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In Topic: Winter refurbs

Today, 06:37 PM

Stuck on 45 replies, so here's another!  :bigthumb:


Chassis is now Red as i wanted it, and looks mint. fetching it tomorrow morning now, and get it back on my ramp and start rebuilding it.


She's going to look nice on the track, for about a lap,


the rolling one!  :chortle:



In Topic: Statto time - and WQR points

Today, 06:09 PM

Bonus, i think i have 15 already!  :clap:

In Topic: Coventry stadium planning,

15 February 2018 - 10:29 PM

 just to answer some of the questions i have seen on FB.


As we know, the stadium is in a state, because of the lack of BE security.

Gypsies have been on there 5 times now, and have made a mess. BE this week are doing a survey on the damage (that maybe they helped create) and have said at the end of last year 1m was needed to bring it back into use. This week's survey will possibly be double that, its part of there application to say its not viable to bring it back into use.

(viability and green belt are the two main stumbling blocks for them)


The Committee will be putting there objection in on the 1st of march, and one thing they will be claiming, is that the stadium can be brought back into use for a minimum amount. 100 tradesmen have offered help, and it proves that now there is actually a list of those people, (and a 100's others who have offered to help do anything) it could be bought back for almost nothing, not 2 million pounds they will claim on the application.

We have all said we could help with work parties, but it needed to be put in writing as part of the objection.

Running days would eliminate lights, seats are not needed, lights, PA, catering, toilets etc, can all be overcome, renting in portaloos, generators etc.

Its only part of the objection. 

In Topic: Coventry stadium planning,

15 February 2018 - 09:27 PM

IF we all know its a big IF, but IF, the planning gets turned down, then the appeal fails, then its possible, Brandon est will off load it and get there money back. There is investors interested at the right money, and we have proved its a viable concern, and there is a buyers interested. (or a consortium)
Brandon est could well land bank it, and sit on it forever, but there is strong feeling from residents they don't want 137 houses, which is more than there actually are in Brandon already.
If it comes back on the market, and Cov stox could afford to buy it back then yes.
If BE have to build a new stadium before they can demolish the old one, then Cov stox would possibly run it yes.

In Topic: Winter refurbs

15 February 2018 - 07:46 PM

Yea. dead pleased. I expect he will paint the chassis Red next, then lacquer it.

Should be ready Saturday morning now, so i can have a good weekend on starting to Build it back up.

Sent Frankie some pictures too, and he said he will come down and set it up if i need assistance, but we labeled all the shocks and bars, and took loads of photos before we stripped it, so we should be ok.


I have a picture of the wing, but the artist impression got slated on Twitter last night because it has a flash on it, (and not 100 % yellow) so i wont post it just yet, ill post it when its built up  :chortle:


Trucks still in the workshop, had trouble getting the rear disks off, had to buy an 85mm socket to get them off, Hoping to have the truck out tomorrow night now, (windscreen replaced today) and be able to shift Jakes V8 off the ramp, so i can get my car on the ramp Saturday.

Have a week or two on this car, before the Tar car comes back from Lee.


Should all drop into place. Only 4 weeks to go!