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Looking for a workshop

22 May 2019 - 01:26 PM

On behalf of myself (Craig) and Mike Heywood 424, we're looking for a workshop or in the right circumstances, floor space in the Rochdale area. Mike's car has been here with me and Den for around 5 years now and as everything goes up, rent electric etc, so does Mike's contribution. Personally, as I get older i'd like to slow down a bit and see a bit more out of what i'm earning and the same for Mike. It wouldn't be forever. Mike has another 2 1/2 years before he's 65 and i'd like the time and maybe a bit more while i'm on with a major re-vamp at home and the back garden. Hopefully the last thing to do at home will be a proper man shed and then I can look at perhaps retiring. We don't mind sharing if anyone has a place with the same problems. We need room for a ramp, a car at the side and a bench or two and the odd storage cupboard and room for a truck.

If anyone could accommodate us you can contact me on 01706 712198 or 07930 999925.

Thanks for you're time.


Craig 52

We need a body.

15 January 2019 - 09:00 PM

Hello everyone.

As a lot of you will be aware, the 242 Mike Heywood car resides at my workshop these days myself and my mate Dennis doing the car and Mike in charge of the kettle.We can't let him do too much without keeping an eye on him but he does make a good brew these days.

Unfortunately, Dennis collapsed at work the week before Christmas and only got out last Wednesday so he's in dock for the foreseeable future so we need another body to help out. There's not much to do with the car, a  new front bumper needs making up for when he manages to kill this one and a bit in the sump guard so no real panic there.  If we can find a decent sump pan that'll be engine out but other than that the car is pretty fit. My big problem is a new truck he's got. A box van, 38 foot nose to tail with a 10 foot tail and 9 1/2 foot tall inside the box.  We need to chop 2 foot off the top, get the floor out and drop the rear into a boot, fit a new rear frame and shorten the box by around 4 foot, all in the yard over winter because it's too big to come in. Generally we could do with a pair of hands through the season as well.

We do Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturdays, more if we really need to plus if and when it's quiet work wise i can get a bit done during the day. If there's anyone in or around Rochdale, Castleton to be specific, and fancy being part of the team we'd like to hear from you. Preferably with a mechanical or engineering background but it's not essential if you can get stuck in and have an idea of what's needed.

Give me a ring please if you're interested. 01706 712198, day, evenings as above and Saturday

Thanks for reading this far.


Craig 52


09 October 2018 - 04:27 PM

We're on the cadge again for the Mike Heywood 424 car.


Has anyone got a left turn sump with windage tray for a 454 they don't need any more. ?


ring Craig on 01706 712198 if you can help.



Craig 52

Late heritage tyre

19 September 2018 - 09:59 AM

Late heritage tyre. Hoosier dirt stocker, 26.0 / 7.0-15.

Free to good home.

Craig,  01706 712198

A little bit of help

02 April 2018 - 02:47 PM

I'm in need of a favour.

Mike Heywood's car need a bit of attention engine wise. The sump pan needs to come off, oil pump and drive out, rear main off and replace the rear crank seal, ( i've a plan for that)  new pump in and sump back on. The inlet manifold needs whipping off and new gaskets fitted. Car is prep'd and ready but i've just had a hernia op' and have to be careful for a while. With that in mind the wife's whisking me off to the caravan tomorrow for a week or so, remove me from temptation so to speak. The car is on the ramp but needs to be off for when i get back so i can get back to some sort of work, starting nice and steadily with the wife's front to back brake pipes.

So, is there anyone out there local to Rochdale with the skills to help out ? A good machanic with V8 experience would be preferable. Poor lad has already missed his first  Belle Vue's which is a shame as it was all but ready to go until oil pressure gremlins got it the day before the first Vue. All it needed was to sit on the scales and re-adjust for a couple of changes we've made.


You can reply on here or by PM.

The lads will be there to help out and the kettle is always on. Mike's had plenty of practice with that over the last few years !