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Coventry Friday night query

07 September 2016 - 12:53 PM

To my shame I have noted that car 58 was in heat three at the Overseas night at Coventry, not H58 or T58 as I should have put .Can anyone out there who was paying attention on Friday night tell me which 58 raced in which heat?


I blame it on old age (or possibly Amstel).


Dank je


Mick Jenkins

Bas Peetoom H694

30 August 2016 - 01:04 PM

Does anyone out there in Briscaland, home or abroad, have any info on Bas Peetoom H694? Looking for info like home town, racing history etc.


If anyone can supply any information (urgently) please pm me.


Many thanks,


Mick Jenkins


16 November 2015 - 02:25 PM

Can anyone out in Briscaland confirm the name of the driver of H370 for me. I'm thinking it may be Robert Jan Schutter but would be grateful for confirmation.


Many thanks


Mick Jenkins

The Elwell Car, a model of car construction

28 May 2015 - 10:52 PM

With the renewed interest in the cars of Chris Elwell, I once again try to post pictures of models I have made - previous attempts to post photos failed due to a woeful lack of knowledge on my part!


I have always had a great interest in stock cars that are just that little bit different, the Kuriger/Joblin car being a prime example, and have over the years made the occasional model by way of a small tribute to the constructors who think outside the box (in the days when such a thing was allowed).


The model of the Joblin car was a quick, none-too detailed early attempt.



Once Chris Elwell debuted the new 501 I felt compelled to go bigger and better. The model is about 10 inches long, scratch built from plastic (apart from the tyres, tyres are always a problem) and as detailed as I could manage, working from numerous photos taken of the car on its debut, and made as close to scale as I could manage. 


They say the devil is in the detail, but the detailing is one of the great enjoyments - hence the brake bias levers, brake pipes,fuel lines, in-board disk brake on the rear tube axle etc. I had hoped to give it working steering but this proved a step too far. I even read up on torsion bar suspension in sprint car technology manuals, such was my need for accuracy. The model was started shortly after the real car was debuted and took around 3 years, off & on, to finish, in fact, looking at the model now it is still not finished, The real car was, I am sure, built considerably quicker.


Sadly, the regulations these days do not allow for such free thinking in car construction so this is the last model I felt moved to construct. Mind you, when that new Billy-Tom O'Connor car comes out.....?