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In Topic: wanted

26 April 2012 - 01:49 PM

i have got a hutchins device and a seat now, thanks for the info mike about yours.

In Topic: HELP ! advice on over heating big block .

07 January 2012 - 04:16 PM

Just a further note on overheating problems and my cure, as Aarons dad Neil says we had an overheating problem that lasted 18 very trying months! We took heads off and had them crack tested,2 new rads, new hoses, new water pump, new pullys, new belts, 100% antifreeze, 50% antifreeze, no antifreeze, 36degree advance on timing etc etc etc. We tried the lot then after going over to see Steven Cayzer and his dad Alan one night they suggested using a bigger fan and told me of the same fan they use, it is a ford (7610) 7 blade tractor fan I have the contact details for the supplier if you require it please give me a call on (07702456797) After we fitted a new fan the problems were solved :thumbsup: . Just remember to put the fan the correct way round as previously suggested and you will probably need to put a spacer between the fan and block as the blades are so wide they touch the bottom pully, you will also need longer bolts for this adjustment. hope this helps and you get it sorted Russell.

In Topic: Stig test drives BRIsca F1

07 January 2010 - 09:33 PM

I will get the overalls back of her and give you them steve so you can cover your dignity :lol:

In Topic: Stig test drives BRIsca F1

07 January 2010 - 07:55 PM

I do now :P . Not you beating pinky in his spare race car aswell jon? I did that 2 years ago, do you think pinky lets us win or he carnt cope with the proper f1 stock car drivers? :( cheers russ :thumbsup:

In Topic: Whose car was this origanally

07 January 2010 - 07:40 PM

Think the barry heath 343 car was origianally a 96 glyn daft car? not certain could be wrong