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In Topic: Williams Stock Car Feature on Sky Sports

12 July 2019 - 06:11 PM

So it's OK for them to use F1 Stockcars for their publicity, but they shut down our websites just for using "F" and "1"?



11 July 2019 - 03:47 AM

And so it begins again.....


In Topic: On This Day - 11th June 2003

15 June 2019 - 08:54 PM

Gawd so much of that I can relate to. I was a user of Michael's bulletin board. I logged on usung an early digital tv subscription called On Didgital which offered very limited Internet on your tv. Then I joined Opposite Lock and became a regular in the chatrioom. One user name I still remember was 'Owl' a.k.a Mandy of the Paul Harrison team. I was one of the first to join Stoxnet just before it became on line and have had a few usernames during my time, Steve C, Whitevanman & Redvanman. 'Whitevanman' became quite 'famous' around the tracks and with that moniker I met lots of people. The Internet BB's and forums enabled me to get to meet people within this sport as pre Internet I used to know no one and was 'alone' at the meetings previously.

The www of stock car racing has helped me get lots of friends within the sport. It got me a go in an F1 stock car (practice session). It's helped me get to know some of the drivers. It got me very deep into the f2 fraternity for a few years in the mid 00's mechanicing for a few drivers and attending F2 doo's. The internet enabled me to approach Russell Cooper 415 in late 2007 and over the winter an offer of joining the 415 team from 2008 (proudly being a member of the 415 team when Russ reached hus highest grade to date as Blue top) to 2010 and a come back a few times in 2013/14. Also sharing myself with 74 Unsworth team and John Weldon 235.
Social media had also played a major part as through Twitter I've become a Team Gilbank 21/20 member from 2014 onwards (known Mark's sister Marie from the Opposite Lock chat room & forum) and started helping with the car/s in 2016 as predominantly the man with the watering can.
Admittedly it's not been all good I've had friends come and go and have a few haters but their loss. I'm happy with Team Gilbank and I can see the rest of my stock car time will be with them.

I believe you and I both used the chatroom on what would later become the F1stockcars website, SC? I remember having many conversations with Owl, Hil, Icelady, Lyndsey, Big N, and many others. Used to sit there for hours having frying pan battles with Hil, and I clearly remember one time I was on there when that minor earthquake struck, I cursed and got told off by Owl. Good times.

In Topic: how many tracks

12 June 2019 - 03:08 PM

Also, does anyone know if the track at Doncaster still exists, or has it gone the way of Crewe, Leicester, Long Eaton and probably dozens of others on the list? Because a good friend of mine lives in Donny, but she, like me, had no idea it even existed. As an aside, I am hoping (fingers crossed!) to go and see her in August, with a view to taking her to her first ever stock car meeting, the semi final at Sheffield. 👍

In Topic: how many tracks

12 June 2019 - 02:58 PM

Another good Carl thread,if you told me that list I would have guessed 50 odd, but playing by the rules its only 31, + not on the list ie not BriSCA F1, 2 in Northern Ireland, 2 in Holland, 3 outlaws, 2 on the list but not F1, and 13 NZ,so I suppose that is 50 odd in away. Yes Ozzy I went to Bradford shale-tarmac-shale and Skegness tarmac-shale-tarmac. Also first track Nelson last (on the list) Mildo, other side note 2 Nelsons12,000 miles apart and both a couple of my favourites

Didnt think anyone on here would have been old enough to have seen the original shale Odsal !
What sort of era was the shale at Odsal "original" Ozzy? Because my dad has been to Odsal I'm pretty sure, and he started going to meetings in 1981, so if you include all the ones I have been to, plus the ones I know of that he has been to, his total is about 15. It may be more, I shall have to ask him. I believe I have been to 10 or 11. Only really started attending meetings in 1998, so sadly I missed Odsal. 😭

Edit: having consulted the list again, it appears to be 12 for me. Oh, shoot! I forgot to see if Great Yarmouth is on the list too! If it is, my total is 13. If not, currently only 12.