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Today, 09:58 PM


Do you need to know the points right now. Maybe the pr team haven't got home yet . Give them time and it will be updated I'm sure.

Need - no...but I would like to know which I think is an acceptable position? BSCDA site has last years WQ points and from memory they have been very slow on the uptake for this in previous years.

Carl - youll talk sense on this Im sure - whats the URL of your former points.f1stockcars.com site...and does it have the current campaigns WQ points on?


Leigh - if you look along the tabs at the top of the page there is a 'Points and Stats' one which takes you to Carl's excellent points information.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it has the 2020 WCQR points at the moment.

In Topic: 2020 World Final

16 October 2019 - 03:04 PM

Surely keeping the masses happy is what it's all about.

Yes , but please don't call me Shirley !
The good news is that I will be in the country on the day of next year's World Final, so my enthusiasm could rise.
The grid might play a part in whether it rises through the roof, or sinks without trace.
But wouldn't you say that the F1 World Final is the pinnacle of the stock car racing season ?
If you let location or grid decide your attendance, can you really consider yourself a real stock car fan ? 😉

In Topic: Coventry Stadium

13 October 2019 - 10:24 PM


So when is odsal reopening


Is it ?

Look forward to that.


Whilst this thread is still Live, Dave Wayne mentions the campaign to save long Eaton.

I'm presuming this was in 1998 (?) as last meeting was December 1997.

I've been trying to find anything i have from that year, but can't find it, and am trying to suss out in my own mind, why it passed me by.

I only remember 1998 being a difficult year for me.

What actually happened. Did the owner sell up to a Developer and Keith & campaigners fought it ?


We didn't have Stoxnet then of course. I think i wasn't buying Stock Car Magazine quite so much .

Long Eaton, along with Coventry, Leicester, Old Belle Vue were my never to be missed meetings back in the day. Proper Saturday nights starting at 7 or 7.30pm !


Nothing to do with Coventry Campaign by the way. Nothing else to be said about it really until Rugby Council review the report.


Sorry for taking so long to reply, but despite not being a real stock car fan I have been at Skegness today for my 44th meeting of the season.  ;)


Nearly fell off my chair laughing at the 'Keith & campaigners fought it' part of your post as this could not be further from the truth. I am going to be careful what I say here as I am certain that the Barber family can afford much better lawyers than I can. but suffice to say that they were certainly not on the side of the fight to keep the stadium open.

1998 was only the beginning of the campaign which went on for many years. Basically, the company that owned the stadium (Northern Sports ?) went into receivership and the company tasked with the job of sorting out the mess (Grant Thornton) had to try and recover as much money as possible to repay the creditors.

The obvious way to do this was to get planning permission to build houses, but the local council were very much against this idea as the land was designated for sporting use and had been so for about 100 years. The campaign group was led by local speedway fans but with many stock car people involved as well, and they had promoters on board who wanted to reopen the stadium for speedway and stock cars, which the council supported, but selling it as a sports stadium wouldn't return as much money as building land. Planning applications were submitted and refused, leading to an independent planning appeal in May 2001, which found in the council's favour, but somewhere along the lines there was a mysterious fire in the bar which made reopening the stadium less likely due to the additional cost.

As the site sat and rotted away, the locals slowly turned against it, possibly due to more and more having never known it as anything other than wasteland, and eventually planning permission was granted around 2008.


Having been involved in a lot of the above, including dragging my F2 down to Long Eaton on numerous occasions for events in the Market Place and at the stadium, and then end up with nothing you can perhaps understand why I am not prepared to invest too much time and effort into the Coventry fight.

3 days off work to park my van and trailer outside the council offices for the planning appeal, loading the car onto the trailer on 27th December every year (try doing that in the snow !!) for the annual gathering in the car park just to keep the media profile, and all for nothing.

If only I was a real fan then maybe I could have done more.  :chortle:

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10 October 2019 - 02:04 PM

 Sorry to be pesamistic and a doomster here and apologies for labouring the subject Rod....please just explain to me how a Council is going to use  Ratepayers money to buy out a private property developer at considerable cost because a bunch of Stock Car and Speedway fans are disgruntled when a stadium is closed.

Well Broadway  (you missed Andy from your many aliases !)


I can't answer your question about Councils spending ratepayers money.  i have however dispelled rumours that Councils can't get their hands on money.

I'm not even saying they should get money to spend on Brandon, by whatever method they get money. It is simply one solution.


The facts are these (i think they're facts)

Rugby Council have orchestrated an Independent review on Brandon / Speedway & Stock Cars.

The result of the review states that the Heritage of Speedway etc is important and not to be ignored. In fact it suggests an alternative should be re-instated.

From the report :-

there is evident widespread support for motorsports in the area, as a legacy of Coventry Stadium, and real capacity and a groundswell that could drive a replacement proposition. This is an important ingredient, which should not be under-estimated.

also We are absolutely open to be involved in any discussions with the developers and Rugby Council which are aimed at finding a solution in order to bring about the return of speedway and stock car racing to the area for future generations to enjoy.


It is now up to Rugby Council to decide what next, hopefully taking into account points from the report. The campaigners should be congratulated for getting us to this point, and Jeff Davis for taking time out to do the section on Midlands Today (Yesterday).

Only by keeping this in the Public eye can anything be achieved.

And, as said before, Whatever the outcome, It's better to have fought and lost, than never to have fought at all.
Open to being involved in discussions is very different to putting money in.
Without getting too political, due to the ridiculous and unneccessary austerity cuts imposed by government for the past 9 years every Council in the country is skint and having to make cuts year on year.

In one sense you are right that it is better to have fought and lost, but as I have pointed out many times before on this forum, I have been there and done that with Long Eaton and where did that get us ? We had MPs, MEPs, local council, local residents on our side. Myself and my family were making monthly 50 mile round trips to attend campaign meetings, I regularly dragged my F2 (complete with Save Long Eaton Stadium signwriting) to demonstrations, but the developers just sat and waited until the site was too far gone and the locals wanted something doing and eventually the council caved in.

If you want to cling on to some desperate hope that it will rise like a phoenix then feel free, but I have better things to do with my time and energy.
Face facts - it has gone and it's not coming back.

In Topic: Sheffield - Sunday 20th October 2019

10 October 2019 - 01:47 PM

Saloons post n wire
Seeing what a massive part the wall at kl plays in most loon manoeuvres, this could be quite interesting...
They have raced there before. From memory they were OK.

Like any other formula, they drive in a different style at different tracks.
Its a very different type of racing at Cowdenbeath than Yarmouth for the Saloons.

Pretty sure F1s use the Kings Lynn plating to their advantage but tend to keep away from the fence at Sheffield.