which is where i finished.

Not really sure if it was a hit, a tap, my fault, don't know to be honest, might have just been me.

Oh how i wish i could have that first lap again.


I made the WF in 21014, so its a major achievement i wanted, and i've made Red the year, so i am happy really in the big scheme of things, but i really wanted Bradley to get in, and / or the girls, Phoebe or Jacklyn, that would have been awesome, but there all young, they have time in front of them, me, i am getting past it, i've had my chances and i feel i've achieved what i wanted in the sport.

Well done to all that did make it, esp the ones that passed me, Chris, Ben, Tristan, and Neil.


I was disappointed, but i tried, i was all for loading up, Dave said to me on the mic on the center, what was my plan, i said if i qualify, i am going up the bar to celebrate, and if i don't, i'm going up the bar to drown my sorrows. 

Nigel was stood with me, and i said ill join you Nige.  :)


So, load up, Na, that's not really fair on all those stood in the cold rain, getting soaked to watch us idiots, and i has all my friends and family here too, i had about 15 with me, and at £24 a pop, it was dear wet old night, so as Jake had also had to pull out, i thought it fair i give it another go, so i went and did the consi, did rubbish again, didn't make the final, so decided it was not time to load up, i am now also cold and wet, soaked through to the skin.


I was all up for getting some silences ordered today if i had made it though, and swapping fuel tanks and getting ready to go to Venray next weekend, but i can't be bothered now. In fact i dont think ill do anymore tar bar the consi WF night. I did have aspirations of doing all the tarmacs and trying to get that Red roof back.

Whats next? BV in 2 weeks, so ill go and unload the car, and get it put away, and that'll do for today, summer garden party this afternoon, so ill have a look at the shale car tommorrow now.


See ya in a coupe of weeks. 





No Swallows were harmed!

05 August 2018 - 09:21 AM

Well were back to Blue. I've had 1/2 a year at Red, so i achieved something i wanted to achieve, and i am pleased i made it to Red, ill get the painting done now to make the set of 4. Its on order, maybe ill get presented it at presentation night, that would be nice.

So, i pretty much knew a month ago, as the rule has changed, and its the top 16 Red now, always been 20, and in fact i am 19th, so could of held on a little longer, or i could have dropped to race just once last month, and kept it by default, but then i would have beat myself up for not trying, so i am glad i at least tried.

As i knew i would be going down at some point, i asked Frankie to bring my old yellow wing to the last Skeggy, which he did, and my step Dad Bri, who lives at Skeggy, was going to get it ready for KL, so we dropped it off, and he replaced the bent bars, and painted it Blue for me.

He painted it in his shed, and he has Swallows in there, they have already raised their young this year, and they have flown, but as he was painting, he didn't want them landing on the wing, or pooping on it, so he put a tarpaulin up to stop them getting in while it dries. They went mad, they wern't happy they couldn't get back in 'there' shed, and kept battering it, Bri was adamant they couldn't go in for a day till the paint dried, and when he did take the tarp down, they went back to their nest, and Bri found out they had young! Whoops, they are fine, phew.


So, my week, wow, cleaning it was the start, Monday night, we chucked it on the scales first, just for interest, and there was 200kg of mud on it, and boy, it took some cleaning off, so that was monday night over, Tuesday we cut out the corner, and the bar that goes from the front bumper to the cab, as it was bent, and wednesday finished it and painted it. Thursday we loaded up, and Friday morning drove down to Essex in the lorry for a wedding. So Saturday after breakfast, drove up to Kings Lynn for the meeting. What a beautiful day, warmest it's ever been there.


So, heat 1 for me, as the semi is heat 2. I drive onto track, and ask where i am lining up, and told they would line us up on track, but they didn't, they just let us start anywhere, so i just carried on, good race, and moved forward, got up to 4th, and made a mistake, and the car behind caught me, and i lost my gear, then stalled it, couldn't get it going, lost a lap, and they rejoined, oh well, my silly mistake again, keeping going every lap is so important to your result, it's so easy for that to happen, and basically i messed it up, again.

Semi final was a good race to watch, and well done to all the lads that qualified, only 10 finished, and al 10 were going well and deserved it, i hope only 10 finish next week, and i am 10, ill take that now.


Consi for me, the car wont go into first gear very well, but i can manage, its not starting too well on the ring gear either, but it does, and the carb was flooding after race 1, Derick comes over and fixes it for me, cheers.

I had a good race, and came home 7th, in front of Rubber too, and i kept going in the same direction all race, turning round the wrong way in front of him early years was a memory, a funny one too when he made fun of me at the dinner dance that year for it. I had a great race with Sarge all race, he kept tapping me, before he eventually got by, only for me to get him back next bend, he did get me back again, only for him to pull off.


Final time.

I get lined up back Blue this time, great, i might as well still be front Red, oh well, i need to get a good first lap, and pass a couple, so i don't get walloped. As we go go round the top bend, it was perfect, i think i passed all the Blues as they went out to the fence, but come the next bend, i get pushed sideways, and then the car pushes me sideways, and onto the center. I just get it going, and rejoin, a lap goes by, and waved yellows come out, so i rejoin at  the back. I get going again, i am trying to get more grip coming out of the bends, so happy to be a the back, i am trying to roll my foot of the throttle to get grip, but its impossible, when your going round the bend 1/2 throttle, you cant back off, but it was a good few laps trying. Waved yellow again, i am still last, and then the car wont start, starter wont engage, so get a push, and continue a bit more, the theres a car stationary in the top fence, so rather than hit it, i stopped, then the car won't start, they i get a hit, and another, bent front stub, and the rear wheels wont go round.

After the race, a tractor takes me back, and we found the rear wheel was damaged, so that's why the axle wont turn, but with the starter problem, and the bent stub, and only 1 race till GN, there was no way we could fix it. And with it being so fast out there, you need your car to be right, so with the front wheel at that angle, and no starter, we decided to load up.


So, off to clean it now, then down to the cotswolds this after noon for some sunday dinner. I bought a Hilux truck this week, and bought some nice ally wheels for it, so off to get them this afternoon.

Ill clean this car and put it away, and tomorrow make a start on the Tar car, the rear axle needs to come out for a small bit of welding, and get her ready for Saturday semi, 5th row outside, am i scared, 


you bet!  :doh:




Euro, from where i was sitting.

29 July 2018 - 08:44 PM

Well, what can i say? mixed reviews. Track was good last night, then it rained all night, turning into a clay pit bog today.


My week hasn't been the best, i wrote off my road car during the week, hit a ditch, it pushed up and burst the rad, and pushed up the wheel arches, the airbags burnt my arms too, never crashed a road car before, but i was ok, the car not so good. Didn't see it, a ditch across the golf course have driven past a 1000 times.


So, back to Northampton, shaling this track is a brilliant idea, right shape, right location, but wrong material, its not shale, as i said in my blog from last time there. It was good last night, but today was not.

We had stopped on the way down to help Tom, who had broken a fan belt, he soon found a stock car one and got it going again.

I was in the Ben fund race last night, first time i've been in it i think, but as i didn't book in till Monday, i wasn't on the list, and was told to go at the back of the reds, fine by me. I've spent 8 years trying to get out early, front of the Whites, Yellows, Blues, and now i've got to Red, i am quite happy to start at the back of the pack, but they've changed the rules, and we start in grade order, and each week i am pole Red, great! (smile as your going in).

So anyway, back Red, lined up behind Mark Gilbank, and followed him, we had a great first lap, everyone in front of us went into the fence, and i followed Mark round the line, and came out 4th, another lap, and i passed him and another, and was now 2nd, WOW, i can see Bobby out front, and Dan i my mirror, 3rd lap, i tangle with him, and my steering arm breaks, great, i was having a ball.

Consi next for me, track was a bit wet in places, and i tried driving sensibly, but got wiped out by another car, and it ripped of my front wheel, i mean completely, shock, stub, caliper, pipe, disk and wheel scrap, never had a wheel completely ripped off, and it took us a good couple of hours to fix it. Axle out, and replace all the broken parts. Thanks to Michael Scriven for a bar with a thread already welded in for getting us out of trouble.

I hadn't made the final of course, because i hadn't finished a race, and i wasn't going to hang around for the GN, because Jeny's best friends getting married, so we needed to get away, and get home, showered and put a different kind of suit on, and get to the wedding. And we were there for 8,30, so worked out perfect.


So, Day 2. What a hectic morning i had, usually Sunday mornings at the track your woken by someone starting a generator, this morning i was woken by police at my front door. I went down, and there's 2 ambulances and 2 police cars outside my house, and he's asking me where the crew were, I asked what's up, and he said a madman was on the loose, somewhere behind my house. Great, they did taser him and took him away, now i live in the sticks, so not what you see round here. A tree is also down. taking out the power to the house, and work, so i end up going to work to sort out the generator, then eventually get home for my Sunday porridge, till i realised we had no power!

Anyroad, an hour later, and were back at the track, Jake drove, and were back, and its rained all night.


Cars ready, and we go and watch heat 1. It was the slowest race i've ever seen, and the conditions were the worst i've seen, and i've seen a few now.

There was a drivers meeting for the Dutch lads, and they were given the choice of weather to run the Euro today, or put it off, and i was there on the steps, and they voted to run the whole meeting inc the euro final, then from nowhere, it was said we would run the meeting, with euro points, but run the race on the first race of the Masters meeting, the day after the WF.

So i don't know how that got changed, i was all for running it, it may not have been a championship race as were used to, but it would certainly give anyone a chance of winning it, and myself and Phoebe were going to vote to run it, but we didn't get to vote? So i don't know who voted or changed it, we were all there waiting to vote.

I bet Will is gutted, he drove a brilliant race in the final, and would have been euro champ now.

Anyroad, i am out next, heat 2, lots are saying there not racing, and we considered it, but a lot of people have paid a lot of money to watch some racing, so i am going to try.


My MSD (ignition) box has been playing up all weekend, and i don't have a spare anymore, we have to change to a new type next year, so ill buy  a new one tomorrow, but i am lined up, and its running OK.

First lap, steady away, next lap, everyone in front of me is stationary, one big pile of cars, so i do a sworder, and head for the fence, and drive round, boy its bumpy doing that, you feel every bolt as your going round, but it worked, and i came out in front, WOW, keep going Nige, i do a couple more laps, and get in trouble, and the car stops. It wont start, and i cant reach the MSD to wiggle the wires, so i kicked it, and it started, wow,. i look up and were on waved yellows, so i rejoin about 10th, and low and behold, almost the same thing happened next lap, i may have contributed to it to be honest, but next lap, there all crashed again, so i go round the outside again, and the next lap,and i an convinced i am in front. I catch Paul Hines and pass him, the Stuart Smith and pass him, (never done that before) so i know i am going well, I am changing down to first gear so as not to stall it, then try a lap in first, and its good, so keep it in first gear, not having to brake, the car just turned nicely on its own, and at this point, i know i have to be back in the lead, i keep going, and i've not lost a lap, and i've passed everyone, so i know now i am in the lead Paul is back behind me,and he also knows i am in the lead, i get to the last lap, and i catch up with Neil Scriven, and i am not going to hit him and risk losing my lead, so follow him over the line, only for the flag mean to give him the flag. I was gutted, you idiot, why didn't you put him in the mud last bend you twit? I was cross with myself, but 2nd will do. 

I get back, only to find they've given it to John Dowson, then took it of him and given it Lee Fairhurst, putting Neil 3rd, and me 4th. I did go up the box to question it, but told i was 4th. And apparently the transponders aren't working, great, the day i need evidence. But premier sports will show it, as they were there, so hopefully ill be able to see it on tv. 

After the race, i drove up to the fence, and got stuck, great, that was a daft thing to do, i was there for a good 10 minutes, with the tractor trying to get me out of the mud.The car wont go into reverse, and i was up against the fence.


So, Final next, Consi is canceled, but i had qualified anyway, and i was all for having a steady start, but first lap, we all went in the mud, once you were off that racing line, you just bottomed out, the car is sitting really low anyway with all the mud on it, and just bottomed out,  and i had no reverse, and couldn't move as the car is bottomed out. Waved yellows come out, so i jumped out and gets to the safer side of the fence.

Looking at the damage, the back bumper is nearly on the wheel, the gearbox now wont go into 1st or reverse. and i am now kicking this MSD box quite regularly to keep the car going, so we decided it was time to call it a day.

I have a big cleaning job now, gearbox out, Need to get a new MSD and wiring loom fitted, oh, and push out and weld up that back bumper. 

Another wedding down in Essex next Friday, so short week for us, were hoping to have the car repaired in time to load up Thursday night, drive down to Essex in the truck Friday morning, then drive up to Kings Lynn Saturday, that's the plan anyway, hopefully see you there, and we'll do it all over again.



Did i make the shootout?

15 July 2018 - 11:01 PM

Shal i? or shant I? driving myself mad, i need 13 points to stay Red, so i have to go to Skeggy. 

If i hadn't done Northampton the other week, i could have just done the British this month, and stayed Red by not being able to downgrade. BUT, with one of the semis at Northampton, i felt i need to do that meeting, incase i get that semi, and low and behold, its now been moved anyway. I wasn't going to that meeting or do this weekend otherwise, and play the grades this month, and have another month at Red.

I had planned on going to Texel, i had booked in with them, but i didn't know i had to book with the BSCDA, and the next thing i heard, it was only 10 allowed to go, and the 10 were booked, so i missed out. Kim and Bry are there, i had told them i was going, there there, i am not, sorry about that lads!

So, spoke to Mum in the week, told here the lads were there, and she had to help me, i told her all she had to do was fuel it and do the tyre pressure, she said, 'Nigel, ime 75, i am not doing it' come on mum, it's easy!


As it turned out, i had Jake, Bry, Grant and John helping, so we managed, Mum made the tea.I do like Skegness, i get to see Mum and Bri, and all the staff are nice, and the Speak family are very welcoming. 


So, here go, i've retired from tarmac like 100 times, yet here we are again, the races i have done so far have all been wet, so not had a proper good run in the car in the dry.

First race, cars mint, i get away well, running well, but hit the fence with front wheel avoiding a crash, and puncture the tyre, pulled to the outside, sat there fine, till a Dutchie hit me after the race.


I drove it back, we changed the wheel, and noticed the rear tyre had a nail in it, great, 2 tyres now. Also, the inside front disk is broken in half, so we take off the disk, fit a new one, and it wobbles, so we change the stub, same still, try and space it, gets worse, the only thing we can try, is the spare hub, then found it was thicker, and now need longer bolts we don't have. After walking up to see Danny, he lends me his spare, and we refit the disk on the new stub, and it now runs fine, but after an hour we are now in the next race, and don't have time to fit a new tube, so whack another wheel on, but it was over an inch smaller, and the cars was awful, understeering all the way round.

Getting the stagger right is hard with these new 'Venray' tyre we use on the inside, there 81 inches, and most out side tyres are now 83, 84,  giving 2 or 3 inches of stagger, that's no good, we need like 5ish. So, we need bigger outside tyres, and its hard to find them, We cant get smaller inside tyres by much, sometimes we do get 80.

We just need an 80 inch inside tyre, and a 85 outside, same tread pattern, and rally tyres on the front, on both cars, job done, keep it simple, i have a different tyre on each corner of each car, i have so many wheels and tyres its crazy.


So, ive gone out in the consi, with over an inch different, and its terrible, completely different car, and the car needs to be good if i can do any good, oh well, lesson learnt. We had 4 spare wheels, but all too small.


We changed the tube for the GN, as we hadn't made the final. But, all of a sudden, we notice oil under the car, great, lots of it too, hot fresh oil, so we then declare, well Andy Maynard does, its coming from the back of the engine, so tells us to take the gear box out. When we did, we soon noticed it was the big round disk that had fell out of the gear box, so silicon it back in, watch the final, and get it refitted for the GN.


I get out on track, and i think i was the last car out, even though i had lined up early, a lot of cars are nearer the track entrance, so i even though i was early, i nearly missed the race, i think the cars behind me were stopped. Anyhow, i get on track, and ALL the Reds are out, looks like 20 reds, great, i am pole Red! I've spent years trying to get out early, White, Yellow, Blue, but now i am Red, i would rather start at the back, but the rules have been changed this year, and get lined up each race, and i am pole Red each time, as i am the lowest Red.

I look a them all, and i know the car was rubbish last race, so i line up behind Matt, next to Tom, all i can see is Stuart behind me, ill just let him by, and have a Sunday drive round at the back, that's my plan, but Matt is waving me past, i am waving back, like, no, ill stay here Matt, and he shouts, Nige, your in the Supersars you know? Whoops, OK, ill go to the front then! I saw Tom in the bar afterwards, and he was laughing at what i was doing.

So, i had best get away now, and i did, i had a great start, gets away well, i either get away, or i am going to get buried, and the first 4 or 5 laps was awesome, i was well away, still lead Red, but once i got in traffic, that was soon over, the others are now on me, and after a couple of big hits, and instance headaches, i move backwards.


So, BBQ, and up the bar for  a few beers was in order, great night, and nice to have a beer after a busy day.

Gets in to bed for 2.30, then disappointed to be woken at 7am by the first generator to fire up, how inconsiderate, in the middle of a thousand people sleeping, someone wants a cup of tea! then another at 7,30, i think it should be no noise till 9.  


So today, heat 2, and the cars good again, good stagger, cars good. But we have waved yellows, and i have lost my clutch pedal, i have to stop it, and push the start button while in gear to pull away, and i had to this half a dozen times, but got a finish, didn't qualify again, but finished. 

The bell housing was loose, and the bolts were damaged, so after new bolts, its now tight, and the clutch works. try again.

Consi again for me, and i say to Jake, if i don't qualify for the final, we will load up and go back to Mums for Sunday dinner, and be back in time for the world cup final.

Well i had a good race, moved forward well, i don't know, maybe 26th ish up to 14th ish, so slowly moved forward, had a couple of good laps racing Phobie too, and i just pipped her over the line, but for only 14th, so still didn't qualify, it's hard from back there, i am batting above my average. 10 or maybe 12 went though, so that's it, i promised Jake we would get back for the World cup final, so i kept my word, and we loaded up. I wasnt that bothered about one more race, when Jake has watched almost every match, as he's been off after an operation on his hip, so he wanted to watch it, fair enough. We had spent 80 Quid on a new aerial for the lorry this week, but sitting in between bigger lorries, it didn't work.


So, conclusion, rubbish, no points, tried hard, but just couldn't get into the top 10, not too worry, i tried to keep my roof, i wish i hadn't done that Northampton meeting now, where i didn't even finish a race anyway, as my clutch went in that car too, so that forced me into going this weekend.

Oh well, next week off, ill go to Cardiff for the speedway, then we have the Euro the weekend after, all Reds are in it so, i might just do the Sunday, we have a wedding on the Saturday, so might try and do both, and take advantage of being seeded direct to the Euro final, which will be my last meeting from Red. 


To think, i was dreaming of scoring loads of points this weekend, and actually looking to see how many i need to stay Red, and how many i needed to make the shootout, as i said, yeah, dreaming!  :doh:


Oh well, it was a nice dream.   :boring: 


See ya in a couple of weeks, Nige45.












Best seat in the house.

02 July 2018 - 12:07 AM

This was an easy choice for the title of my blog this week!


Right, if i race today, ill go down to Blue. I attempted to race last week at Northampton, but had the clutch fail twice, so no points. But to be fair, it's the first meeting this year i've blanked, so a lot of race finishes, lots of reliability, and less crashes!

So if i race today, ill have raced twice in this grading period, and i am 16th, bottom Red, and there are only 16 now, so i am soon to drop out, no worries, i'll be where i belong, but ill be sad to lose it to be honest, and i did contemplate not racing, but that's not much fun playing the grades, as you don't get to actually race! 


So, last night, we had a family meeting, and the out come was get on with it and enjoy it. this morning to be honest, i was feeling a bit down, and not really up for it, but hey ho, were loaded, lets go and do it.


Went to work at 6,30, did a couple of hours, went to the shop and bought a tenners worth of sweets for the parade, lap, but that didn't work, as i couldn't throw them far enough!


So, heats 1 4 and 6 for me, so take my helmet out, and were staying on track after the parade.


As i said, still not in the mood, and wondering why i am here, but boy, once we were away i loved it, and soon got my enthusiasm up. having  a great race, when the inside tyre goes flat, and comes off the rim, race over. I had got up to 3rd, my best race so far from Red, i was eying up the yellow and white in front of me, thinking i could win this, mind SSj and FWj soon came along, but 3rd was on the cards before the puncture. Rubber comes over and gives me a pat on the back and tells me i was doing well, and it gives you encouragement when a driver you look up to tells you your doing well, so i was now ready for another go.


So, race 4, and i had a better race, came home 9th, but good steady race, and had a great Race with Chris Cowley, passing each other, i lost out in the end though.  

Race 6, well at least after scoring in my last race, i am now in the final, so need to get out and enjoy it, and i did. Came home 4th, SSj had gone, but i followed FWj and Mark Gilbank for the last few laps, and they played silly AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD s last bend, they both backed of, and do did i, i could have hit either, but they were side by side, they didn't want to let the other go in first, so i backed off, and I got 4th, nice one.


Final, 8th row outside for me. 

I just want to finish, top 10 would be fantastic, but finish is my aim. First lap i go straight into a massive pile up, 5 or 6 cars, and i am stuck, no waved yellows, so i am a lap down by the time i get out, then it did go waved yellows. Gets going again, near the back, and had a few good laps, when i get lapped by the leaders, Matt then SSj, i follow them for the last few laps, and going up the back straight for the last time, i think, i definitely have the best seat in the house for waht is about to happen, and it did, Stuart put Matt into the fence, and i go up the inside of them both, and go over the line first, and i am now the British champion,  well i would have been if i was actually 3rd and not 2 laps down.  


I did finish, but not top 12, and only about 15 finished, so just out of the points. I don't think that's fair to be honest, in any stock car race, we should have points down to last, it's hard to have a hard race, finish, then not get a point for your efforts, I don't like or agree with it myself.


Anyroad, 11 points, great meeting loved it, thanks to my lads, thanks to Bobby Griffin for his buzz gun all night because i forgot mine (it was the jack last week, and the angle grinder the week before)


There we go, busy week at work now, so wanted to get this done before bed, still wide awake after driving home, its now midnight, so best get to bed. Weekend off next week, then were planning on going to Texel, but only 10 allowed, so maybe another time, or maybe Skeggy, not decided yet, if i am looking like losing the Red roof, i may be back on tarmac, even though i've packed in like 100 times .  


See you at Skeggy then.