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Fast Kings Lynn.

20 May 2018 - 10:14 AM

Well here we go again.


The last meeting of the grading period, i had such a good start to the season, i'll comfortably stay Red, i was 12th in the points going  into last night, don't know about this morning yet.

Easy week to be honest, last weekend was tarmac of course, and the day before i had been to the press day for Motorsport with attitude at the Peterborough showground, so i had got the shale car ready for that, the wing is bigger, as is the attitude sticker, so i wanted to take that car, it would have been easier to take the tar car, and leave it in the lorry overnight to be honest.

So, car is ready, made an easy week, a couple of little jobs on the tar car, and that was about it, the easiest week i've ever had i recon, wish they were all like that!

I did decide to take the carb off the tar car, and take it with me, as almost every week, i've had a problem with my shale carb, so just in case, ill take it off and take it with me., my spare carb is lent out, as is my spare steering wheel, a brake pipe, my spare banjos, and a starter motor. Come to think of it, the More organised i get, the more i lend out, but i am eternally grateful to all those that helped me when i hadn't got spares, so i always try and lend stuff out when its needed, just getting it back sometimes is slow. 

Jake has a choice tonight, V8 or take his F1 again, but he loves the V8 formuler, so no contest, load the V8 on the trailer, chuck the wheels on my car in the truck and were ready.

My car had been loaded on the Friday night, as i had a fishing match to run yesterday morning, then load jakes on the trailer, and get home for 11, in time to watch the wedding. (get your priorities right, TV wont work on the run, and keep the girls happy) 

It was all over by 1.30, perfect timing for us to get away and get to KL, which is about 2 1/2 hours for us, so 4pm for a 5,15 start time will do. I usually aim at 2 hours before.

We get to the track, were sitting behind a lorry at the gates signing in, so were next, and a 4x4 comes out of the side street, and hits my lorry, and runs down the side, we jump out but he keeps going, great start, could of done without that!

So, Whites and Yellows first, then i am heat 1, race 3, soon comes around. I am happy to drop to the back of the Reds, but this new lining up system is in use again, and i am placed middle Red outside, no choice now, just better get going. Good race, picking up places well, and i get up to the top 10, i think i am 6th, 7th or 8th, but well in the top 10 and then JJ spins me, dam, puts me at the back by the time i get going and away again.

We get waved yellows mid race, just as i get back passed the Dutchie who had just lapped me, and i am relieved i am at the back, not behind him, i line up the back, and they wave me forward to start in 2nd, i didn't want too, but had too. ( i had passed him as the yellows come out) I couldn't get back passed him, but Matt got by and i followed though too, but going over the finish line, i know he's right behind me, well i think he is, so i'm still full throttle, and there is a car stopped mid bend, and i was committed, and just clipped it with my back wheel, oh what an idiot.

The car was damaged, and Kim told me to get out, the wheel is buckled, the calliper is broken off, and the shock is broken, so that's just cost me in the region of £250, for hitting a parked car, after the race. Boy i was cross, again. Placing me at the front had caused it, and cost me.

I had come home last, oh well, lost at least a lap, Jake recons 2, starting at the back on an oval, it doesn't take long to get lapped if you make a mistake. Anyroad, enjoyed it, and was on the pace, and consolation next, see what i can do.

Garry comes though the pits, and tells me i qualified, i was 10th, wow, that was a surprise, then a little later Dave Riley tells me i was still last, only 10 finished.  :doh: Oh well, not sure if i am happy to qualify for the final, or would i have rather had another race?

So i've watched the W/Y i am normally in, now watching the consi i am normally in too.

It gave us more time to fix the car anyway, hub had to come off, so we couldn't straighten the caliper bracket, and then put it all back

together again, the brand new shock i had wouldn't move, so we got the other one out, and that had a seized ring, so couldn't use either, so had to go and buy another brand new one at £150, i've already spent £450 on shocks on the tar car this week, they are absolutely RUBBISH, aluminium fine threaded shocks on a stock car, sorry, but whoever took away our steel bodied shocks and replaced them with these overpriced rubbish, needs shooting.

To be fair, there not rubbish for what there designed to do, but they are on a stock car, thats £600 this week on shocks, and another 2 i've sent back, killing it for me i am afraid these unnecessary rules.


SO, new shock on, new calliper, the lads have got it all back together, and its final next. I drive it up the car park to try the brakes, and there fine, but the carb is over revving again, the revs wont drop instantly unless i take the tickover right off, i am happy to race it with no tick over, we didn't have tickover on MX bikes, speedway or grass track bikes, so you don't need it, but the spare carb is in the tool box, so we decide to try it, it's an easy swap, both my engines are similar, this is a 427, the other in the tar car is a 434, so it will be fine. and it was.


I am mid Reds again for the start, and i get away well, great race, but i falter towards the end, i was tired, the car wasn't right, i had been following Phobie who was flying, and then lost a place to a Dutchie, then Billy gets me last lap, lack of concentration cost me, but was delighted to find i had actually come home 12th, out of a 36 car final, starting from Red, i was delighted, and another 2 points to go with the 2 from the first race.



Just ready, and FWJ comes by and asks what tyre i am using, a DS i say, i tell him my stagger, and its an ich bigger to get the stagger he has told me to run, and he walks off, next thing Danny comes up, says the same thing, (committee member)  i tell him, and he tells me were only aloud the KM series tyres, now i have been using KM 6 tyres all year, and the first i knew of it, i have demacs, Ds, Kumhos, k6s, every tyre under the sun i cant use now. I don't know it that rule was in from the AGM, i thought it was just that we couldn't use K series tyre? I do hope everyone i've told the rules reads this, as ive told people the rule is no K series tyres, that was what was said at the AGM.


Anyroad, tyre swapped,  and were out on track. Great race, good laps again, but the track is fast, and were all doing the same speed, great, i dont like it too wet and hitting the fence, it hurts, so loved the track, but couldn't get any pace on Brad who i am following, i try front right brake on and off, i go in slow, i go in fast, i try and drive it round, I try high revs and low, whatever i try, i can't catch, not losing ground, but not gaining either, so good race, but on the waved yellow mid race i count i am 27th, i think i have no chance whatsoever of getting even in the top 20 at this rate, and i was amazed to find out i came home 13th, 1 out of the points, but not bad from last, a point would have been nice, but no damage was as nice.





Smile as your going in!

13 May 2018 - 02:27 AM

Well that was good, my first tarmac meeting from Red, and to be honest i was little apprehensive, scared, you bet!


I knew it was going to be a big meeting, and i was thinking it would be hectic, but when i saw my heat, it was myself, Sarge, and jj in my heat, with Ashley at the back, brilliant, giving me a gentle start.

Got away real poor, just had no idea where i was going from, I lined up on the back straight, and i cant see the starter, or the pit gate, and had no idea when the gate was shut, or the starter was on his podium, which is what i am normally looking for from my usual Yellow or Blue grade.

So, i missed the start by a mile, Sarge was away, and i dropped in behind him, real smooth race, and came home 9th, that'll do nicely, 3 points, and straight to the final. Top 9 go through, so not sure what i would have prefered to go to the consi for another race before the final, but no choice in the matter now.


So, final next, its spitting with rain, and Lee tells me what to change if it rains, i didn't do it! it rained, and some more! I had gone out on track early, far too early, and it just kept getting heavier, all i had done was change my front tyres, and it was getting heavier.

Helen lines me up front Red, and she asks how its going, i said great, but being pole Red, i felt with all the Reds bhind me now its the final, i was going to be heading to the fence, she said well make sure you smile as you go in  :chortle:

I do remember well, the time at Cov when Speaky had that double rollover, he said on the mic, 'if you cant get out of a stock car with a smile, don't get in one' Great expression.

I didn't go in as i expected, but i did get knocked wide, and that was fine by me, so i could just drop in at the back, but it was awful, the car was really loose mid bend, and i couldn't see, i kept going, but should have just pulled off. 

Gets back, and we decided that we would call it a day, i never do this, i never load up before the GN, but after racing (Mmmm, cant call it that) at the good Friday meeting, and that final just, was the same, hated it, so load up we did, and headed for the bar, for a couple of pints, and some hot food before going home. (luke warm hot dog!)

I've done every meeting, every race, and i've achieved what i set out to do, make it to Red, so i don't really care now, i am just going to enjoy it now, i don't have any pressure now.

So, 9th, and last, and loaded up, but points is good, and no damage is good, so all in all happy.


Its 2,30 now, quick blog, We have come home as i decided i could race tonight, and go with Jake tomorrow, so ill go to work in the morning, as i have a fishing match to run at 9am, then unload mine, load Jakes V8 and were off to Stoke, so after Peterborough yesterday for the press day for Motor sport with Attitude, its been a busy weekend.


Speedway from Poland was on tonight, i had a kip on the way home, and wide awake now, so ill watch the speedway now before going to bed.


Back to proper stock car racing next week, SHALE!  :clap:

Sore ribs.

08 May 2018 - 10:34 AM

Well I was battered and bruised last week, and i may have broken a rib. I cant even turn over in bed, or sneeze, wow that hurts when i sneeze. 

But, there was no way i was going to miss my first meeting from Red.

I told Steve Reedman my problem when i picked up my wings on Saturday, he said i needed a seat without the rib side, and he showed me his seat, and low and behold, we have the identical seat in our workshop, the one we took out of Marks car (also an old Ivan Pritchard cars as is Steve's, so identical seats)

Spent Saturday fitting the seat, and boy, its much better, had to fit a head net too as its not a full containment seat.

It had been a busy week, front axle has been out and straightened, and the clutch had to come back out after it was too vicious after fitting it at KL. The start button and master switch has also been changed, as they are under the car, and keep getting muddy and wet, and failing, so there now inside the car.

There was also a trapped wire behind the steering rack i fitted the week before, so that all had to come back out just to get the wire out, that was a lot of extra work i could have done without.


So, this was my first meeting from Star grade (sounds better than Red lol) , as well as Sarge and Luke Dennis. And boy, were looking forward to it.


My first race was after Jakes W/Y race, and he did brilliant in his first ever race, started at the back with his cross on, and from 18th,m came home 6th, great start.


My first race i got pushed out to the fence first turn, that's fine with me, i wanted to start at the back anyway, but this new gridding order on apiece of paper we were given gives us our start places, and i started behind Will each race, but being out on the the ropes, i backed off, let the 2 superstars FWj and Matt by, and followed them. I came home 9th, so dead pleased. I did have a spin with Ricky at one point, John Dowson was pushing me, and i pushed Ricky and it went wrong! Sorry Ricky. :doh:


Race 2, this is heat 3, and myself and Jake are about to race each other for the first time ever, i get pushed out to the wires again, so i am now last again, not only last, but even worse, Jake has passed me too! We go waved yellows, and i pull up the side of him to see how hes doing, and hes good, i thought he would say ill let you go Dad, but he was having none of that, and raced away when the flag dropped. I diod pass him after a couple of laps, and got up to 9th again, he got 11th, so well done son.


Final. Same old same old, is it easier from Red? na, its just the same, i get pushed out to the fence once more, Lee had joked he could hit me first lap rather than the 10th, but it may have been JJ, i don't know, i don't care, i got going again, but the car was running awful, i had my foot flat to the floor to keep it running, and after 15 laps it stopped, well almost, i went round the inside for 3 laps until miss FWj hit me hard, so then went to the out side and it stopped last lap. Ricky pushed me over the line for last place 12th, but they didn't give it to me for some reason, they have 11 finishers, i don't know why i haven't got 12th there? I was 8th too when the prblem started, and i had ran out of fuel due to having my foot down hard all race.


GN. Yep, you guessed it, i am out wide again, so i now think its harder from Red, not easier, but hey ho, whatever, i get going well, the car was flooding in the final, and had ran out of fuel, but Derick had re tuned the carb, and it's good now, still revving up a bit so it's not perfect still. Anyroad, another good race, and i get 10th, very pleased, i had 2 or 3 cars right in front of me too last lap, and other lap and i would have got one or 2. Loved it.


All in all, very good, Jake did a half shaft in the final, and finished the GN too, so we both did well.

I got 9 points, and he got 7, from the back too, so the kid did well, but he wasn't getting battered like me  :g:


There we go, back to work, hope my ribs are better for next week, planning on doing Saturday night at Skeggy, the Stoke with Jake and his V8 Sunday.  :bigthumb:




Motorsport with Attitude - new show for 2019

01 May 2018 - 10:16 PM

New show for 2019, at the East of England showground. 16th and17th February, whole showground booked.


With the NEC getting dearer each year and less stockcars, there is a new show being launched for next winter.

The aim of the show is to promote Stockcars, Auto Grass and Speedway and will also include Dragsters, Rally Cross and Pick-Up Trucks, launching the 2019 season.

It will certainly be an interesting weekend, with a big party on the saturday night! 

There will be some competitions during the weekend, prizes for best presented cars, and some competition between builders, signwriters amd painters.

Cars from all formulas are being invited, and up to 500 cars on display is the aim. It's a huge amount, but there are lots of formulas and there certainly is plenty of room.  There is an enormous new hall there and the Speedway track is also available (Peterborough), but in February I can't see us being able to use it unfortunately.

There are massive parking areas, parking is free and you can stay over for the whole weekend if you have sleeper vehicles.

There are also big buildings where there will be an auto jumble, along with cars, trucks as well as spares for sale.


Racing: there is a concrete area where some display racing could be possible, but plenty of other racing will also be there, some on big screens, and some model racing taking place.


Press day is next Friday 11th May and there are already 80 cars scheduled to arrive.  All press are being invited, along with anyone that wants a stand at the show, or promoters, racing bodies, clubs, etc.  They will be able to promote their sport at the show, with information on how to get involved in racing, whether it may be Model Racing, Micro F2, Brisca formulas, Grass cars etc or F1 Stockcars.


Myself, Paul Hines and Mark Sargent are going to be at the press day with our cars, 3 more to be confirmed, so F1s will be well represented.

If you are involved with any oval or racing formulas and fancy being involved or have a stand at the show, please come along to the press day on 11th of May and have a look around the impressive showground.  Arrive from 2pm and there will be information on booking and costs etc.

(tea and coffee available, as will a catering unit later in the day)


Show Entry cost will be £12.50 in advance, £15 on the day and £25 for the weekend. Kids and Parking are free, (the showground do charge for camping).


Any other details, please contact via email Dave Rennie at dave_rennie@btinternet.com 

Battered and Bruised

29 April 2018 - 09:55 AM

Well i ache this morning, what a hard night that was?

I hurt my left hand at work on Friday, had an ice pack on it, and really thought i might not make it, by the time i had had 3 pints of lager, the pain went, and were back on to racing again. It wasn't justy my hand, my ribs on my right side still hurt from going in hard in the GN at Mildenhall, and that was a month ago now.


So, Kings Lynn again, and for some reason, with the big sweeping bends, i get a stiff spot on my steering here, only at this track, so last time i changed the pump, same. Changed the steering rack, same, changed the 1/4 thick tube, same, all the rose joints were new anyway, and they are not binding, so after speaking to Andy Maynard, he told me Paul Harrison had bought a Sweet power steering pump, its what they run on Nascar's in the states, so i look on eBAy, ifind one at £200, keep looking, find one at £28, ill bid on that, then realise i have to wait 6 days for the auction to end, so i end up buying one for £100, that'll do. Of course i won't win the other one at £28 anyway, but you guessed it, i did, now i have 2! (a spare i call it)

So, after lots of pipe fitting, and getting the new pump fitted this week, try it and its perfect, right, now to test it on the floor, and its the same, ive done all this work, and its the same still. The only thing i haven't done is change the king pin, so i do it, well i try, it took me 2 hours, heating it, and even chopping off the hoop so i could get a good swing on the biggest sledge i have, and it come out, and its bent, phew, ive found a problem at last. I had had enough by now, so onto thursday night, i fit a new king pin, put it on the floor to try it, and its the same, 3/4 to the right and it goes stiff. I have changed everything now, and can't believe i still have it.

So the only thing i can put it down too is the steering geometry, the caster of the wheel and the camber of the axle. I alter the camber to zero, and its gone, the steering is fine, so after all that, i now realise that since changing to 4 link from 2, it causes the steering to be tighter when you have camber on the axle, after all that eh, you learn something every day.


Oh well, onto racing, rubbish, i don't care, i've achieved what i set out to do this year, and i have scored well in each meeting so far, and almost every race, so i have had a dream start to the season, but now i am having my bad run. Went in hard at Mildenhall, hurt ribs, went in real hard at Birmingham, gets KO, BAnned for Hednesford and Sheffield (went to watch still) and fit for Kings Lynn, apart from the hand and the ribs. To be honest, as if by miracle, when i got there, the pains had gone, and i felt fine. (that's all about to change)


Whites and Yellows, this is my last one for  a while, as i go up next week, so lets do it, i ask about starting positions, and told it s for the heats, we now have to line up in order, but only for heats, so i get out early. Didn't do any good, i got span early on, end up last, then hit another car all wrong on the last bend, and put myself in the fence, my right thumb was inside the steering wheel, and i hurt it, bad, now i have 2 bad hands!


So, Heat next, i line iup at the back of the yellows for my heat, and did no good again, was going really well, until i piled into 2 parked cars, and another 2 pile into me, a wheel was inside my cab, i was pushing it out, he backed out, but was a bit scary. Pulled off, wont go into gear.


In fact it didn't go into gear very well the first race, and now wont go at all, it has to be the clutch, so we whip out the gear box, bell housing, and the clutch is seized, we have to prize it and hammer it out, Derek come over and advised me to put new plates in while its out, so run over to Murray and get a set. Consi is going out now, and we have no chance, so we keep going, and just get it in ready for the final. So i drive it down to the pit gates, and its OK, watch the final, and i am making sure i get out for one last race.

I did ask again if we were to line up, but no one knew, so i just went out first, get away OK, and after a few laps, was going really well, up to 2nd behind Bobby, and we were away, no catching us, but waved yellows came out for some reason, and it cost us both. I got span and pilled into again, and on the next restart, Bobby got too excited, and put him self in on the watered track, i've done that a couple of times, its hard when your leading the restart to go slow, and next you know you've put yourself in, shame Waved yellows cost him, as it did Austin in the final.

I was battered by now, my ribs are killing me now, i cant even walk straight, i got out of the car and went straight to the bar, where Ged bought me a lager, that helped. 

Car wont start, we load up, along with the new tar wing SSj has bought down, and i am off to Steve Reedmans today to drop it of, the shale wing is already there, FWj dropped it in the week.

So, best go and clean it, whip out the clutch again, the ring gear and starter is not engaging properly, so ill take it back out, Andy will call over and re set it for me tomorrow.


We were booked into a hotel at MIldenhall last night, for Jake to race there today, so we had taken the V8 all that way with us, and pid £120 for 2 rooms at Premier inn, who don't do refunds.


Oh well, my ribs ache, my hand aches, my cars is battered, but do i care, not one bit, because next week ill be coming out with a Red roof for the first time!