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Belle vue 2020?

11 November 2019 - 08:52 AM

Just a quick question... with the news yesterday that b.v might,and only might,be able to run for part of next year does anyone know if the greyhound events also run untill the end or has that all finished now regardless? I just ask as the last few meetings,however few they may be could maybe run on a sat night if we're not sharing the track?


14 January 2019 - 02:58 PM

With the sad news that workington speedway will not be racing next season (or again if rumours up here are to be believed) I was just wondering if anybody had looked into how much work and,more importantly, money would be needed in making the track suitable for f1's.... especially with the rugby team moving to a new stadium soon... there's going to be a track and stadium not being used at all.. at least untill it's built on of course,gotta be worth a shot eh?

A sign of the times (re the startrax statement about last night)

18 April 2017 - 09:08 PM

It really is a sign of the times when a promoter feels he has to take to the internet to justify the previous nights meeting.... The car count was low admittedly but the oh so precious booking list was out days in advance so people knew fine well what to expect.. Read a complaint about the bangers "16 started only 2 finished" sounds like how a banger meeting should be to me... Then there's people complaining about the finish time.. 7-45 for the f1's according to Steve rees, meaning even people with a 200 mile trip home would get back before midnight most likely.
For better or worse this is how f1 stock car racing is in 2017,the days of 60-70 car Coventry meetings are gone forever now.there'll be meetings better than others but that's life... I couldn't afford to go last night but those that could witnessed a decent enough meeting by all accounts and a rare final and grand national double, can't be that bad can it? But for all those who it wasn't good enough for... Save yourself a few quid and donate it to me so I can go next time if that makes life easier. I'd rather watch 23 formula one stock cars race on a Sunday evening at Belle vue than any other form of entertainment....